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Japanese Voices of Conscience

Since the outbreak of the ongoing catastrophe, I have uploaded five posts to tell my prominently Western audience what is really going on in this rotten country named Japan. Basically I hadn't expected the Japanese to wake up to the reality that their country is almost sunk by now, and yet I must admit it was a great disappointment that most people in the U.S. and some European countries have also been too brainwashed by the media to take me seriously. Some thought I was just a grumpy old man; some others simply refused to lend an ear to this blogger because he is just a nobody.

But I still insist that if you are anxious to know the truth about the now world-famous nuclear power plant in Fukushima Prefecture, you should look at the video embedded below here. If you are too busy to watch the 2-hour-long video, or you can't afford to install the software to translate Japanese into English, just forget it and remain brainwashed. Fortunately, though, their PowerPoint slides are on the wordy side. So automatic translation must be relatively easy if you don't understand a word they speak.

For your reference, Ryuichi Hirokawa, the first speaker, is a 63-year-old independent journalist and the other one by the name of Takashi Hirose is a 68-year-old nonfiction writer. Their way of thinking is extremely down-to-earth, and yet both of them throw a harsh words at the government, Tokyo Electric Power Company and the media for their pernicious gimmicks to cover up and distort the truth.

More specifically, the seasoned journalists criticize:

■ Prime Minister Naoto Kan who caused the natural calamity to turn into a man-made catastrophe by his delayed initial action to prevent the meltdown of the reactor core,
■ His right-hand man Yukio Edano who has kept disseminating a false idea that there are no "immediate" threats,
■ TEPCO which has covered up every critical data,
■ GE which designed most reactors in Fukushima based on the wrong assumptions about the enormity of tsunami,
■ Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency under the jurisdiction of the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry which has deceived the general public by constantly giving apple-to-orange comparisons of radiation data,
■ The Meteorological Agency which even falsified the magnitude reading,
■ NHK and other mainstream media organizations which have kept telling their audience not to worry too much, while on the other hand, telling their reporters to keep out of the area within a radius of 30 km from the plant.

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