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Realignment or Yet Another Retouch of Embalming?

Japan's political landscape as of 2004

With new political parties mushrooming in recent weeks, the media are untiringly saying that we are going to see a new Japan emerging through 政界再編成 (Seikai Saihensei, or total realignment of the political landscape) and that will be the end of the 1955 System.

Up until weeks ago, the same media kept telling their audience that with a "modern two party-system" taking root at long last here, the 55-year-old sociopolitical system was finally coming to an end.

As usual they were lying.

As I have said many times before, it's not a two-party system in the first place; actually it's a twin-party system composed of the Democratic Party of Japan which won the last election and the Liberal Democratic Party which lost it.

Now almost in the same breath, they have started talking about realignment aimed at a tripolar system with these new-born parties forming 第三極 (Daisan Kyoku, literally translated into English as a third pole.)

If we should take their hogwash seriously, now we are going to see triplets. As you can easily imagine, it's by far more difficult to separate conjoined triplets than with Siamese twins.

It is true that the above-embedded diagram would have to be brought up to date to reflect the new picture. But I don't think anyone will bother to work on that. Reason: it's something like drawing a picture of soap bubbles that form here now, evaporate there then.

Moreover, on the updated chart that would grow even busier to look at, all you could see would be just an increased number of boxes.

In reality, however, the same old political racketeers are hopping, back and forth, from one box to another.

They claim they are rejuvenating themselves. True, there are an increasing number of younger lawmakers. Yet, the fact of the matter remains that most of them are brainless punks as exemplified by those 小沢チルドレン (Ozawa Chirudoren, or Ozawa Children.) You can see these cultist-like morons in the YouTube video embedded here.

If there are a few exceptions, Yoshimi Watanabe is one. He looks to be a real reformist. Ironically enough, his father was one of those porkbarrel operators of the LDP until he died in 1995. He recently left the LDP to form みんなの党 (Minna-no To, or Your Party.) But needless to say, Watanabe, alone, can't bring about real change.

In the past the Japanese have traditionally substituted realignment for revolution. Every time they hit the wall, they realigned their political landscape to make it look different. But this unviable polity has always remained essentially unchanged.

These new partiers often liken themselves to the rebels who fought for the cause of 明治維新 (Meiji Ishin, or Meiji Restoration) in the 1860s. Meiji literally means "enlightened rule," but actually what these national heroes did is to restore the national polity to the pre-feudal state where the Emperors directly reigned over their unenlightened subjects.

This all comes down to one simple statement:

The totally learning-disabled and helplessly gullible Japanese are once again being duped into believing Japan is about to transform itself into a viable nation - just like they were in 1993.

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