Monster at U.S. State Department Chasing after Its Fellow Monsters in Foreign Lands

Tuesday, December 14 2010 @ 02:45 PM JST

Contributed by: Y.Yamamoto

To put the world in order, we must first put the nation in order; to put the nation in order, we must put the family in order; to put the family in order, we must first set our hearts and brains right so as to cultivate our personal life.
- Confucius

The mom of a
sonuvabitch in U.S.
State Department
Judging from your responses to my review piece on Chalmers Johnson's Dismantling the Empire: America's Last Best Hope, I have figured out that the time is not ripe yet to try to convince the American people that maintaining military bases all over the world is a "suicide option" as the late Johnson warned. Under the influence of patriotic idiots from both "conservative" and "liberal" camps of the nation, the American people are fully determined to brush aside any commonsense argument such as mine.

They stubbornly refuse to understand I'm not one of those empty-headed peaceniks like the moron in the White House. On the contrary, I think war is a great thing because more often than not it is filled with a promise of real change, while peace always stinks.

Why, then, do I disagree with these mainstream political analysts retained by the military-industrial complex of the U.S.?

Reason 1: For better or for worse, there will never be WWIII if the appellation should mean a nuclearized version of WWII as these crisis-mongers want us to envision it. 21st century's warfare is nothing like ones familiar to the lovers of spectacular films starring Bruce Willis.

Reason 2: More importantly, no one knows where to find the real enemy these days. Old hawks in America should know that not a single nation in history has waged a war against someone who held its IOUs worth hundreds of billions of dollars.

I must admit that by now the American people have grown too ignorant and arrogant to wake up before they run out of time. Yet, I hope that if there still remains some sanity in the corners of their minds, it will be a little easier for them to take my views of the nonmilitary part of America's interventionism a little more seriously.

In 1821 John Quincy Adams, the sixth President of the United States, said:

"America goes not abroad in search of monsters to destroy."

190 years later, in the twilight years of the American century, we have a serious problem with the Monster in the U.S. State Department crusading against her fellow monsters in foreign lands.

The former shyster believes she has the right to police people's way of life on every corner of the world. And now that the nation of Confucius has started to threaten America's primacy, her fanaticism is going over the top.

Worse, America's arrogance has spilled over across the Atlantic. Emboldened by Clinton and other busybodies in America, an increasing number of Europeans have now started telling Asians what to do, and how to do it. Examples:

■ In October the Norwegian Nobel Committee thought the Chinese government should release Liu Xiaobo from jail because he is the year's Peace Prize laureate. (Actually, things unfolded the other way around; Liu was awarded the prize because he had been imprisoned.)

■ In November Reporters with(out) Borders (RSF) further elevated the Japanese media to No. 11 position as if Japan's Glass Firewall, which poses a more serious impediment to press freedom than China's Great Firewall, had been torn down. On the other hand, the "press freedom watchdog" thought China should remain at the bottom of the ranking primarily because many dissidents are still behind bars.

In short Thorbjoern Jagland, Chairman of the Norwegian Nobel Committee and Jean-Francois Julliard, Secretary General of RSF (I don't know how to create the French letter "C" with accent sedille on my computer) arrogantly thought the Western standards should apply everywhere in the world.

Yet, even these European bastards eclipse before the mom of a sonuvabitch in the U.S. Department of State.

When Colin Powell was Secretary of State, he signed the 2004 Trafficking in Persons Report, in which Japan was downgraded from "Tier 2" to "Tier 2 Watch List" on the ground that the country had imported too many sex slaves from its backyard countries. Then in 2005, Condi Rice moved up Japan back to the Tier 2 placement simply because then Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi, known for his perpetual abuse of women including his ex-wife and a geisha who committed suicide, had taken a legislative measure for import ban. Since the token measure was implemented, an increased number of Japanese men had to go abroad to buy sex.

