Americans are more than 66.7% through; there's no turning back for them anymore

Sunday, April 15 2012 @ 03:35 PM JST

Contributed by: Y.Yamamoto

This is your last chance. After this there is no turning back. You take the blue pill, the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.
- From "The Matrix"

Regardless of the color American
voters choose in November, their
nation is doomed to failure because
these pills are all hallucinogenic
in one way or the other
I've deliberately started off with the famous line from the 1999 U.S. film targeted at intellectually-impaired movie-goers, because I know that is the best way to explain my "3-Step Theory" to the predominantly American audience of my blog.

I want you to keep in mind, however, that an allegory is an allegory. It can never be closely analogous to reality. The reason I use the Matrix analogy, nonetheless, will be explained paragraphs later.

Around the turn of the century, it became something of a fad among American political "analysts," who can't actually analyze a thing, to discuss the fate of "authoritarian" regimes, e.g. China, North Korea, or Iraq under Saddam Hussein. The covert role given to these guys who were virtually on the payroll of Washington was to single out a particularly vulnerable regime and pronounce it dead or doomed as if it would still make sense to talk about the fate of the nation tearing it away from the context of ever-expanding symbiosis with other economies. These de facto contractors of U.S. Department of State have since devoted themselves to clearing the way for America's future expeditions for nation building. Small wonder they have talked about the collapse of a country so lightly as if to say it's a due punishment for embracing a wrong ideology. Contrary to their absurd argument, however, the demise of an old regime is a blessing because it is the only enabler of real change.

From my point of view, the collapse of a country is not a laughing matter for the people living there, and therefore, it's an impermissibly distasteful thing to talk about it without a theory, or at least a methodical approach, in place of a mere opportunism.

Although my proprietary collapse theory still remains a little too empirical, it says when a civilization falls apart, it always goes through three distinctive stages. These steps often overlap each other, but the first sign of nation's decline always shows when an intellectual bubble forms. In the second stage, we see an economic bubble follow the burst of the first bubble. The final stage is characterized by the disintegration of society resulting from a total moral erosion.

It seems to me that in the U.S. the first bubble started to form around the time the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was enacted. Not that the particular legislation signed by Lyndon B. Johnson changed the mental attitudes of the American people. People tend to turn the causal relationship upside down, but actually it's the other way around: the mindset prevalent among voters who elected Lyndon B. Johnson to be the Vice President of the Kennedy Administration has resulted in America's intellectual decline. Ron Paul once said, "The government is a reflection of the people." This seems a truism, but the Texas Congressman actually wanted to stress that it can never be the other way around.

There is no such thing as a bubble that never blows up. I theorize that the American intellectual bubble burst sometime around the turn of the century, leaving a huge intellectual vacuum behind. More specifically, it roughly coincided with 9/11. To me, therefore, it's no accident that poorly-supported prophecies about "rogue" countries started flooding bookstores in the U.S. a decade or so ago. But once again, this is not to say the spectacular event that happened on the morning of 9/11 triggered the burst of America's intellectual bubble. On the contrary, it's the rapid intellectual erosion in the U.S. that invited the collapse of the World Trade Center Buildings.

This sequence of the two events, which is often referred to by the CIA as a blowback, rightly or not, would be confirmed once again when those anti-Semite fanatics who called themselves conspiracy theorists were spawned from every corner of the country soon after 9/11. At a glance, these guys, also known as fringe theorists, have brought a new paradigm in the American way of thinking. From the beginning they have insisted that they don't take for granted anything they hear from the chattering classes in the mainstream. But if you listen to them more carefully, you will notice that fringe theorists have one important thing in common with mainstream ideologues. They do take for granted the absurd assumption that the world can never be the same again after 9/11. Actually, none of these conspiracy theories deserve to be called theories in the first place. There's no denying that the mainstream chattering classes created the intellectual bubble, but it is also true fringe theorists have been magnifying it as if to expedite its burst.

It is true that the Americans today still shape pretty much like human beings. They can even speak a language similar to the one Thomas Jefferson was using two centuries ago. And although they can still form visual perceptions like any other creature, they can no longer conceptualize, or "crystallize" what they see. For this reason, I hypothesize that for most Americans, the frontal cortex has now been irreparably damaged as a result of the constant exposure to the intellectual bubble.

