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Homosexuality is a Change-Disabling Illness

Outside of the Islamic sphere, sodomy does not constitute a crime. And yet "conservatives" in non-Muslim countries, especially the U.S., are untiringly insisting that homosexuality is a sin. This is really ridiculous; there cannot be any moral implication in people's sexual orientations.

As far as I know, the only American "conservatives" who rarely talk about the gay issue are Ron Paul and Sarah Palin. Certainly they know homosexuality is not a moral issue, let alone a political one.

It seems to me that conservatives' allegation against gays is essentially self-contradictory because the word "homo," almost by definition, indicates that gays are downright conservatives. They fear anything new and different, and feel at ease only when there is no challenge for change. To them life is unbearable if it has to be a voyage in uncharted waters.

For that reason, they always choose to stay with people of the same feather or same gender. The last thing you can expect from them is to accept, let alone initiate, new ideas or innovative ways of doing things.

In recent years, self-proclaimed "liberals," too, have started raising their voices, as if gays are not conservatives in nature, to demand special privileges be given to them just for being gays.

In truth, however, homosexuality is not a vice, let alone a virtue, but a deadly disease that disables its sufferers to change. The only privilege these sick and sickening people really deserve is confinement in mental hospitals.

With the gay issue constantly politicized these days, I can't but feel pity for straight Americans. On the one hand liberals are depriving them of their right to openly express disgust toward disgusting things, and on the other, conservatives are forcing them to feel obliged to invent phony moral grounds every time they say they don't like tomatoes, or whatever it is they don't like.

To make the pathological issue a little more complex, the two different sexual orientations often coexist in one person. Such a case is sometimes called bi-sexuality, but a more vulgar way to refer to it is AC-DC.

The U.S. president, for one, is an AC-DC.

On October 10 he attended the annual dinner of the Human Rights Campaign where he reaffirmed his commitment to ban the discriminatory treatment of gays in the military. According to a wire report by Associated Press, the president received a standing ovation from the crowd of 3,000.

This is an unmistakable sign that Obama did not really mean it when he said, as he did thousands times, that he would bring about change in America. The best thing the American people can expect from their leader is a mere metamorphosis. Underneath the "change" on the surface, the progression of the American disease will further accelerate. Most probably by the end of Obama's first term, America will have fallen terminally ill.

For my part, I am 120% hetero.

Throughout my life I have always distanced myself from homos and AC-DCs because I have believed that the change-disabling disease is highly infectious. When looking back on my adulthood, I realize all anew that not a single man could cause a change in the course of my life.

As I have always maintained, young women often remain unassimilated at the bottom of "the chain of oppression" in this helplessly male-dominated and supposedly homogeneous nation. Small wonder that men have never outshone women in Japan, although the opposite has not always been true. That is why I could encounter a certain number of Japanese women whose charms were so irresistible that I tried hard to change myself to deserve them.

It was through these relationships that I learned you can really change only when you become involved, in your entirety, with someone who is potentially your change agent. To be more explicit about the word "entirety," you've got to be committed to your mate from brain to genitals. Without internalizing the challenge facing you this way, you can't change yourself, let alone the country where you live.

Admittedly, though, some of my male friends and kin, especially my late father, have had a certain influence on me. But in the absence of romantic attachment to them, they have never been a major driving force for change.

To date I have never been accepted by Japanese men because of my heterodox principle and un-Japanese way of thinking. At least until 2008, though, I could sometimes turn to likeminded Americans when I felt the "social exclusion" inflicted on me was too much to bear, but not anymore. Very few Americans take me seriously these days presumably because they are more or less suffering the same American Disease I have named Obamitis.

Despite all this, I still believe that I can live without the moral support from overseas as long as some young Japanese ladies stand by me. I feel really grateful to my Mary Magdalenes for giving me the reason to live and fight, and the reason to die, as well.

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Homosexuality is a Change-Disabling Illness
Authored by: samwidge on Wednesday, October 14 2009 @ 07:03 AM JST

You are going to draw lightening on this article.

Nonetheless, you are correct in every instance.
Homosexuality is a Change-Disabling Illness
Authored by: Y.Yamamoto on Wednesday, October 14 2009 @ 11:57 PM JST

Dear samwidge:

Thanks for the warning.

I think I'm fully prepared for that.

Yu Yamamoto