Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry was Sacked for Telling the Truth

Saturday, September 10 2011 @ 10:47 PM JST

Contributed by: Y.Yamamoto

Left: The only thing Yoshio Hachiro did during his 200-hour stay in office was to sweat. That is what he had promised at his inaugural press conference as any Japanese politician does when he is at a loss over what to do.
Center: Hachiro bowed out on September 10.
Right: This idiot named Nobuteru Ishihara might have done the same thing if he were a member of the Noda cabinet.

My typology for mythomaniacs places ignorant liars in Type 1. They are too uneducated and/or retarded to deliberately deceive others. So, they normally go to the easiest dupes, i.e. their own selves. It is for this reason that their words and deeds often lack consistency and coherence. In all aspects, Yoshio Hachiro is a typical Type A.

Hachiro stepped down as Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry in a matter of less than 200 hours since the Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda appointed him to the post. On the surface, he had to resign because of his insincere attitude toward the nuclear crisis in Fukushima. When he came back to his office from an inane "fact-finding" tour to Ground Zero of the nuclear accident, he rubbed his jacket against a reporter and jokingly said, "I will contaminate you."

But, the real reason he was dismissed was not because the childish joke he cracked on September 8 was found outrageously tasteless. The Prime Minister and the press corps, most of whom are a little closer to Type 2 (deliberate liars,) did not mention the crack, let alone reprimand Hachiro until he uncharacteristically used truthful words hours later. He told the reporters stationed in Kantei Kisha Kurabu, the press club exclusively and collusively attached to the cabinet office, that the neighboring area of the troubled nuclear power plant had looked like 死の町 (Shi-no Machi,) or a town of death - which is exactly what it was.

The neophyte at a high-ranking government post made a serious mistake when it momentarily slipped his mind that although his fellow countrymen are extraordinarily lenient toward liars and never tolerate honesty, they know deep inside that a lie is a lie even when it is told to one's fellow liars. That is why reporters who had shown little reaction to Hachiro's joke the evening before started mercilessly criticizing Hachiro the moment the second "insensitive" words slipped out of his tongue. They were belatedly saying in concert that his gaffes must have hurt the feelings of Fukushima citizens. In fact, though, it's not that the feelings of the people directly affected by the nuclear accident got hurt by the first slip, let alone the second one, but it's reporters themselves who felt humiliated by the truthful words "a town of death."

This is yet another reminder that in this country, an innocuous joke coupled with a fraction of truth almost always costs you a post.

Toward the end of the perpetual monopoly of power by the Liberal Democratic Party, we saw a stream of similar gaffes which were followed by resignation or suicide. In January 2007, for example, then-health and labor minister Hakuo Yanagisawa was forced to resign when he said women are birth-giving machines and that he wanted these machines to produce more.

People knew in their Honne that there was nothing wrong with his machine analogy if ever the constant decline in birthrate was really at issue as they all thought. But further down their minds, these self-deceptive people somehow felt uneasy with the widespread notion that the real problem facing Japan lies with the shrinking number of people, not their quality. That is why they demanded Yanagisawa's resignation so hysterically on the pretext that his remark was impermissibly tasteless.

You can find Type 1 liars with slippery tongues not only among government officials, but also lawmakers in the opposition camp. On the same September 10, Nobuteru Ishihara, Secretary-General of the LDP, said in his speech to this effect: when looking at the longtime oppression of the Muslims by the West, it is apparent that 9.11 was 歴史の必然 (Rekishi-no Hitsuzen,) or an inevitable consequence of history.

Later in the day, Ishihara said that he hadn't meant to justify terrorism. He has inherited the Type 1 blood from his father Tokyo Governor Shintaro Ishihara. As is true with his retarded father, all the LDP lawmaker can do is to spread around secondhand fallacies without knowing he is just parroting words spoken by the predominantly American Type 2 liars.

His supposedly "witty" remark on the "timely" topic was already a downright lie in itself because as I have repeatedly argued in the past, it's an imperialist delusion that 9.11 has dramatically changed the lives of people including those living outside the U.S. Who said what concerns the Americans should also concern the Japanese?

At the same time, it is true that Ishihara touched on one aspect of the multifaceted truth when he told his audience that the Americans are now suffering blowback from the Arab world. But actually, he should have talked about the total absence of blowback from the Japanese before talking about peoples living in faraway lands. He didn't fail to dupe his audience into swallowing his shallow history lecture simply because they were also Type 1.

In all likelihood, the administration of Yoshihiko Noda will be even more short-lived than his predecessors'. Yet I cannot afford to waste my precious time commenting on these comment-unworthy Type 1 politicians every time their forked tongue slips. Perhaps I will feel an urge to update you only when Type 2 liars in the U.S. become intolerably verbose about Japan's political instability and the U.S.-Japanese alliance as the only stabilizing factor. Unfortunately, the voices of surface-scratching political pundits in the U.S. will become even scratchier because these self-proclaimed political analysts have no analytical ability to identify the real reason behind the political volatility inherent to the terminally-ill country.

POSTSCRIPT September 13:

Yukio Edano, former Chief Cabinet Secretary with the now-defunct Kan administration, has replaced Hachiro as Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry. Unlike his predecessor, Edano is so skillful at deceiving the gullible Japanese that he could create a false sense of unity and the myth of safety by covering up all the fatal consequences of the nuclear disaster aggravated by Kan's mishandling of the situation.

Some independent journalists, including this blogger, are now speculating that Hachiro's dismissal had very little to do with his verbal gaffes. According to their speculation, Noda, who was elected to take the helm on his pledge to reconcile the longtime discord among a dozen intraparty factions, made the poor Hachiro represent his small group of lawmakers who had joined from the former Socialist Party when the Democratic Party of Japan was being founded. It could have been anyone else from the non-mainstream faction because for Noda, this was nothing but an alibi exercise.

As soon as Hachiro took office, he started hinting that he wasn't really enthusiastic about joining the Trans-Pacific Partnership talks as the U.S. government has been demanding, and about maintaining Japan's dependency on the nuclear power generation at the present level. Remember that his constituency is a farmland in Hokkaido. In short, Hachiro fell into the trap set up by the "Loach" or his puppeteers such as bureaucrats at the METI, those who have huge vested interests in the nuclear industry, or even the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States.

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