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A Physiognomical Look into Clinton's Dubious Personality

Like Abraham Lincoln or Karl Marx, I am a firm believer in physiognomy.

As anyone with an unclouded eye can tell, a person's integrity, or absence of it, never fails to surface over time. Not only that, most of the time you notice it at first glance. At least it doesn't take as long as 48 months to unmask a person you are dealing with. Virtue, or vice for that matter, is not something that is solidly encased in the crust. And underneath the skin, there are only flesh and bones - nothing else. In short, what a human being looks is what he or she really is - no more, no less.

Early last year, Samantha Power, then-top aide in Obama's campaign office, likened Hillary Clinton to a monster. Admittedly this Power woman had a keen eye. But I don't want to be sued by the Monster Anti-Defamation League which then issued a statement complaining that "being lumped together with Hillary Clinton is really a low blow." So, I will try to use politically correct words here to describe the new U.S. Secretary of State. Otherwise, an anti-defamation league of monsters or lxars might take me to court.

From the viewpoint of this Japanese blogger, she looks like Madame Pinkerton as much as she deserves to be called those un-PC names.

In Puccini's opera "Madame Butterfly," a U.S. naval officer by the name of Benjamin Franklin Pinkerton comes over to Nagasaki aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln. Soon after he marries a geisha and fathers a boy named "Sorrow," Pinkerton gets repatriated. When departing, he promises to return "when the robins nest in the spring." He does not abide by his promise. When he finally comes back, the spring is long gone, and he brings along his real wife Kate. The geisha disembowels herself with her father's sword.

When former president Bush delisted North Korea from the blacklist of terrorism-sponsoring countries, the entire nation of Japan felt really pissed off. For my part, though, this didn't bother me too much because the "abduction issue" had been a largely imaginary issue from the beginning, or a dead issue at best. But Bush had to appease the Japanese by saying, "The United States will never forget the Japanese abductees." As usual his lip service instantly worked magic on the world's most credulous and least self-reliant people. Bush knew very well that the Japanese are so used to being double-crossed that only a perfunctory promise would be enough to soothe them.

Now a week before Obama's inauguration, U.S. Secretary of State-designate said during a Senate hearing that "our alliance with Japan is a cornerstone of American policy in Asia." The moment Clinton uttered these empty words, the gullible Japanese once again fell into the state of ecstasy.

That is that.

But, fortunately or unfortunately for America's far eastern ally, Clinton, as well as her boss, is still obsessed with the absurd idea that foreign affairs should be treated as a sacred cow even when a drastic downsizing of the Federal government is the only way out of the ongoing crisis.

Here, I see an unmistakable sign that America, too, has become addicted by now to the taste of honey from repeatedly duping its servile "ally" into forgiving its habitual infidelity. That has certainly taken a terrible toll on America's foreign policy. The introduction of Clinton's deceptive "smart power" approach will not make a bit of difference to the decline in the regime called Pax Americana. Moreover, it will accelerate the ongoing process of erosion in the American influence overseas. TokyoFreePress has repeatedly warned that the Japanese disease is highly infectious.

So without doubt, she will come back to her cornerstone country whenever she feels like it.

The self-proclaimed multilateralist thinks, quite unilaterally, that the U.S.-Japanese alliance does both nations more good than harm. It's obvious, though, that she doesn't give a damn to the reality on the other side of the incongruous partnership. Actually, the Japanese people are witnessing a never-ending phantom parade of incompetent prime ministers, with the twirl of the revolving door of Nagata-cho (Japan's Downing Street) further accelerating. Everything signals that the country is now in its death throes. Under the circumstances, one has to be an idiot, or a born swindler, to insist that the Japanese can benefit from the U.S.-Japanese Treaty in one way or the other.

When Madame Pinkerton comes back to the poor male Butterfly the next time, with or without her real mate emerging out of nowhere, the robins will have all been dead. Until that time, she will keep dissipating taxpayers' hard-earned dollars for absolutely nothing. I am afraid that this time around, the curtain might fall on the two protagonists committing a double-suicide.

Only then, would the American people realize that they were wrong in deprecating themselves as if it were a sin, in itself, to be a White and/or a Man. My PC-free physiognomy tells me that if you really want to play the role of a change agent, what matters is your integrity, not your gender or skin color.

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