ELECTION 2012: a Japanese Point of View

Monday, October 31 2011 @ 08:33 PM JST

Contributed by: Y.Yamamoto

Ron Paul's 82% landslide at the Iowa Straw Poll on October 29 was really an encouraging news. One of the few American friends of mine thinks still we can't be so optimistic because vote-rigging is commonplace in the U.S. Maybe he is right. But even so, the direction of the wind cannot be rigged, either, at the National Convention to be held in early September in Florida. If I understand it correctly, votes are also counted manually, or semi-manually there.

Once Ron Paul gets nominated as the Republican candidate, I think low-tech things should apply to the rest of the process toward change. If there are signs that the tally and tabulation were manipulated, electronically or not, these street protesters should storm the ballot-counting station, or wherever it is. Or better yet, they should demand, in advance, thorough transparency from every Board of Elections. Only then can they specifically identify the real target of their protests for the first time.

A guy named Doyle McManus wrote: "A successful revolution continues to be low-tech and still requires people to go into the streets and risk their lives." I don't know if the Los Angeles Times writer knew what he was talking about, but it's too soon to give it all up before you shed a single drop of blood, or sweat a lot.

I still don't believe the American voters are stupid enough to pick one of these apes, let alone reelect the incumbent liar, as their next leader. Or, am I wrong?

As I wrote in my Oct. 20 post, it's the last chance for the American people. Now is the time to drop the mask of cheap cynicism they have been wearing for many years to justify their inaction.

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