How Many Jobs Obama Intends to Snatch Away from the Japanese before Rolling out the Red Carpet for Noda

Saturday, October 29 2011 @ 06:45 PM JST

Contributed by: Y.Yamamoto

FROM LEFT, protesters in Seoul, protesters in Oakland, a rally in Tokyo, tractors marching on Ginza streets

As I've often written on this website, it seems next to impossible for the Americans to revolutionize their way of viewing things in a Copernican way unless a majority of voting age population realize in time for the Election of November 6, 2012 that Congressman Ron Paul is the only person who can bring about real change, or someone volunteers to do away with any other President, physically. Some already claim that they have emancipated themselves from the U.S.-centric way of thinking, but that's too soon to be true.

Here's a question that may serve as an acid test for them: Do they know what TPP is? I think the best answer I can expect from them is that the acronym stands for the Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership. It's totally inconceivable that they know it's yet another unforgivable crime Obama has taken over from Bush. As long as they think TPP is someone else's problem, they remain prisoners of the broken Ptolemaic system.

Since its members, except the U.S., are all small countries (Peru, Chile, Malaysia, Brunei, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Vietnam,) if Japan is forced to agree to join in at the upcoming APEC 2012 summit meeting in Hawaii, the U.S. and Japan will account for 90% of the 10-country "free" trade block, GDP-wise. In other words, it's in fact a bilateral partnership between America and its Far Eastern satellite. As a result, the expanded TPP is going to be the third unequal treaty incompetent Japanese leaders have been coerced into signing since the Convention of Kanagawa of 1854. The last time we saw the signing of an almost unilateral deal here was when the 1960 revision of the Treaty of Mutual Cooperation and Security between the U.S. and Japan was countersigned by the undercover agent of the CIA under the guise of the Japanese Prime Minister.

According to the Boston Herald, Obama said in Michigan earlier this month that the new FTA between the U.S. and South Korea "will create 70,000 jobs and encourage international business partnerships [such as TPP]." As this retired businessman always says, jobs are something that you can't artificially create out of thin air. So, you must ask where Obama got the fuxxxng 70,000 employment opportunities, and how. Of course, the bandit has chiseled them from South Koreans with the help of his minion named Lee Myung-bak. Initially, the South Korean president was responding negatively to the solicitation from Washington. Ironically, though, Lee changed his mind on November 23 when North Korea launched a surprise attack on the South Korean islet of Yeonpyeong. It looks as though there was a conspiracy between the CIA and Kim Jong-il. Anything goes for the Americans inside this "arc of freedom and prosperity."

Actually, Lee has been facing a lot of protests back home. The South Korean people are not so effete as the Japanese. And yet, they failed to stop Lee from being red-carpeted in Washington. The reason they failed is because the Republic of Korea, or any other modern nation state for that matter, is impregnable enough to withstand a popular uprising or two.

This is also evident from the fact the Occupy Wall Street movement which has spilled over to other U.S. cities seems to be getting nowhere. You can't change anything just by playing tag or hide-and-seek with cops, while remaining the same immature person. If you look at this YouTube video uploaded on October 25, you can tell that no one in the "Occupy Oakland" rally knew exactly what he was protesting against, and small wonder, no one was risking his life, either. Who would, when the goal isn't specifically defined? One of my friends said it looks as though they were playing football or something like that.

If you don't want to believe me, wash your eyes and take a sober look at what's going on in China.

Ten years ago, an influential Sinologist in the U.S., who is virtually on the payroll of Washington, predicted that the collapse of China was only a matter of time. That's quite OK with me because anyone has the right to gamble on how things will unfold in an uncertain world like this one. Even so it's a pity he has failed thus far to learn his lessons from the fact that the Chinese government has not only withstood an estimated 50,000-100,000 riots, civil commotions and strikes taking place every year but also learned to leverage these insurgencies in many ways. Now it seems to have acquired mastery of distracting people's attention from the real implication of these local conflicts by localizing and trivializing them. Also the Chinese government knows very well how to "degass" dissidents, insurgents and strikers to effectively neutralize them.

By contrast, Japan's Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda has no such headache because his people, except the doubly colonized Okinawans, have long lost their vigor to stand up against the government. If they still show some vital signs, that is simply because the Americans have no guts to pull the plug on the dying people. The last time we saw them standing up against their government in a major way was 1960 when the revision of the security treaty was signed. In this respect, Noda is the envy of Lee Myun-bak and Hu Jintao.

