Sick and Tired of Getting Told What to Do by American Apes

Tuesday, February 07 2012 @ 03:05 PM JST

Contributed by: Y.Yamamoto

Weeks before the Iowa caucuses of January 3, I started working on a new post. The essay was something to be titled: The Imminent Collapse of the Evil American Empire and Its Implication for Homeland U.S.

It still remains so; I'm going to elaborate on Gerald Celente's prediction for 2012. Celente is a "trend forecaster" with a proven track record. Unlike other crisis-mongering prophets in the U.S., he has a crystal ball that isn't clouded with any half-baked ideology.

I knew from the beginning that it was going to be another unrewarding and futile effort to try to convince Americans that their rogue country is doomed to failure in the near future in one way or the other. They show no signs yet that they are going to wake up from the broken American dream anytime soon. That was quite OK with me because basically it's none of my business how disgraceful they will look when exiting from the center stage of history. The only thing I wanted them to understand is that the rest of the world, especially we Northeast Asians, will be much better off without these highly-educated apes telling us what to do all the time.

But I soon hit the wall when I realized that I'd underestimated the severity of the damage incurred to the brains of the Americans as a result of the intellectual vacuum created by the chattering classes in the U.S., both in the mainstream and fringe. I shouldn't have expected that these people who have difficulty understanding America's march toward its total disintegration is irreversible now can envisage a better world after they perish.

Judging from the people I've taken a look and listen at on YouTube videos and related articles, it was evident that the logical deductions I was drawing from my meticulous analysis would be way beyond their comprehension. All along I was aware that I was standing up against the same wall that stands in the way of Texas Congressman Ron Paul. The intellectual barrier is almost impenetrable.

Most political analysts in the U.S. are totally incapable of analyzing politics, or anything else for that matter. They are stupid enough to arbitrarily single out a foreign regime they want their government to destroy and talk about the demise of that country so lightly as if it's a well-deserved heaven's punishment. But my approach is 180-degrees different. To me, a nation's collapse is not a punishment, but a reward which is the only way to enable real change.

On January 26, I was studying the full text of Obama's December 14 address at Fort Bragg in which the smooth-talking mythomaniac solemnly declared the end of the Iraq War. As usual his wordy speech came down to the same old fallacy that all heinous crimes his country has committed in the last 100 years since Woodrow Wilson can be whitewashed by his magic word "reset."

By now, however, I'm so used to the cheap trick by the Kenyan monkey, that I didn't find the Fort Bragg transcript particularly sickening. Instead I was overwhelmed by a renewed disgust and outrage when I conjured up the names and faces of Americans who still self-righteously insist that it was not their fault to have sent the black ape to the White House in 2008. By the same token, they have already made it clear that they won't take the blame if a white Obama such as Mitt Romney is elected the 45th U.S. President. To them it's always someone else's problem; they are never at fault for the unstoppable decline of their own country.

They may not have directly voted for Obama, but the majority of their community members certainly did - be it their kin, friends, workplace colleagues, business partners, authors of the books they read, or readers of the books they authored. As long as they stay with the same community, they are defenders of status quo. As Ron Paul has repeatedly pointed out, "the government is a reflection of the people" and it's never the other way around.

Actually these defeatists are using their support for Ron Paul as an alibi for the total inaction resulting from their physical cowardice, mental inertia and self-complacency. And exactly what are they doing to promote the libertarian cause? They do practically nothing but chanting empty slogans against the media and political establishment. The best they can do is to donate some bucks. It's as though they think they can buy civil liberties for $20.

It's because of all this that soon after I was through with Obama's hogwash on the afternoon of January 26, things suddenly started whirling around me and I collapsed into the pool of my own vomit. I somehow dialed 119, Japan's equivalent of 911. I was ambulanced into the emergency room of a nearby hospital. Although the CT Scan showed no signs of a cerebral hemorrhage yet, the doc warned it can start anytime soon because the systolic reading of my blood pressure had shot up to an astronomical 240 mm Hg, far beyond the threshold value for "Hypertensive Crisis" (180 mm Hg.) But I thought in delirium that this wasn't the right way to put an end to my life. Besides, I'm medically uncovered and financially broke. I refused to stay on in the hospital and came home late at night by taxi. One of the things I thought about doing on my way home was to finish the essay.

