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In response to Supon Borisuit's inquiry

On May 31 TokyoFreePress received a mail from "Supon Borisuit" who had been interested in "Prostitution in Japan" (TFP, September 28, 2004). The sender of the mail asked us to provide him or her with the English translation of the 1956 Anti-prostitution Law.

For an unknown reason, though, our reply mail failed to reach the other end. So we post it below here:


Thanks for writing to TokyoFreePress.

To my regret, the only thing that is available on the web about the 1956 law is this one. If you want to have an English translation, I suggest you place an order with EHS by email or phone. The website says the price for the anti-prostitution statute is 2,100 yen.

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