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A Long Way to Go from Wall Street to 52nd Street at the Corner of 6th Avenue

CBS Building located on
6th Av., NYC
Take a look at this video. Perhaps you don't like the obtrusive way this person named Alex Jones presents his news stories. Neither do I. Whether you like him or not, however, he is one of the very few reporters who have shown the courage to reveal the fact that on November 12, CBS manipulated the results of its poll taken after a debate among Republican candidates.

Now it looks as though the entire nation is so panic-stricken in the face of the looming Armageddon that the American people have started to think they would be better off settling for the status quo. This is the only way to explain why they don't care too much about the news that Ron Paul's bid for the presidency is now going to be aborted by the media criminals amid the race for the Republican Presidential nomination. Needless to say, this will make Obama a shoe-in for his second term as U.S. President.

You may wonder where all the protesters in Wall Street have gone? Don't worry; these occupiers are doing a good job for Obama exactly in the same way the millions of Red Guards did for Mao Zedong in the era of the Great Cultural Revolution, misled by his tricky words (造反有理) that literally meant protests against authority were always encouraged. If you bother to look at the muddled words in the Liberty Square Blueprint or the 99% Declaration, you will see what I am talking about.

From a Northeast Asian's point of view, it's an overwhelming fear of change being felt across the nation, even among street occupiers, that underlies the current situation in the U.S., where election frauds are commonplace and always go unchecked. This is quite understandable. Any being, living or not, does its best to resist change. Isaac Newton called it inertia. But that does not mean you can never overcome your sense of constantly being threatened if you are not yet done for.

The only way out of the crisis is to FACE THE REALITY, wiping out all the influence of indoctrination you have been exposed to in the past. Sounds familiar? Sorry to say, however, I haven't met a single American who knows what exactly these three words mean. Actually it involves two separate steps.

STEP 1: Stop parroting what your friend says is at issue and select your own concern or two, if only tentatively. Remember the basics of dialectical reasoning; it says the standard answer to a question is already given in the way it is posed.

What issues did you come up with? The unemployment rate which has long plateaued at 9% level? Or the widening income gap that is supposedly leading to an all-out class warfare? If you think the President, or anyone else for that matter, can create jobs out of thin air, or measures for income redistribution through taxes or social welfare programs can redress widespread injustice, your brain has been irreparably damaged.

Or is it conspiracies by the secret cabal which have allegedly resulted in the never-ending war on terror or other consequences such as Patriot Act? How stupid! Can you tell me what is NOT a conspiracy, by any chance? If you can't, you have to admit these conspiracies created by fringe theorists with the help of mainstream ideologues are more or less delusive and totally irrelevant to the reality of the 21st century. Although they haven't realized it yet, the Americans have already been deprived of the privilege to decide what is important, and what is not, to the rest of the world.

They are all false issues, or at most, the consequences of mishandling of the real issues. I have an impression that the members of the now-famous 99-Percent Club, who are allegedly suffering plight, are, in fact, suffering from a severe mental illness symptomized by the inability to think using their own brains.

You shouldn't invent the wheel by yourself, however. This is no time to look around for fancy ideas all anew because what's lacking right now is something else. Fortunately, Congressman Ron Paul has already articulated where to find the real issues facing America and how to possibly fix them. You just pick some of them which you think are most relevant to you.

From a Northeast Asian's point of view, the single most important issue identified for us by Ron Paul is the one with the 700-plus military bases the United States maintains in more than 150 countries in the world when it is on the verge of bankruptcy. Don't take me wrong, however. I have never idolized or deified the Congressman. The only thing that matters is the fact that he is the only person who points out U.S. monetary policy is deeply flawed and its foreign policy is morally obscene and fiscally unsustainable.

STEP 2: When you are through with the first step, try to INTERNALIZE the issue you have identified as most relevant to you. If you find out you can't really relate to it, return to the previous step because you have made a wrong selection there. Someone else's problem does not affect your life so profoundly as to require a tailor-made solution.

For more than half a century, the American people have played the role of busybodies all over the world. As a result, they have lost the faculty for internalizing things, something that distinguishes human beings from apes. To most Americans today, it's always someone else's problem. That is why they didn't take any action when CBS cheated on the poll results. They may have said, "Sigh! That's a shame," but that's it. It's as though the unscrupulous crime is being committed in a faraway country. The only exceptions are homeless, jobless or penniless people. Unfortunately, though, these social outcasts normally do not know how to re-externalize what they have internalized.