One case in point here is the recent allegation made against Ron Paul. In a desperate attempt to block his message from getting through to voters, media and political establishment labeled the "kooky" old man a "9/11 truther." His campaign headquarters should have just ignored the accusation as totally irrelevant to the problems facing the country. But instead, Doug Wead, campaign's Senior Adviser opted to run an ad to prove it was baseless. That way, he played into the hands of the MSM and other GOP presidential candidates. As a result Dr. Paul had to suffer another costly setback. Actually, he is a man of principle, not a man of ideology. How can he be a truth-seeker, or a truth-denier, for that matter? The only thing he can be is a truth-doer.

As is the case with the Japanese who have long been brain-dead, Americans today respond to the given stimulus exactly in the same way Pavlov's dog does. They are 100% conditioned to seek the correct answers to given questions such as:

- Is Dr. Paul a truth-seeker?
- Is he an isolationist?
- Is he pro-life?
- Is he pro-drug?
- Is he a gay-hater?
- Is he a racist?
- How can his advocacy of self-reliance go with entitlement programs the poor can't live without?

The list of false questions goes on and on.

The average American knows which box to tick in answering every one of these all-too-familiar FAQs because he never asks himself his own questions such as, "Don't I have the right to prefer women to men?", "Is there anything wrong with feeling more comfortable when mixing with people from the same ethnic group I belong in?", etc. Take a look at this video of NBC-sponsored debate among Republican candidates. It's appalling to know that the former obstetrician has to give a lecture to the seemingly highly-educated moderator that "entitlements are not rights."

To borrow Peter F. Drucker's exquisite way of saying it as I always do, giving the correct answer to the wrong question is more harmful than giving a wrong answer to the right question. This is something that has never crossed the flyblown minds of contemporary Americans. As a result, they can't identify a single relevant issue anymore.

Although you don't want to admit it, most of you have seen the 1999 film The Matrix and subsequently taken a dose of the pill. It doesn't really matter which color you have chosen because both induce delusions. And that's exactly why these "debates" among those who are seeking GOP nomination have once again turned into a farce.

Over time their total inability of principled thinking has taken a devastating toll on the health of the U.S. economy, as well. In his 2008 book titled The Revolution, Ron Paul wrote: "Economic freedom and personal liberty are not divisible." For almost three decades by now he has also stressed that "money is not wealth." But very few have understood his advocacy of the free market economy. People have already lost track of what man's economic activity is all about. That is how the housing and financial bubble had formed and quickly grown until it blew up four years ago. The same thing happened in Japan in the 1970s through '80s.

In the face of the economic crisis, people were at a loss over where to find the real culprit of the economic woe, let alone how to counter it. Since they were totally out of their minds already, it never crossed their minds that it's none other than themselves who should take all the blame for the second bubble. It's appalling to know that they still think their lives which are way beyond their means are somehow sustainable for some more years. This was evident from the absurd notions about the battle between 99% and 1%, or Wall Street vs. Main Street. In the absence of an answer that clicked, self-styled protesters all went on a picnic in Wall Street. It's a pity that they are too empty-headed to understand rebels always develop a twisted sense of attachment to their foes as a French philosopher observed on the eve of the Algerian War (1954-62.)

Now the inevitable burst of the economic bubble has ushered in the final stage where the entire edifice is headed for its implosion. I already hear the American society crumbling everywhere.

I don't think I will have to tell you what happens when you became brainless and penniless at the same time. Simply put, now you are an effete and spineless egomaniac. You still cry out for justice and personal liberties, but your words never translate into real actions. In the face of the widespread election frauds and media bias, you self-righteously put all the blame on someone else.

These crybabies are untiringly giving paper-thin alibis for their inaction, physical cowardice, mental inertia and self-complacency. To that end they sometimes put on the mask of nonviolent revolutionaries and make believe Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr. achieved their goals without risking their own lives. These self-styled revolutionaries should know nonviolence is one thing and inaction is quite another.

