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Akihito Mourns for Dead Cows and Pigs on the 65th Anniversary of Hiroshima

Two new dolts, Ban
Ki-moon and John
Roos, made 55,000
mourners' prayer
ring even more
There was nothing particularly new in the way the 65th anniversary of the A-bombing on Hiroshima was marked yesterday.

Any sane person could tell that two important things were still missing: attendance of Emperor Akihito (Hirohito's son) and sanity on the part of his poor subjects.

On the same day in his nicely air-conditioned palace, the bastard opted to see the governor of Miyazaki Prefecture where the emergency situation with the foot-and-mouth epidemic had just subsided after killing 289,000 livestock.

Do I have to explain why he felt like having a chat with the governor over the dead cows and pigs while U.S. Ambassador and U.N. Secretary General, both in mourning attire, were being baked under the scorching sun at ground zero?

Although the blank and sulky faces were betraying their indifference to what happened in the city sixty-five years ago, both Roos and Ban were dutifully offering a silent prayer for the 140,000 human beings incinerated for the cause of preserving the imperial institution.

As usual, not a single news reporter or commentator mentioned Akihito's absenteeism. (Postscript: On the contrary, when Roos skipped the ceremony in Nagasaki three days later giving an implausible excuse, Japanese media did not conceal displeasure.)

Now that the number of the participating countries has reached a record 74, it's increasingly obvious that none other than this mass-stupidity has hindered the progress of nonproliferation, instead of expediting it. I wouldn't be surprised if the 66th anniversary is attended by some new faces such as Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Below here I'm going to re-post the body text of the essay I wrote one year ago under the title of Obamitis Virus Hits Its Cradle - Japan's Ground Zero.

Japan is a country which is inhabited by innumerable gods. We used to be talking about yaorozuno-kami, or 8 million gods. But with Japan's living population steadily shrinking in recent years, I am sure the nether world here is having a population explosion by now because every Japanese is believed to be given the citizenship out there as soon as he dies. They also believe that these gods make a homecoming trip during obon yasumi, or the bon holidays which fall on mid-August.

Things are quite confusing at this time of the year with family reunions between the deceased and their living descendants taking place across the nation. It's next to impossible to tell who are dead and who are still alive. For my part, I'm reasonably sure that I'm still awaiting my turn at Grim Reaper's waiting room. Yet, I may be wrong. Who knows?

To avoid misidentifying the dead as the living, or vice versa, Tokyo-based conspiracy theorist Benjamin Fulford generically named the Japanese zombies, before he became extremely popular among none other than these zombies, that is.

Heralding the bon holidays every year are the annual ceremonies solemnly held at ground zero of the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The people have not found it particularly necessary to make August 6 and 9 national holidays because the two events are only part of their activity for the month solely devoted to the dead at large in this land of shamanism.

Past several decades have seen the same proceedings repeated at ground zero of the two cities according to a long-established agenda and format with the successive mayors reciting their empty and bland "Peace Declarations" as the priests presiding over the rituals. Watching my fellow countrymen going through these formalities, I always get a surreal sense of attending my own deathwatch.

If there was anything new in their Peace Declarations 2009, it's the citations from Obama's speech in Prague. Both mayors must have found the April 5 speech by the U.S. President irresistibly sexy. That's why they couldn't help parroting Obama's most famous line at the 64th anniversaries of the bombings. It goes:

As the only nuclear power to have used a nuclear weapon (sic), the United States has a moral responsibility to act.

Hiroshima Mayor Tadatoshi Akiba felt that it was not enough just to repeat after Obama. When concluding his declaration, he suddenly switched to what he thought was English to read out the following sentences:

We have the power. We have the responsibility. We are the Obamajority(!?). Together, we can abolish nuclear weapons. Yes, we can. (The exclamation mark and question mark are mine.)

You may be inclined to call the Mayor a moron. But I suspect that is not the case with him. Actually he completed his doctorate in mathematics at MIT some 40 years ago. How can a Ph.D. from the prestigious school be an idiot? And more importantly, he and his counterpart in Nagasaki are not alone.

So, I want you to look at the following fact sheet about a deadly mental illness to be named something like Obamitis before jumping to a conclusion about their pathological problem.

