Busybodies and Crybabies are Having Their Day in Obama's America

Saturday, December 20 2008 @ 10:06 AM JST

Contributed by: Y.Yamamoto

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
courage to change the things I can,
and the wisdom to know the difference.

(Serenity Prayer of Alcoholics Anonymous)

The more the American people act like busybodies, the more the other peoples act like crybabies. Busybodies often mix up the war on terror with something else. On the other hand terrorists and their supporters, emboldened by rightful "blowback" everywhere else, keep complaining as if they were the victims of terror.

Actually this vicious circle dates back as far as to the days of WWII when a Democrat was sitting at the Oval Office of the White House. It should, therefore, come as no surprise that the next American President will further ratchet up this busybody policy line, learning no lessons from the failures of his predecessors. This is more tragic than it seems at a glance especially because now is not the right time for the U.S. to meddle in foreign affairs.

However, this is not to say that in no event should America intervene in what is going on in the terrorism-sponsoring countries. To the contrary, the U.S. should further intensify its diplomatic, economic and military pressure on these rogue nations wherever the situation warrants. But at the same time, it should forget about the false mandate to overturn a dictatorship everywhere else only to rebuild that country from scratch on the one hand, and police the rest of the world on the other. Instead it should act more unilaterally, more on a "country first" basis and in a more focused fashion.

Bilateral or multilateral strategic partnerships and military alliances are quite OK only where such an arrangement is believed to serve the U.S. interest. In fact, though, you can hardly find an ally whose interest does not conflict with yours in this intricate world. To form yet another buddy-buddy club and name it G-X in a convoluted world like this one, you've got to believe in a fairy tale that a friend of your friend is always your friend. Actually the only thing you can count on is the fact that an enemy of your enemy can sometimes be your friend. By the way: for any country Japan is the worst choice to make friends with because the "pacifist" nation has no enemy at all. Everyone thinks Japan is in feud with China. But the notion is totally imaginary because the country cannot afford to break ties with its big brother and neither can China afford to break up with Japan, though to a lesser degree.

Unfortunately for the American people, they should be prepared for the next administration still acting like a person suffering from ADHD (attention deficit hyper-activity disorder.) In the Election 2008, an astounding 69.5 million people voted for Obama presumably because of the guilty conscience they have inherited from their slave-owning ancestors - at least subliminally. Leveraging this sense of guilt, the President-elect will cerainly prioritize aid programs meant for the poor and the colored at home. He will even extend his benevolence to big businesses, as he is already doing, where their employees are taken hostage. Overseas, he will also deal very nicely with underdeveloped/developing countries and even the world's 2nd and 4th largest economies simply because they were victimized by the "American imperialism" in the past.

I sometimes liken him to an unskillful plate umpire at a ballgame. He once called an obvious strike a ball. Then in the next inning, he intentionally calls an obvious ball a strike to make up for the previous mistake. But actually he has committed two errors in a game, which fatally damages his reputation. I think that's exactly what the next President and his 69.5 million followers are doing.

Let me add something here about the next President's favorite pastime. I bet that Obama will spend a considerable amount of time at the White House toying with the Lists he will have inherited from Bush. It must be fun to add a nation to the list of terror-sponsoring countries only to delist it at the first sign of softening on the part of the subject nation, or to place a sex-slavery practicing country such as Japan in the State Department's "Tier 2 Watch List" only to remove it from there when an ineffectual anti-slavery legislation is enacted in that country as a token of respect for the Uncle Sam. It's regretful to know that the President-elect does not seem to have learned that the Lists have done more harm than good to both sides.

All in all the Harvard-educated Santa Claus will lead his people to drift further away from the Founding Principles, instead of extricating them from the curse of the original sin. Perhaps he is too philanthropic to say, "Whatever you do is none of our business unless you stand in our way. After all it's you that suffers the consequence of what you are doing." By the same token the President-elect does not seem to have the guts to say that the people of any country deserve their leader no matter whether they have actually selected him by suffrage.

My premonition is that the U.S. citizens will not witness the reemergence of a strong America at least in the next four years. Even for Franklin D. Roosevelt, it took until WWII to bring his nation out of the previous Depression. At best it will take more than that for the next President and his successor to bring the derailed America back on the right track because Obama looks to be so friendly a person that he might have tolerated Japan's surprise attack on Pearl Harbor with his broad smile from ear to ear. If only he could smile Ronald Reagan's signature smile which was literally disarming to America's foes in the cold war era.

These days I keep asking myself this question: "What underlies America's decline we have been witnessing in recent years?" I find an answer in Michael Moore. The stupid white man who made a fortune by selling his Stupid White Men to millions of stupid white men is symptomatic of the American disease in that he has paved the way for this self-deprecating attitude widespread in the U.S. today. It's easy to vilify the obese movie director for his unpatriotic remarks and treacherous behavior. But very few have delved into his mental illness more in depth, except for his mammonism. Simply put, his brain is disabled to internalize important issues facing him. For one thing, he is totally unable to internalize the whiteness he has inherited from his white parents who were living in Flint, Michigan.

Perhaps his illness is incurable. But we cannot afford to turn him loose because his morbid cynicism is highly infectious. If we can still reverse the tide, the first thing we have to do is to quarantine the guy and his acolytes such as Oliver Stone. To that end I hope someone may volunteer to send him to Alcoholics Anonymous and make him attend AA's Serenity Prayer. (See the quote at the top of this post.) At any rate we should not deinstitutionalize these guys until they learn to shut their mouths about the things that don't pose an existential threat.

It's heartening, however, to know there still are some sober-minded Americans who think you've got to internalize things before exercising freedom of speech. Ron Paul, for one, is a person who is highly self-disciplined in this respect. He finds it outrageous to see the recent administrations dissipating trillions of taxpayers' dollars every year for the overstretched foreign policies and misguided domestic policies. He believes the American taxpayers can no longer afford to foot the bills of rescuing billions of people all over the world, including their fellow countrymen, from oppression, starvation, epidemics and financial difficulties.

He seems to have come up with his down-to-earth and straightforward proposition of the Second American Revolution through keeping in close touch with his family members, friends and more than 4,000 mothers who the former obstetrician have treated during their pregnancy and childbirth. In other words, his philosophy is not a product of rambling discourse with those superficial cynics. The congressman from Texas represents a big crowd of ordinary American citizens. Small wonder most American busybodies and crybabies today simply dismiss him as crank.

If we can still be hopeful about America's future, it all hinges on how many American citizens rally behind the man of integrity and self-esteem - and how soon.

Postscript: Technically speaking, I am a Japanese citizen. If this piece has left you wondering why I am concerned so much about where America is heading, you will find one of my answers in my post dealing with the mutual addiction between the U.S. and Japan. My concern would vapor in the air the moment the Americans decided to leave us alone. That would leave a humble blogger who simply admires the American people and their diverse culture.

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