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Japan's New Prime Minister Set off Relapse of the Epidemic of Pseudologia Fantastica in the U.S.

Members of the American Psychiatric Association (APA) have long been discussing whether to include "pseudologia fantastica" in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual as a distinct psychiatric disorder. I suspect that the reason it hasn't been considered a "coherent enough entity" for the inclusion in the DSM thus far is because in America, like in some other countries including Japan, there are so many pathological liars there that the bible for psychiatrists would become meaningless if it included the widespread disease.

Yesterday, yet another idiot named Yoshihiko Noda (photo) was installed as Japan's seventh Prime Minister in five years. When his predecessor Naoto Kan took office in June last year, not a few self-proclaimed Japan experts in the mainstream U.S. hailed him as "Japan's first truly new leader."
As usual, it didn't take long until Kan proved not only an idiot but also a scoundrel. That is why these scholars and pundits quickly fell silent about Japan and remained so in the last 15 months. But now that the new one, who likens himself to 泥鰌 (Dojo), a Japanese loach, was going to succeed Kan, mainstream ideologues in the U.S. all came back to resume disseminating the all-too-familiar delusion about Japan's bright future.

On the eve of Kan's belated resignation, one of those prominent mythomaniacs wrote that the U.S. government should "stand firmly behind Japan [under the new leadership] to help Tokyo become the anchor of the arc of freedom and prosperity." Once again, we are taken aback at this hogwash.

In the past, many, including myself, assumed that the highly-educated person was well-versed in this country as he claimed. But now we have learned that is not the case. How can one be a Japan expert when he doesn't know that in the last 66 years, especially during these "lost 20 years," the Japanese have been living in a dystopia where freedom and prosperity in the real sense of the words have never prevailed?

We still don't know if he is one of those professional liars or just a learning-disabled person. For instance, doesn't he know how many of the last six Prime Ministers were chosen by popular vote, if indirectly? The correct answer: NO ONE but Hatoyama.

This is more or less true with their predecessors. In the first 10 years after the war, practically all Prime Ministers, including the Class-A war criminal-turned CIA agent Nobusuke Kishi, were picked by the U.S. government. Even after the rotten political system was put in place in 1955 by the CIA, the mainstream media have always fixed the poll on behalf of the U.S. intelligence agency. Ian Buruma once called them political sandmen.

Toward the end of the monopoly of power by the Liberal Democratic Party, pathological liars in the government and media were disseminating a myth that the dissolution of 派閥 (Habatsu), intra-party factions inherent to the 1955 System, was underway. Simply, this can't be true, because Habatsu is the integral part of the system through which to funnel the handsome amount of taxpayers' money called 政党助成金 (Seito Joseikin) or subsidies appropriated to political parties. Pork-barrel operators use the subsidies as seed money with which to maintain and further beef up their corrupt relations with their electoral and industrial constituencies.

The loach's rise from obscurity at the August 29 general assembly of Diet members of the Democratic Party of Japan was no different from the cases with his predecessors; it was nothing more than the result of the power dynamics currently prevailing between 主流派 (Shuryu-ha) - mainstream factions - headed by the likes of Yoshito Sengoku and Seiji Maehara and 反主流派 (Han-Shuryu-ha) - anti-mainstream (but most powerful) factions - headed by Ichiro Ozawa and Yukio Hatoyama.

To put it bluntly, it was Noda's turn to take the helm this time around simply because his faction is small enough for bigger ones to manipulate as they like. Small wonder Noda's first words in his victory speech were: "Let's call it a no-side." (A no-side means the end of a Rugby game which is signaled by the referee's whistle.) Even during the pointless debates among the five contenders, everyone was referring to Article 1 of the 17-article constitution promulgated by Shotoku Prince in the 7th century. The more empty-headed Maehara was saying the same thing in a more childish way; he said, "Whatever is the outcome of the election, let's do 全員野球 (Zen-in Yakyu.)" The Japanese word means a ballgame where each player is required to sacrifice himself for the team. The Aug. 29 farce was yet another evidence that constant alignment and realignment of factions are what Japan's volatile politics is all about.

It's totally unimaginable that any one of these thieves can lead the nation's way out of the "unprecedented" crisis.

Talking of Maehara, self-styled hawk, the same American writer wrote: "At the moment, the front-runner to replace Kan is Seiji Maehara, the former foreign minister, who resigned in March in the wake of a minor political contribution scandal. He would be a strong friend of the United States." (Emphasis mine.) This can mean he is completely out of touch with what's going on here. Or, it's more likely that he is one of those truth-deniers.

Why on earth does he think the former Foreign Minister quit so readily when it was revealed he had received a peanut of 0.59 million yen from a South Korean resident here? It's a matter of commonsense that his quick resignation indicated the particular donation was just a tip of the iceberg. Furthermore, recent revelations have it that Maehara, Washington's pet, has had cozy relations with North (not a typo) Korea.

Thanks to the big quake of March 11, his boss Kan could survive the similar revelation that he has had collusive relations with Seoul. But finally, Kan had to step down primarily because in July it came to the surface that he and some other DPJ members had "donated" more than 200 million yen to a shady group of Japanese which has fronted the Pyongyang government for many years. This intricate picture is something that is way beyond comprehension of simple-headed American ideologues.

All in all, the fact of the matter remains that not a single Japanese administration has represented, and will never represent the ordinary Japanese people.

American pundits virtually on the payroll of the mainstream media do know how many Prime Ministers have come and gone through the revolving door. But they don't have a good enough analytical mind to tell the reason behind the recent acceleration of the whirling of the door of the Prime Minister's office. These political "analysts" aren't there to analyze things in the first place. Their only job is to spread around fallacies such as the one about Douglas MacArthur's success in building a "democracy" in the Japanese archipelago.

Actually, I couldn't afford to waste my precious time on this bullshit. I should have established by daybreak an important Word document along with an Excel sheet with which to convince the brain-dead and sadistically ruthless tax collectors at the ward office of the municipality that I have no reason and no money to settle the delinquent citizen tax bills of 700K yen. I may be on the verge of losing this constitutional, but extralegal battle, yet I can't lose it because it's literally an existential crisis I've been going through since April.

Despite time constraints I've had at this moment, I got sidetracked once again when I carelessly read the fraudulent essay I came across on the web. It prompted me to quickly write this post, instead. I felt I can't take it anymore. I couldn't care less if American literati keep discrediting themselves this way. But I found the downright lie about "the arc of freedom and prosperity" especially outrageous because it's none other than these liars that keep encouraging my foes at Yokohama City Hall to persecute someone who has fallen behind the imaginary arc. If you think this is a far-fetched argument, you know nothing about the Japanese.

Gee, it's already 7 a.m., JST. I have to upload this without proofreading it before taking a brief nap. ·

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Epidemic of Pseudologia in the U.S.
Authored by: Diogenes on Tuesday, August 30 2011 @ 08:13 PM JST
This is extraordinary. This kind of "appointment/resignation/appointment/resignation could go on indefinitely, it seems. But then "harmony must be the order of the day." And so, the deck chairs get re-arranged on the Titanic - Nihon, and the band plays on as the bow begins to slip under the waves. Hold your breath. It's a long way to the bottom.