1 Name of Disease Obamitis - so named after the U.S. president who has disseminated the newest strain of the virus all over the world.
2 First Outbreak Observed in Japan a long time ago.
3 Symptoms Sufferers lose their ability to internalize things using their own brains. As a result they always talk about their own problem in vague generality as if it were someone else's. The inability to address problems specifically and systematically always leads the patients to utter inaction in the face of a complicated situation. They often develop echolalia in complication.
4 Worst Possible Consequence Brain-death.
5 Etiology The Obamitis virus causes the disease.
6 Diathesis People with shamanism background are far more likely to become infected with the Obamitis virus than Christians and Muslims. For example, the Japanese traditionally think politics are like weather. When Mongolians attempted to invade Japan in 1274, kamikaze, or Divine Wind from a ferocious typhoon, blew their fleet against the rocks while Japanese had been freezing in total inaction. Ever since they have become susceptible to the idea that the only thing their leader has to do in the face of a crisis is to pray, as a priest, for a change of the weather. When the incantation doesn't work, they leave things adrift until the problem solves itself. The apocalypse in the two cities is an excellent example that shows how effectively a problem can solve itself.
7 Transmission The main pathway for the viral transmission is through excessive intake of ill-defined, bland and empty words such as peace, democracy, nonproliferation, dialog to promote mutual understanding, common values, etc.
8 Environmental Factors There is a good reason to believe the monsoon climate provides the optimum for the virus. Especially, the steamy weather of August in East Asia is considered to be the most favorable condition for the growth and reproduction of the virus. However, the recent pandemic situation in the U.S. indicates that the newest strain of the virus is viable in other regions, as well.
9 Cure None.
10 Statistics TokyoFreePress estimates that there are more than 100 million patients in Japan right now. In the United States, there were at least 69,456,897 adults suffering from Obamitis as of November 4, 2008. The numbers are still growing on both sides of the Pacific.
11 Japan Trivia The Japanese people all believe their fortunes have been predetermined by astrology, Zodiac signs or blood types. Given their extremely superstitious and suggestible trait, every TV station with nationwide network thinks it's essential to spare at least 5 minutes every morning to provide its viewers with the forecasts for the day. This is the secret behind Akiba's Obamajority stuff.

If you need to know about the mental health of your friends, I would suggest you use a simple method for testing - just ask them this question:

"Do you think the 1945 A-bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki are justifiable?"

Some of them will answer your question in the affirmative, adding that the A-bombs helped expedite the end of the Pacific War. Some others will respond: "Hell, no. America lost its moral authority by going for the nukes."

You will find out that your American friends who approve what Harry S. Truman did 64 years ago by far outnumber their Japanese counterparts who give you the same answer. And it's just the other way around when it comes to your respondents who disapprove.

But just the same, both groups will have tested positive for the infection of the Obamitis virus because the only thing a sane person has to say is:

"Yes and no. The A-bombs had to be used against Japan. But they should never have been dropped on the relatively unimportant local cities such as Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Instead the Little Boy and the Fat Man should have been detonated over the heart of the capital to exterminate the Emperor and his family together with the media organizations which were all serving as the mouthpiece of the Imperial Army headed by daigensui, the divine supreme commander."

Remember Obamitis sufferers always generalize, or relativize, things because their brains are damaged so seriously that they are unable to internalize them.

Another thing that your sober-minded friend can tell is that you can never "reset" such an unscrupulous crime because it's really irrevocable. The best thing the U.S. government can do to make up for it is just to leave the strategic "partnership" with the nation of poor Madame Butterflies which has lasted since the 1850s. That is the only thing to prevent the consequential damage of the A-Bombs from further exacerbating.

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Obamitis Spreading to 74 Nations and the U.N.
Authored by: samwidge on Saturday, August 07 2010 @ 05:05 PM JST

Here in the states we are experiencing an enthusiastic onrush of "peace" activism. There is little mention of the WWII atomic activity. The push against war persists without it.

I believe that the atomic bombings were inevitable whether they were justifiable or not. It was war and everybody was angry. If Japan had owned the technology and not the Allies, I believe that Japan would have used the Bomb. (You could correct me on that?)

Too often we forget that war, once started, is not logical. It is businesslike but not logical. War is waged for narrow purposes. Right and wrong are not among those purposes.

On another, separate issue, you have a line above, "... speech by the U.S. President irresistibly sexy." That is very interesting! President Obama is becoming far less popular now. When earlier presidents lost their popular appeal, it was merely the pendulum of opinion swaying, unreasoning and whimsical. With Barack, there is real anger about illogical things he has done.

My guess is that world opinion about President Obama will change more slowly than our own ... but it will change and with that change, there will be some very strange events. I will be very interested in your thoughts about a world that grows to hate Barack Obama.

Obamitis Spreading to 74 Nations and the U.N.
Authored by: Y.Yamamoto on Saturday, August 07 2010 @ 06:21 PM JST


I can't agree more. Whether the use of the bombs can be justified is a nonissue invented to seal off the sticky, real issue.

But at the same time I disagree with Gene Tibbets, the son of the Enola Gay pilot who dropped the bomb on Hiroshima 65 years ago. He was quoted as telling FoxNews on Wednesday that the attendance of the U.S. delegation headed by John Roos is an "unsaid apology" and an attempt to "rewrite history." My way of thinking is miles apart from his.

Obama and his people still owe sincere apology to the Japanese for NOT killing the Emperor by detonating the bombs over the skies of Tokyo.

I hope you are right when you hint that Obama won't be reelected in 2012. But no matter who succeeds the bastard as U.S. President, things won't change for the better because the bastard in the White House is NOT at fault for the stupidity on the part of the ordinary American citizens. The American people make a president, never the other way around.

I'm afraid even Ronald Reagan, the only U.S. President I have admired in the last decades, wouldn't be able to turn around the current situation.

In my opinion, the real problem won't be solved until/unless a majority of Americans wake up to the real problem.

Don't expect the Japanese to wake up. The real death toll from the A-bombings was 100 million, not 200 thousand. How can the dead wake up?

Yu Yamamoto