Mentally-Stunted Americans Getting Increasingly Bogged down in Self-Denial

Monday, November 14 2011 @ 05:03 AM JST

Contributed by: Y.Yamamoto

I am contented with myself - what I have been and what I have done throughout these 76 years mostly spent in this terminally-ill country. I am also proud of my Japanese friends who have made my troubled life worth living or more tolerable. Without their help, I would have lost my sense of self-esteem long time ago.

It is for this reason that I don't care too much about how my estranged American friends label me. Some of them implicitly say this blogger should not be taken seriously because he keeps advocating a crazy idea that the Treaty of Mutual Cooperation and Security between the United States and Japan should be terminated immediately. Some others explicitly say he is nothing but an old cranky negativist.

Believe it or not, throughout my life I haven't learned anything through gratification. I am a person who can learn things only through humiliation. Therefore, please feel free to call me names. I won't feel insulted if you address me as Jap or psycho. Instead, I will appreciate your frankness as long as you abide by these Rules for Posting.

When I wrote here that I wanted you to refrain from throwing eggs at me or among each other, I didn't mean that I would appreciate all these cajoleries. Americans often address me as "a respectable person from the respectable country." Every time you say these words, I am really pissed off as if you called me Jap because you are talking to one of those docile colonials of the American Empire who never says what you don't want to hear. Either of us can learn nothing from the exchange of such nice words. Besides, unlike many other Japs, I devoted most of my adulthood to the cause of the independence of my country of birth in one way or the other.

What I really meant by the word "eggs" was non sequitor.

I believe that the bilateral security treaty is illegitimate simply because it was signed between Dwight Eisenhower and an undercover agent of CIA disguised as the Japanese Prime Minister. Also I believe that the U.S. President should send his Japanese counterpart a termination notice ASAP, unilaterally invoking its Article 10 because it's totally unimaginable that the neotenized Japanese take the initiative in leaving the rotten relationship before the inevitable demise of the U.S. Now let's assume you said, "I see your point, and yet, I want Japan to remain the cornerstone of the East Asia policy of the U.S. until death do us part." Then, I would say, "Your way of thinking is logically inconsistent." When you said the same thing for the second time still without giving a logical reason, you would deserve an derogatory appellation such as "an idiot" or any other un-PC name. And if you came back once again to say the same silly thing, I would be inclined to use even more inflammatory words.

Another example: When the President of the United States said, not for the first time, to the effect that the FTA with South Korea is going to be a win-win deal, he was actually inviting racial slurs, at least from my website. This also made America a downright rogue nation.

Perhaps, you wonder what underlies my extraordinarily nonchalant attitude toward political correctness. I think it may help you figure it out if you know I am an avowed Buddhism fundamentalist. Of course, you Americans will never understand the tenets of Gautama Buddha because you have already been fed a lot of exoticism, mystification and many other distortions about Buddhism. Take the Sanskrit word "Satya" or
諦観 in Japanese for example. Actually it simply means looking at the truth as it is, not the truth as it should be, it will be, or it used to be. But your Japanese friends have taught you that the word signifies the feeling of resignation with which the average Japanese accepts things as they are, i.e. status quo. No wonder the American people have no sense of guilt over what they have done, and they will do, to the Japanese and other Asians.

Another teaching of Buddha which is always misinterpreted by the Americans is
色即是空・空即是色. Normally it is translated into English as "Form is emptiness, and emptiness is form." To make it easier for the Americans with their brains fatally impaired, I have once translated these words like this: "Nothing really matters." Now they say they've got the idea, but wait; they haven't, and perhaps will never. Take racial bias for example. When I say, "Ethnicity doesn't matter," most Americans hear me saying, "All ethnic groups should be treated equally and given equal rights and opportunities." But this is an auditory hallucination particular to the contemporary Americans because actually I mean ethnicity doesn't matter, no more, no less.

This is my part of the story.

It used to puzzle me why on earth all these educated Americans remain so immature that they are extremely vulnerable to verbal abuse especially from this part of the globe while on the other hand acting like rogues who are so insensitive about hurting the Japanese and other Asian peoples not only with their words but also with their deeds.

A couple of weeks ago, one of my American friends - thank God I still have some - passed me a joke about the inner conflict of Obama together with the link to an article on a Srilankan daily titled Obama Supports Lynching Africans in Libya. The joke goes like this:

White Obama: Damn them nixxxrs! Kill 'em all, boys!
Black Obama: No, no, don't, don't, .... well, just this one time. But that's it!
White Obama: Shut up, nixxxr! I'm in charge here!
Black Obama: OK, massa. I'zzzza gonna be quiet. I'zzzza quiet. Yes'm boss. I'zzzza sayin' nothin'.

From a Buddhist's point of view, this is funny but not really laughable because this tells the tragic story about inner conflict of not only Obama but also many other black, white, yellow and brown Americans who think the joke is tasteless.

As was true with Adolf Hitler, who is believed to have been 50% Jew, this sort of inner conflict always starts when one fails to overcome his identity crisis and inevitably ends up with a burning desire to punish himself. And when he projects it outward, instead of destroying himself, he will kill wrong ones, endlessly. The worst part of the self-hatred projected toward someone else is the fact that the underlying problem will never be solved even after the rampage. In comparison, a sound and straightforward hater is more benign because he stops when his enemy, or himself, is eliminated.

The Chen family in the early 1970s
In this connection, I can't pass up talking about my respectable friend Lara, Chen Tien-shi. She is 100% ethnic Chinese, but technically speaking, she has been a Japanese national since 2005. When I first read her book titled Stateless, which is actually an autobiography, I was touched by Lara's story about how she overcame her identity crisis as she grew mature. But at the same time, I was struck by her impeccable honesty. As a self-proclaimed expert in lie detection, I know the author is not lying to us because she gives every chronological detail about exactly where and when she and her parents were born, and exactly how they grew up. If she had wanted to hold back something that didn't support her ethnological arguments, she would have tried to gloss over, or simply suppress, certain parts of her bio to make her thoughts look coherent. As we all know, that is what self-denying American authors often do, most typically with respect to what they were doing or avoided doing in the days of the Vietnam War.

This past weekend, the yellow idiot (See NOTE 1) named Yoshihiko Noda went to Honolulu to kiss someone's ass (See NOTE 2) on the sideline of APEC 2011 summit meeting. It's an irony that he expressed to his black boss his willingness to join the "preparatory" talks for an expanded Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership in the year that marks the 100th anniversary of Japan's restoration of its tariff autonomy 57 years after the Convention of Kanagawa was signed. But the removal of tariff barriers is only part of TPP. There are much more poisonous provisions to be included in the agreement. For one thing, ISDS (Investor State Dispute Settlement) clause, alone, will be the final blow to the already nominal sovereignty of this nation.

NOTE 1: I borrowed the word from leading independent daily Nikkan Gendai. If it's politically incorrect, it's not my fault.
NOTE 2: According to informed sources, including Takeshi Nakano, Associate Professor at Kyoto University, an internal document in the Foreign Ministry specifies four purposes of joining TPP. Purpose No. 1: To give Mr. Obama a boost for reelection.

In this essay, I stopped short of mentioning specific American names because at present our discussions on the web are all subjected to the trans-Pacific mechanisms for fastidious censorship and arbitrary arbitration. So I'zzzza quiet for now.

One last thing: I think sooner rather than later, an infant child will innocently start to shout out, "Dad, the king wears no clothes!"

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