The 2-month-old Noda administration, along with the mainstream and alternative media, has been repeatedly parroting the same fallacies about TPP with the help from the prompters in Washington. These guys are confident that the modus operandi of Joseph Goebbels will still work in this country. The Prime Minister just insists he sees a positive trade-off between pros and cons to be entailed in Japan's participation in TPP, without being able to specifically identify them. Now the national mantra goes: "We should follow suit with South Korea because otherwise we would be left behind." Incidentally, Naoto Kan, Noda's predecessor as Prime Minister, thought it's going to be
平成の開国 (Heisei-no Kaikoku,) or the opening up of the country under the reign of the incumbent Emperor. He was implying that Japan should do the same thing Emperor Mutsuhito, grandfather of the super Class-A war criminal, did in the 1860s with the help of some feudal lords.

As someone has once put it, the Japanese have long been "emasculated by cheap entertainment." So, we haven't seen any sign of a massive revolt on the eve of Japan's forced participation in TPP. Needless to say farmers are keenly aware that they will be most directly affected. And yet, all we have seen here are sporadic rallies staged by the headquarters of Japan Agricultural Cooperatives and its local chapters. They all have lacked impact because there is no sign of spontaneity and zeal on the part of the folks mobilized to take part in neatly organized demonstrations. The only thing that has impressed me thus far was an incident where a couple of farmers drove their tractors through Ginza streets of central Tokyo.

When it comes to the chattering classes, Takeshi Nakano, a young associate professor at Kyoto University, is the only person who has voiced his grave concern over Japan's participation. The former bureaucrat at the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry has repeatedly warned that the extremely credulous Japanese people should know everything the government and the media are saying is a downright lie. He also points out that there are a lot of traps that these liars have never mentioned, such as the "ratchet clause" and "ISD clause," which are most probably included in the expanded TPP agreement.

If you are serious about knowing the truth about the U.S.-Japanese alliance, I recommend you install an audio translation software in your computer and listen to Nakano's 3-part lecture. You may think he is fooling around in his videos, but actually he is totally at a loss over how to wake up his students from the hypnotic state. At the end of the last video, Nakano even hints that he can't really rule out the possibility that the CIA may send him an assassin. As I have already told you, Ichiro Ozawa, former head of the ruling Democratic Party of Japan, has already fallen victim to the "character assassination" attempted by the puppets of the CIA such as the media, corrupt public prosecutors and judges.

I hope I was able to add something to your knowledge about TPP, but that is far from enough; your sense of sympathy won't make a bit of difference until you fully internalize it. If you fail to internalize our heartache, your words of sympathy remain a lip service because still you are a believer in the imaginary Ptolemaic system. We've already heard the nice words about "resetting the past" a thousand times from Obama as if the past can be reset unilaterally. Instead, the idiot in the White House should have told the American people something like this:

"Each American individual should feel obliged to redress all the distress Asian people have suffered, and still are suffering in many ways simply because of the Ptolemaic way of thinking on the part of yourselves, your parents and grandparents."

More specifically, each one of you should do your best so Ron Paul can win the Election 2012. According to my calculation, if the Congressman wins the GOP primaries and caucuses, he will still have to have support from some 75 million voters in November on the assumption that the voter turnout remains unchanged from 2008. To put it bluntly, someone should assassinate the new President if you fail to send Ron Paul to the White House. From an Asian point of view, your inaction will amount to a crime.

I am not blindly idolizing Ron Paul, however. He is absolutely right in saying the interventionist policy is financially unsustainable. But we Asian people cannot necessarily relate to his moral values which stem from Christianity and the U.S. Constitution. For one thing, he doesn't give us his answer to this hypothetical question: "What if the interventionist policy were still financially sustainable?" In this respect, let me quote Chalmers Johnson once again. He said, "[Interventionism] is a suicide option because it's not only morally obscene but fiscally unsustainable." I can't agree more.

One last thing: I'm not saying Americans, alone, are at fault. We victims are also responsible for our sufferings in the past centuries. With this in mind, I am taking care of my fellow countrymen as much as I can.

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