Two days later I could barely afford to purchase a Digital Blood Pressure Monitor of Citizen Systems at the price of 4,980 yen. Since then I have been keeping the graphical records of pressure reading at the interval of 4-5 hours. By now I know for sure that stress is the single most important factor of the volatile fluctuation of my blood pressure.

Yesterday morning I was talking to an American hag in what may have been a dream. She was the literary agent who pissed me off four years ago when she said, though in a roundabout way, that my argument about the unviable Japan wasn't worth a buck because it was way too heretical. It was obvious that her role was to keep harmful ideas from abroad at bay. Now the same bitch was saying the same thing about my idea of the unviable America. When I woke up from the bad dream, I found out the systolic reading had shot up to the same level recorded when I collapsed two weeks earlier. (See above photo.)

In the meantime, I resumed my writing at the point where I had been forced to stop. Braving the risk of the rupture of the cerebral blood vessel, I once again asked myself: "Is it realistic to expect American idiots to really understand the libertarian cause of Ron Paul?" His "electability" solely hinges on the answer to this question.

It looks as though the Texas Congressman is recently inclined to refer to the revolution he advocates as an "Intellectual Revolution." In this context, it's a pity that he had to settle for Doug Wead as Senior Adviser to his campaign headquarters. Needless to say, you can't expect a mere mercenary like him to spearhead an Intellectual Revolution.

Maybe Wead is skillful at organizing fundraising activity. But most of the time he is wasting the money he has collected from donors by running pointless ads to counter the accusations that Ron Paul is a racist, gay-hater, "9/11 truther," or what not. By doing so, he has played into the hands of the media and political establishment. Wead is too dim-witted to understand these allegations are all red herrings to sidetrack the campaign issue. The Senior Adviser should know his boss is a man of principle and has never been a man of ideology. In other words, the presidential candidate from Texas is neither a truth-seeker nor a truth-evader; he is a truth-doer.

The Senior Adviser has certainly helped build momentum especially among young supporters. But that's far from enough. It's evident from the striking resemblance between young supporters of Ron Paul today and the members of the Obama cult four years ago that these youngsters are totally clueless about the Intellectual Revolution.

Worse yet, older supporters are no different: they are equally immature and intellectually impaired. Wasting no time these bastards bookmarked the notion of the Intellectual Revolution simply because it seems to assure them of a fairy tale about peaceful and bloodless transformation of society. They want to look away from the historical fact that no real change has been achieved without costing the life of an advocate of nonviolent revolution such as Mahatma Gandhi or Martin Luther King, Jr. This is basically why these effete people keep saying in feigned resignation that elections in the U.S. are all rigged and there's nothing they can do to rectify the situation.

Even so, relatively sane Americans are now making a big fuss over NDAA 2012, SOPA and some other police state measures. To be honest with you, however, I don't quite understand what good it would do to preserve civil liberties which have already been hollowed out by now. American people should understand it's none other than themselves who have been brainless and spineless enough to voluntarily relinquish their personal liberties by virtue of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Civil liberty is not a value in itself. It's nothing but an enabler of real change.

This is, however, not to say Ron Paul was wrong when he said, "[With the passage of the bill for NDAA 2012] we have crossed the Rubicon towards empire and tyranny." Actually the last (or second last) emperor unwittingly signed the death warrant for his empire as the self-appointed guardian of justice and freedom for the entire world. 2011 will be remembered as the year the American Empire finally lost its moral authority, totally, for good, and even retroactively, to crusade, and to have crusaded, around the world for the false cause of "democracy."

By now we Northeast Asians are sick and tired of getting pushed around by the world's most despicable species named Americans. I still want to see Ron Paul nominated in August, win the Elections in November and somehow escape a likely attempt of his assassination in the year that marks the 50th anniversary of the JFK incident. Then we will see all the U.S. military personnel belatedly getting repatriated from 130-plus countries around the world including my country of birth.

I'm not sure, but if I'm still around until then, I will most probably resume blogging without having to worry about my blood pressure. But for now, I will have to suspend my blog activity to forget about the chicken-hearted American idiots flinching in the face of their moment of truth. That seems to be the only way to stabilize my blood pressure. All I can do in the meantime is to upload a new post every now and then by "cannibalizing" some of my own essays which still get stuck in the pipeline for the same reason.

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