When the Projection Strategy Failed....

Saturday, March 21 2009 @ 02:59 AM JST

Contributed by: Y.Yamamoto

This is to follow up my previous post titled From a Psychiatric Perspective..... Here I just wanted to elaborate on my point that the projection strategy, which often leads you to a false objectivity, will not work to really solve any problem facing us today and what happens when it failed as it always should.

You can hardly name a war in history that was not ignited by Freudian projection. If you want to make sure that war is the unavoidable consequence of a futile attempt to externalize one's inner problem, TokyoFreePress recommends you read Occidentalism co-authored by Ian Buruma and Avishai Margalit. This is an extraordinarily intriguing book. If there is a flaw, it's the fact that Buruma and Margalit one-sidedly analyze the Occidentalist trait whereas Occidentalism is nothing more than a mirror reflection of Orientalism - and vice versa.

Sigmund Freud died in exile in London, weeks after the breakout of WWII and a little more than one year after the annexation of his home country by Hitler. The Fuehrer hated Freud not only because he was a Jew but also because his theory about projection directly pointed to Hitler's mental illness. No one has ever substantiated it, but many biographers have pointed out that Hitler's paternal grandfather was a Jew. No matter whether the dictator was 25% Jewish, it's for sure he projected his self-hatred to something else.

There's more to it. It's just the kind of joke Charlie Chaplin would have liked to say that the Austrian psychiatrist should have sat the dictator on his couch. Although Freud was unable to explain why the madman could mesmerize so many people so efficiently with the help of his Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebbels, the effectiveness of hypnotism hinges more on the suggestibility on the part of the general population than on the skills of the mesmerist. And one's inability to internalize things always underlies his susceptibility to a fanatic dogma.

With all this in mind, let's take a brief look at Japan's trail from the workout in its backyard countries such as China to the nuclear apocalypse at the end of the unwinnable war.

The Japanese had harbored strong animosity toward the Americans since Commodore Mathew Perry twisted shogun's arm to coerce him into signing the unequal treaty in the 1850s. This was an unbearable humiliation because it shattered all the myth about the bravery of samurai. (It's a shame that 150 years after the myth went into pieces, Hollywood producers and many other Americans still pretend to believe in it, if only to make the Japanese feel flattered.)

They had been so humiliated that they felt an urge to attribute (i.e. project) their Asiatic backwardness to someone else. That is why before taking on their real enemy in the West, they had to do some bullying to their ethnological kin in their backyard countries such as China. Only after they massacred the wong people in Nanjing and many other Chinese cities, could the Japanese launch the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor.

By that time, though, the projection strategy had become unworkable because there is no physical resemblance between the descendants of samurai and keto (hairy Chinks) which actually meant "barbarians with blue eyes." Now they had to be refuelled with something else than self-hatred. What was mobilized to take its place was a burning desire for self-destruction which had remained unsettled. The suicide binge that ensued was the inevitable consequence of the pathological problem they had been suffering en masse since the 8th century.

Today, even in the U.S., empty-headed peaceniks keep saying, "War is not the answer." If you asked them, "Then, what's your answer?" they would say, "Our answer is peace." Put it bluntly, they are all brain-dead.

My own answer would be: "You Obama's disciples should straighten out all the mess inside your own skulls, before talking about foreign peoples." With their sense of values all gone, they can no longer tell allies from foes.

The same applies to rightwing nuts, whose answer to the problem is sometimes "war to defend democracy." But they can't tell where to find this democracy anymore. Democracy is nothing but a worn-out word which means nothing at all these days.

Many countries in history have been destroyed, or have destroyed themselves when they tried to externalize their problems. And some of them have just perished for good. Japan, who couldn't think of redressing its modern history filled with humiliation by parting ways with American stray dogs, is certainly the most recent addition to the list of doomed nations.

Now it's America's turn to follow this trail. The shrewd Chinese and fanatic Arabs have already started messing up America, in the way it has screwed up its foes and allies in the past. There's no reason to believe the United States is an exception to the law of history.

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