Ever since I'd lost interest in the TIP Report until several days ago when I somehow started wondering how the annual report signed by the Monster was organized.

Out of curiosity I clicked the PDF file titled "TIP Report 2010" on State Department's website. I was overwhelmed by the unprecedentedly voluminous report; it took 10 minutes until my cheap computer finished downloading the 22MB, 373-page-long report.

Its content is essentially no different from the days Powell and Rice were in office but I see a distinctive fingerprint of the Monster in the monomaniac meticulosity with which the report was compiled.

Japan's placement remains unchanged at Tier 2. That indicates the Monster found the sexual behavior of Japanese men barely acceptable when compared to that of her adulterous husband.

If there is anything new in the latest edition of the report, the Monster had her men redefine the scope of the survey into the situation with modernday slavery in each country. For one thing, prostitution is now included in the list of "What is NOT Trafficking in Persons." Of course, that does not mean the Monster has ceded it to someone else as none of her babies. Presumably she gave it up to make her friend Angela Merkel happy. Germany where prostitution is flourishing is still among Tier-1 countries.

American taxpayers are funding the "discretionary" $55 billion/year operation with 25,000 direct employees on its payroll. If you take into account the fact that the State Department often rents out the USS George Washington from the Defense Department when the Monster's menacing look isn't effective enough, and that it habitually depends on CIA spies, you will find the stupidity of American taxpayers really appalling. Without doubt, they are heading for ruin.

Basically, it's none of my business, though. On this side of the Pacific, we are more concerned about intangible consequences from Washington's spending spree.

In Japan, and other Asian countries to a lesser degree, a devastating moral erosion is going on with phony ethics watered down by cheap ideologies from the West constantly substituted for Asian ethics. It is true that there has never been a genuinely homegrown moral code in Japan. But in some other Asian countries, there are a wealth of ethical heritages such as the tenets of Buddha.

At any rate the appointment of the former shyster to Secretary of State was the worst pick because legal expertise is not only useless but also harmful in handling morally sensitive issues such as TIP. Not that, though, with a sane person spearheading the moral expansionism of America in her place, its obsession with global moral policing would be any more tolerable to peoples of foreign countries.

Obviously one of the things Clinton did not learn at Yale Law School is the subtlety involved in any issue with moral implication. For instance, she would be bewildered if she was asked, "Can I lawfully resort to cannibalism when eating my dying friend is the only way to survive?"

The "Palermo Protocol" or United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crime (December 2000) already acknowledged that the victim of human trafficking was, more often than not, a "willing participant."

One of my former girlfriends was an ex-whore. What I did to save her from sexual and financial exploitation led me to a confrontation with a yakuza mobster. (Drug addiction was not the case with that woman, though.) At one time, I was almost stabbed to death with a kitchen knife with a one-foot-long blade. Through this experience, I learned firsthand that one can never morally disambiguate, to the fullest, such a touchy situation. I know, however, it's next to impossible for you sanctimonious people to figure out what I am talking about.

I know another person who knows what the Monster doesn't. I've been in touch with her, though off and on, since May 2006. Her name is Shihoko Fujiwara.

Although Ms. Fujiwara is the representative of the Japan office of U.S.-based anti-slavery organization named Polaris, she is no ambulance chaser. With her unwavering commitment to the cause and down-to-earth, no-nonsense approach toward intricate situations, she just waits for the ambulance to reach her.

She never chases after an ambulance in part because in Japan where Yakuza's prostitution business is subtly legitimized and highly institutionalized, you never know who is the victim and who is the perpetrator. Another reason is because you can't seriously commit yourself to a faceless person in the first place.

Japan's Tier 2 placement is way beyond a compliment because modernday slavery remains a more widespread practice here than in any other country. But this is Ms. Fujiwara's headache and heartache, and mine as well - not the preaching Monster's.

Clinton should stop messing up our already messy life, and study the basics of Confucianism, if only to look a little less monstrous.

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