Tell Me What is NOT a Conspiracy

Saturday, August 06 2011 @ 10:55 PM JST

Contributed by: Y.Yamamoto

As usual you guys don't want to believe me, but I think practically everything you say or do can fit into the dictionary definition of the word "conspiracy" which normally goes like this: "A conspiracy is an agreement to perform together an illegal, wrongful, or subversive act." To empty-headed and self-righteous Americans, this is clear enough, but outside the U.S., no one can be so sure that he is rightfully doing what he is doing because right or wrong is purely a subjective matter.

Here's my way of defining the word: "A conspiracy is an agreement to perform together a counter-revolutionary act to preserve the status quo." In other words, you better stop talking about conspiracies unless you are fully committed to a specific plan to revolutionize your country, your friends and kin, and most importantly yourself. As I will tell you paragraphs later, you can't change anything just by tweeting at your computer.

On the eve of the "historic" agreement reached in Washington to raise the constitutional debt ceiling, I was mining for YouTube videos about Ron Paul because I wanted to know how the U.S. Congressman from Texas views the ongoing conspiracy that has gone totally unchecked by now. To me he is neither a truth-seeker nor truth-evader. Instead I would call him a truth-doer. I hit quite a few interesting videos there. Embedded below is one of them.

Here you will know that to Ron Paul, 2012 is not the year of the farce called Presidential Elections, but the starting point of an American Revolution. Know-it-all cynics are saying, "The old daydreamer would never be able to bring about change even if he won the race." But, then, who else could stop the bloated Federal government from further "defaulting on the average American" and block "the road to serfdom"?

I'm not sure because I am not in prediction business, but the early indications from "straw polls" and a growing number of young, bright people rallying behind him seem to tell that it's not really a pipe dream to see Mr. Paul becoming the oldest-ever President of the United States. Unfortunately, though, I'm reasonably sure that if he wins, either on the Republican ticket or Libertarian's, it is quite likely that he is doomed to fall victim to the biggest conspiracy since 11/22/1963. On "one glorious morning" in 2088, your grandchild who now looks very much like a zombie may walk into the National Archives to find out the truth about the assassination of Ron Paul. But what good would it do?

In another video titled Government is a Reflection of the People, he stresses that real change comes from the people, but realistically speaking, the rotten society won't change overnight.

This brings us to the question: "Who should take the blame for the intellectual decline of the American people?" Without doubt, it's those scholars and pundits who are virtually on the payroll of the mainstream media that have brainwashed their audiences so effectively. Now, most Americans are conditioned to see what is actually nonexistent. For one thing, they have seen a series of revolutions in Arab countries. These delusive people have been taught to take it for granted that the popular uprising in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya is a spontaneous response to the longtime oppression by authoritarian regimes. To this end, mainstream pundits are untiringly spreading the absurd myth about "digital wildfire" that has supposedly led to "Twitter revolutions,"

It is true that relatively sober-minded journalists in the U.S. view things a little differently. Doyle McManus of Los Angeles Times, for one, argued in January that although "social media may sometimes serve as an accelerant, a successful revolution continues to be low tech and still requires people to go into the streets and risk their lives." Even so, McManus stopped short of mentioning a possible conspiracy by CIA recidivists.

Mainstream ideologues in the U.S. have created a huge intellectual vacuum in the brains of American people by disseminating quick answers based on unsubstantiated premises to self-planted and poorly-identified questions. For one thing, they have just swallowed National Institute of Standards and Technology's official story about 9/11 which, in fact, has a lot of flaws and holes. The niche resulting from this is exactly where a horde of "fringe" theorists have been spawned from every corner of the world since the turn of the century. And this is what these truth-seekers owe truth-evaders.

Needless to say, there are some, if not many, truth-seeking folks who are by far more intelligent, serious and conscientious than crooks in the mainstream. Dr. Judy Wood, the brilliant author of Where Did the Towers Go?, is a good example.

Unfortunately, though, a greater number of conspiracy theorists have one important thing in common with mainstream crisis-mongers. On the surface, mainstremers categorically brush aside heretical theories as unsubstantiated although their own arguments are equally, or even more, groundless. In fact, though, orthodox ideologues feel grateful to heretics because they are willing to abide by the tacit rule that prohibits both sides from questioning what I call the imperialist assumption for the rigged debates. It almost looks as though there is a tacit agreement between the two camps which calls for a reciprocity principle.