The way of committing oneself to the selected cause should vary from one individual to another. But at any rate, the time for words is all over now. For the part of Ron Paul's campaign offices, they don't have to recruit additional preachers because their preaching unit is already overstaffed. Appallingly, though, it hasn't crossed their mind that they are badly in need of first-line troops, i.e. doers. They should know that they can never overpower the Newtonian inertia just with words.

By the same token, street protesters should know the time for a picnic, an open-air (empty) skull session or a football game against the squad from the NYPD or OPD has come to an end. Now is the time for real actions, such as occupying 52nd Street at the corner of 6th Avenue where the CBS Headquarters is located.

Let's face it; street protesters and Ron Paul's camp should seek a way to synergize their efforts to make the Congressman really electable. Or do you still believe the black Mao can walk on the water like Messiah? ·

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A Long Way from Wall Street to 52nd Street at the Corner of 6th Avenue
Authored by: samwidge on Thursday, November 24 2011 @ 05:21 PM JST

The fellow in the video is as unprofessional as they come. I am not familiar with Mr. Jones but clearly his presentation should be cleaned up. He is correct however in that the public does not understand election issues. His other accusations and characterizations are singularly unconvincing. You and I agree that modern media is absurdly untrustworthy. This is the worst case at attempted manipulation of opinion that I have observed. Mr. Jones seems to try to imitate Rush Limbaugh but he just does not have the integrity or skill to convince.

I suspect that any truth in his video is incidental. Here in Montana, people simply do not know about Ron Paul. My guess is that he cannot win though it is very hard to measure citizen understanding. If somehow Paul does win, it will be because of the Internet and the curiosity of quiet citizens who do their own research. Other media are indeed ignoring him. I think that media has been successful in directing votes away from Ron Paul.

Well... I might be very wrong and I hope I am. We no longer discuss politics openly unless we are Democrats. You get me to thinking about the possibility of a kind of Conservative underground.

If I understand correctly, you have seen media diversion in Japanese politics. Have you seen evidence of an underground voting block in backlash?

You are correct that we Americans have an immense fear of change. We have been herded blindly. There is a lot to it. I once worked for a CBS Radio affiliate and was amazed to discover the anti-Arab and anti-Conservative bias there. That would be your proof of a special kind of fraud at least during the time of my own career. CBS was aggressive in promoting the Israeli interests and maligning anything that might oppose or question.

The resultant attitude is overwhelming. I was recently asked to give money to Israeli orphans. (Wealthy Israel allegedly receives more foreign aid than all other African nations combined.) I replied that I would give money only on the condition that such money would go equally to Israelis and Palestinians. Suddenly I began losing friends. The attitude is downright crazy and cruel.

Some things are quite telling. An intelligent and respected friend looked at me innocently and asked, "Do you think the country is doomed?" I think plenty of people are starting to ask that question today.
A Long Way from Wall Street to 52nd Street at the Corner of 6th Avenue
Authored by: Diogenes on Friday, November 25 2011 @ 09:30 AM JST
Like most modern societies, the concept of participation in government is nearly wiped from the list of possibilities of most people. In this country, the people view the government as a separate entity that is divorced from their lives. It is inconceivable to them to think that they can cause any effect on how the government treats them. And, too, the total corruption of nearly every government and private organization reinforces that feeling of impotence. Recently, there was talk in Congress that the government pensions and healthcare benefits must be cut. And no longer were they described as benefit plans that people had paid into for 35 or 40 years, but described in new demeaning words like "entitlements." That kind of thinking could be transferred to life insurance plans. "Who do you think you are, demanding your payment for you husbands death benefits?"

We witnessed this open corruption in a private organization known as the AARP, which is supposed to be looking out for the interests of older Americans. The head of that organization, after hearing of these proposed cuts to benefits, stated that older Americans need to buck up and accept that cuts to benefits are beneficial to the country. That organization must have been bombarded with mail demanding the head of that idiot, because in a matter of days, he was out challenging Congress that if they even came close to touching these benefits, they would not be elected or re-elected.

Now if only we could get that kind of response to Ron Paul the world could finally get a full night's rest. Assuming that Ron Paul does become the Republican candidate and gets elected, he'd better have superior personal protection because he will have a target on his back from the traitors that don't want to accept his ideas of change.
A Long Way to Go from Wall Street to 52nd Street at the Corner of 6th Avenue
Authored by: Y.Yamamoto on Saturday, November 26 2011 @ 04:35 AM JST

I am afraid Diogenes is right about what would happen if and when Ron Paul could somehow make his way to the White House. As I pointed out HERE, he would most probably be crucified on a cross, in one way or the other.

Yet, that would certainly wake up the American people to the reality with their doomed country, and some unpredictable thing will happen, be it Civil War II or the long-awaited American Revolution.

Yu Yamamoto