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Benjamin Fulford Seminar

What makes me repeatedly come back to Benjamin Fulford, Tokyo-based Canadian journalist, who so many people dismiss as a con man, or a crank at best? And what for did I take a long trip to downtown Tokyo yesterday to attend a Fulford seminar braving poor health?

Certainly I always find his stories entertaining when he tells us about the Chinese Communist Party being funded by the Rothschilds at its inception, late Princess Diana being sent to the Royal Family from the same Jewish family, an image of Mt. Sinai being watermarked in the background of Mt. Fuji in the Bank of Japan's 1000-yen bill, the Meiji Restoration being a work by Russian Jews who stood behind the Emperor, Adolf Hitler being a Rothschild, the Niigata quakes in July being artificial ones targeted at the nuclear plant located in the area, and so on and so forth.

But all this amusement, alone, wouldn't have been worth the 3,000-yen admission of the seminar. Actually I've been hooked on the seasoned investigative journalist's way of thinking that always comes down to this:
He never fails to remind us that news stories by the media, commentaries by media-favorite pundits, school textbooks, or any other literature concerning sociopolitical issues are, more often than not, a total fabrication. In short, he seems to urge us to think as wild as we can, using our own eyes, ears and brains. This is a crucially important message to the intellectually lazy, almost braindead, people in this country.

Fulford is much more than just entertaining when he tells us that George W. Bush and Mahmoud Ahmedinejad are playing a rigged game staying in the same camp, Al Gore, Nobel Peace Prize-winning ex-Vice President of the U.S., is nothing but a nuclear power plant salesman, and the Sabbatinis (
"the evil faction in the Jewish cabals" according to Fulford who claims not to be an anti-Semite) have constantly tried to "seal off" new technologies such as those for automobiles fueled by eco-friendly gasses so people remain addicted to oil, or for longevity so their depopulation program targeted at Asians can be expedited, etc.

In fact, the Iran nuclear standoff and many other unfathomable and unpleasant things which are pervasive all over the world today seem to add up only when you shed light on them from a conspiracy angle. Fulford has already pointed his finger at a major anti-virus software company for deliberately contaminating the entire cyberspace to create the lucrative business opportunity. Another example will be the case with my late father, 2004 Japan Automotive Hall of Famer. He was among those who were working on cars fueled by hydrogen as early as in the 1960s. But the outcome of their research looks to have been sealed off, so to speak.

The smallish room where the seminar took place was almost packed with about 200 people and filled with an air of fervor from them. But quite unexpectedly, it wasn't like a gathering of a cult where the guru was delivering a cryptic and hypnotic oracle. Rather, it looked more like a business convention where a marketing executive was making a sales pitch on the newest version of a software product.

I had planned to challenge the speaker with this question:

"I'm a 'Truth Seeker', as you have already known, if you don't necessarily have to swallow the theory that 9-11 was a hoax to be certified as one. Incidentally, I don't give a damn if it was a hoax because 9-11 has nothing to do with us Japanese, perhaps except for the poor guys who were working in the WTC offices of Fuji Bank at that time. According to your theory, the world is filled with malicious plots and Japan is no exception. The Rockefellers have ripped us off to the bones since the 19th century with their belief that every Jew is entitled to have 2,800 Asian slaves, as well as their obscurantism with which to idiotize the Japanese and hollow out the culture their ancestors may have once had. Why, then, can these people sitting here remain sound and healthy with their awareness of the reality allegedly unaffected? A website named 'The French Connection' portrays your loyal followers in Japan as yet another bunch of gullible suckers."

But as if he had predicted the nasty question from this unjapanese political blogger, Fulford, at the very beginning, quickly updated us on his conspiracy map with a surprise announcement. He showed the audience an organization chart of the international conspirators, which he said was provided by yakuza. He said, "China, Russia and India have been out of the scope for sometime now. And most recently, Japan withdrew from this network of cabals." So I had to change my plan in the middle of the seminar and was going to ask this question, instead:

"I am an unjapanese person who never believes in anything that isn't fully substantiated. Now that you said Japan got off the train bound for hell, may I ask you exactly when, and how, that happened, who notified whom of his intention to leave the ring of the bandits, and why nobody has been killed for the unforgivable betrayal? Even when a yakuza member submits his resignation, he should be prepared for losing one finger, at the least."

But in the last 30 minutes time devoted to questions and answers, so many attendees, who looked like yet another bunch of suggestible and credulous Japanese, raised their hands to ask mostly silly questions one after another that I couldn't ask mine. I left the room when a man started to say, "Mr. Fulford, you said Vladimir Putin is fighting against the Sabbatini network but I have hard evidence that Putin is also working for the Rothschilds."

If you have some Japanese comprehension, you may want to have a look at these videos

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