You may take it for granted that what is important to America should also be important to the rest of the world. If that is the case with you, I'm afraid your brain is already irreparably damaged. Once upon a time, the world was revolving around the U.S.A., but not anymore.

In this respect, it is noteworthy that a good part of conspiracy theorists make believe that 9/11 has changed not only America, but also the entire world, completely and for good. Their ridiculous notion has really delighted mainstream ideologues because that is exactly what they are commissioned to propagandize by their employers in Washington. But saner people in Asian and Arab nations doubt the spectacular event in 2001 was that special. It always puzzles them why on earth the American people at large tend to single out 9/11, or 11/22 for that matter. It's only the world's most gullible and suggestible Japanese who readily swallow the absurd idea that truth is a universal thing. But the fact of the matter remains that TRUTH VARIES FROM COUNTRY TO COUNTRY - or even from an individual to another.

Now let me ask you this question: "Has it ever crossed your mind that from the Japanese point of view, such dates as 8/6, 8/9, and 1/19 by far outweigh 9/11?" If you don't know what happened on January 19, 1960, The Treaty of Mutual Cooperation and Security was signed on that day between Dwight Eisenhower and the CIA undercover agent Nobusuke Kishi, disguised as Japanese Prime Minister at that time. I'm certain that your answer to my question is in the negative.

Much less is it likely that you know the very foundation of this country in the early-8th century was a huge conspiracy in itself. In the subsequent 13 centuries, conspiracies have always been a norm here. If you bother to study the Japanese history more in-depth than you surface-scratchers normally do, you will learn how stupid it is to talk too much about 9/11 and the so-called war on terror it ignited.

I am an avowed Buddhism fundamentalist. By now I'm aware very few Americans understand me because all they have learned about Buddha's tenets is largely distorted with a lot of exoticism, oversimplification and ridiculous mythification. Actually, the key to understanding Buddhism lies with the Sanskrit word "Satya" which just means looking at truth as it is. My interpretation of Gautama Buddha's words about Satya can be summarized this way:


That is why the real Buddhism knows no god, no ideology and no fanaticism or extremism. It is only radical about truth in the real sense of the word.

During my long absence from the blogosphere, I was waging a fierce war against my Parkinson's disease, its complications (see NOTE below), and some other ailments such as cholecystitis, hepatitis and severe cataracts. At the same time I was at war with the City Hall on the constitutional, but extralegal battleground. Who could have done anything more amid the monsoonal heat (90-95 degrees F) and steam (80-85%.)?

NOTE: As some of you have kindly pointed out, the complications of my PD include mental illnesses such as a "mild" schizophrenia and serious depression.

In the meantime, I was just looking on as the people in my country of birth are wallowing in the dead-end situation as if it were a result of 3/11. Those under the heavy influence of mainstream ideologues in America are still chitchatting a lot about the Tsuittaa Kakumei (Twitter Revolutions) in Arab countries, but I see absolutely no signs of popular uprising on the Japanese horizon. It can't be helped because in this country there has been no tradition of revolting against the ruling class at least in the last 13 centuries. Now I'm inclined to call them Japanese macaques. I know I shouldn't expect these apes to evolve into human beings someday.

I'm not sure, but most probably this piece will soon be followed by a separate post in which I'll focus on some individual macaques, including Banri Kaieda, Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry and Sakie Yokota, de facto spokeswoman of the Association of the Families of Victims Kidnapped by North Korea.

Last week Kaieda made a scene
in the Diet
Kaieda, who is in the position to oversee the now-world-famous Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency, burst into tears last week when an opposition lawmaker pressed him to resign without clinging to the post as Prime Minister Naoto Kan still does.

Around the same time, it was revealed that Kan has had cozy relations with a shady group of pro-Pyongyang Japanese, including a man born between the main culprit of the 1970 hijacking of JAL's Yodo-go and one of the perpetrators of the "abduction" of Japanese citizens. To date Kan and other members of the Democratic Party of Japan have "donated" more than 200 million yen to this group, which included 62.5 million from the Prime Minister himself. The group, based in the same building which houses the office of a Diet member from the DPJ, has been fronting the North Korean government for a long time. When Yokota learned the news, she reportedly said, "Now I'm totally at a loss over who to trust. I want to vomit."

Enough is enough.

It's me that felt like crying and vomiting over these crybabies. But I could barely refrain from doing so because I am a Buddhist.

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