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Chinese Conspiracies

Climatic aberration engineered by China?

Sometimes a conspiracy theory is not only entertaining but also so wild and inventive as to catch us off guard when we mentally lazy people take it for granted that media's stories are by and large truthful. On the other hand, most of other allegations of conspiracies are little more than hogwash.

However, there is one thing in common between such theories which deserve a serious scrutiny and ones to be classified as rubbish; they always point a finger at Americans, especially Jewish-Americans. No "truth seekers" have put the blame on Chinese for any evil plot as if only Americans have malicious motives and enabling technologies.

For one thing some conspiracy theorists, also known as truth seekers, have recently started broadcasting that a network of Jewish cabals headed by David Rockefeller has put the HAARP technology in use to artificially cause devastating earthquakes such as ones in Niigata, Japan (July 2007) and Sichuan, China (May 2008). HAARP stands for High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program based in Alaska. Some of them even go on to say that China is now thinking about retaliating against the terror attacks from the ionospheric research facility.

Actually we have seen China prioritizing the developments of various state-of-the-art technologies such as ones for:
* repelling rain-bearing clouds from the skies over Beijing on August 8 so the Opening Ceremony of the 29th Olympics wouldn't be ruined
* doctoring the welcome performance at the Opening Ceremony by making the supposedly better looking girl lip-sync a song sung by a less telegenic kid
* making the fireworks more spectacular by airing something pretaped by computer graphics
* mass production of melamine-tainted powder milk for export to Japan
* mass production of pesticide-tainted food stuff for export to Japan
* terrorizing the cyberspace all over the world
etc, etc.

And doesn't China have the motives to leverage these technologies to the fullest?

I don't want to go so far as to theorize that the Chinese parvenus should be blamed for the financial turmoil triggered by the failure of Lehman Brothers although they could have caused it with their foreign exchange reserves of $1.4 trillion (as of September 2007) and their investments in the Treasury Bills and other U.S. securities in the amount of $699 billion (as of June 2006). And yet you can at least hypothesize that they are feverishly working on certain kinds of counter-conspiracies.

Most recently, some Japanese citizens are wondering why this year's typhoons have taken very strange courses No. 13, for one, actually took. Now Typhoon No. 15 is taking the same course, i.e., it took a sudden east turn, almost at a right angle soon after it passed Taiwan leaving five dead. It's improbable that China wanted the deadly typhoon to hit the Japanese Archipelago, but at the same time it's not really inconceivable that China's Meteorological Administration is just trying to stave it off without being concerned about the consequences to be suffered by its neighbors. In fact the Chinese government announced that it had successfully developed "typhoon-resistant technologies" in July 2005.

The Japanese media have been shackled by the Sino-Japanese Treaty on Exchange of Reporters (first signed in 1964 and revised in 1968) which stipulates that any Japanese media organization whose reporter dares to dispatch an unfavorable news story about China should be subject to deportation. As Japan's post-bubble economy has increasingly been dependent on the world's most populous consumer market and one of the cheapest labor forces, the self-censorship has been getting stricter since the 1990s. Under the circumstances it's now out of the question for Japan's media to ask Beijing this question: "By any chance, are you driving typhoons off course these days?".

It seems, however, these conspiracy theorists living in Japan should throw doubt on China's suspicious behavior because they are not obliged to adhere to the 1964 treaty. In the last several years, they could make a fortune by making the world's most gullible people here swallow their unsubstantiated theories about American conspiracies. Now is the time for them to reciprocate their audience's favor by directing their attention to possibly more imminent threats posed by the Chinese if ever they want to be called truth seekers.

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