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Not Just Thought-Provoking

I have nothing against Paul Potts or Susan Boyle, but I think it's fair to point out that while they used YouTube as a steppingstone to success in the mainstream, there are a small number of people to whom the video-sharing website owned by Google Inc. is the last straw.

Even though they can't expect any more than 5-digit numbers of viewers, perhaps with the remarkable exception of Ron Paul, that is as far as they can go in this insane world dominated by swindlers in governments and media-favorite crisis mongers.

The following are some of the results of my recent video mining:

To be able to listen to these voices of reason, you don't have to be a conspiracy theorist. All it takes is commonsense. There's no need to invent an evil network of Jewish cabals.

Even in Japan, where tens of millions of brain-dead dupes are swallowing everything fed by authoritative figures, there are a handful of news organizations which claim to specialize in telling a bit of truth on behalf of their affiliates who are devoted to lying. Actually this series of videos seems to have been produced by Asahi Newstar, or someone representing the Asahi media group-owned CATV.

I don't know much about Mr. Ye Qianrong, a Chinese-born professor at a Tokyo university who hosts the show, but it is presumed that the producer of the program thought it had to be a foreigner that introduced a heretical view like this one to the limited audience.

The guest by the name of Tadashi Watanabe is a professor at Institute of Industrial Science attached to the University of Tokyo.

In this program, Prof. Watanabe is telling Prof. Ye that the mainstream media has made it clear that his commentary will never be aired as long as he doesn't comply with the requirement that the scientific truth about "environmental degradation" be totally hushed up.

These sober-minded guys are just saying: "Don't take anything for granted." But it's not that easy to heed the advice because the exaggerated fear of global warming is only part of the ongoing mass hysteria.

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Not Just Thought-Provoking
Authored by: samwidge on Saturday, March 27 2010 @ 05:13 PM JST

Population on the planet is like mold on bread -- When the bread is completely covered and completely consumed, the mold dies... completely.

The argument over Global Warming is moot. It only diverts us from finding ways to limit population or to get population into the stars. By arguing that mankind should stop industry, we are arguing that we should stop trying to find new places for our children and stop trying to find better ways to feed them.

I just picked up a copy of the movie, "Not Evil, just Wrong." This is a strong critique of Senator Al Gore and his strange leaps of belief. The show is fair and just. I was convinced long ago that the senator was wrong.

I cannot think of anything I can do the terrible damage already caused by Gore and his pals.

More interesting is a new book, "North Idaho's Superfund, Facts and Fraud." I was directly involved in that explosion of environmental extremism, first as a journalist, then as a miner and, finally, as a writer. During the period chronicled, an environmental activist was paid $50,000 per year to malign the mining industry and create an inordinate fear of minerals. She had no education beyond high school but her pay came from tax dollars through the EPA. We had no recourse as she "educated" our children.

When the Moors advanced on the Iberian peninsula, the people had two choices: die or give up and die. This is our fate today. Everything will turn out wrong but don't worry. It won't be your fault.