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Once again about Yahoo! Japan's automatic "Translation" service

In the June 1 TFP story, "Yahoo! Japan's translation service is telling evidence of problems facing Japan with languages, IT and beyond," I discussed the same issue. But now I'm coming back to you with another example of the chimp's translation.

This time he was told to work on my recent piece titled "Please stop bullying me, bad bear, or I'll kill myself." The chimp gave me back this parallel translation in 15 seconds.

Again I'm taking the liberty to quote the first several paragraphs below here on the assumption that Yahoo! Japan won't find it insulting, just like it took the liberty of having the translation software of Cross Language Inc. destroy my sentences, perhaps on the same assumption.

(Note) You may not have a character set on your PC that supports these Japanese characters, but if you have one, that won't make any difference in the face of the chimp's language.

Please stop bullying me, bad bear, or I'll kill myself
Thursday, June 09 2005 @ 09:28 PM
Contributed by: Y.Yamamoto

A long time ago, kids living in the mountainous areas were told by their parents and grandparents that the only effective way to protect themselves, when they encountered a hungry bear on a mountain path, was to pretend they were dead. In fact these kids didn't have to be told that.

When the kid reaches out for a spider, the bug will instantly go for a tactic that biologists call a "protective mimicry." The kid wasn't going to eat him. So he doesn't really care whether the spider is actually dead, or still alive. But the kid will certainly learn the lesson: there is no other way for the timid spider to go for in the face of a crisis than to act as though he is dead - workable or not.
子供がクモへ手を伸ばすとき、バグは生物学者が「保護的擬態と呼ぶ戦術を取りにすぐに行きます。」、子供は彼を食べそうではありませんでした。それで、彼はクモが実際に死んでいるか、まだ生きているかどうか、本当に気にしません。しかし、子供はレッスンを確かに学びます:まるで彼が ·

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