Here's an undated video in which Andrew Napolitano, former New Jersey Supreme Court Judge, gives an enlightening and compelling speech before an audience of Salt Lake City. (I recommend that you skip the first 27 minutes because that part features yet another egocentric, self-important and self-righteous moron named Glenn Beck. His speech is full of shit.) Toward the end of the video, "Judge" Napolitano answers a question from the audience about the Declaration of Independence. He paraphrases a passage from the Declaration this way: "[It] says when the government fails to protect the natural rights of the people, it's their DUTY to alter or abolish it." Emphasis is his, not mine. But it is quite unlikely that brainless, penniless and spineless Americans hear the word on which the former judge places a particular emphasis. To them, rights are always welcome but no thank you for duties. Here I see an unmistakable sign that America's entire society has already started crumbling at its foundation.

This also brings us to the only valid question: What difference can an individual make to his country when it's started decomposing because of its "crony capitalism," also known as fascism?

I don't know the correct answer for the American people. They should be much better off answering the question about how to overturn the tyranny by majority, aka digital Maoism. Yet, I think it may be of some help for you to know what specific steps I have taken to the same end as a Japanese citizen. Ironically enough, I owe all my solutions described below to an American named Henry David Thoreau.

1. I have unsubscribed from all the outlets of mainstream and social media.
2. I boycott, as much as practicable, goods and services advertised on the TV and other promotion vehicles.
3. I have totally opted out of entitlement programs.
4. I'm refusing to pay some taxes and dues in an extra-legal but constitutional battle against the city hall. (Ron Paul says it's our inalienable right to keep the fruits of our labor. In the above-linked video, Napolitano even goes as far as to say: "Taxation is theft.")

I do suffer the consequences from my acts of civil disobedience. Especially it hurts to be medically uncovered when my life is threatened by psychosomatic disorders such as hypertension and constant worsening of chronic diseases such as Parkinsonism. But I know there is no such thing as a free lunch. If you don't want to suffer a bit, I suggest you immature crybabies drop your criticism against your government, right away and for good. You are 100% done for.

These are why I must conclude that Ron Paul's aspiration for the presidency will most probably be thwarted by none other than American voters.

This is, however, not to say the Ron Paul Factor is no longer there at work. I think the prediction made in 2008 by Gerald Celente, the "trend forecaster" with a proven track record, now branches out into two different scenarios as below:

CASE 1: Ron Paul can somehow make it to the White House, AND the U.S. military-industrial complex fails to murder him by the end of 2013, the year that falls on the 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination. Not a few people are speculating on the web that in 2013 President Paul would fall victim to a killer, and that he was well aware that he was volunteering to be a martyr when he announced his bold plan to cut the Federal budget by $1 trillion in his first year in office.

CASE 2: The black Obama or his white dummy becomes the 45th President of the United States, OR both President Paul and his Vice President, be it Napolitano or anyone else, get killed.

My Scenario 1 assumes that things unfold the way I define CASE 1. In his forecast, Celente said the year 2012 will see the collapse of the American Empire overseas without elaborating how it will happen. In my view, however, the transition to a liberated world will be a peaceful process in CASE 1 because Ron Paul has already made it clear that he would quickly move to bring home military and intelligence personnel currently stationed in roughly 150 countries all over the world. That way WWIII will be avoided on the premise that in the meantime Obama will have refrained from using a military conflict with Iran as his "October surprise."

To the best of my knowledge, Celente stopped short of mentioning the implication of the fall of the Empire for homeland U.S. Frankly, I can't rule out the possibility of the total disintegration of the United States of America because the country has already more than 66.7% collapsed. And yet, I am reasonably sure that President Paul will find a way to prevent Civil War II although some states and "unincorporated territories" may still secede from the United States. Dr. Paul is absolutely right when he says, "Liberty brings people together."

Some in the U.S. have been saying a "big awakening" is taking place across their nation. I doubt it. But it is true that the rest of the world is awakening. Mainland Japan is the only exception. That is why in Scenario 2 based on CASE 2 assumptions, I think it's highly likely that we see a full-fledged warfare between the world's worst rogue country named America and the rest of the world. Equally important, there's no way to avoid Civil War II under the Administration that represents the rotten status quo. I know most Americans insist that the domestic part of my Scenario 2 is way too counterintuitive. Why then did they take it seriously when the well-publicized book titled The Coming Collapse of China was released in 2001?

Admittedly, only God knows exactly what happens in the future. But there's one thing I'm quite certain about my Scenario 2. If the chicken-hearted American people let an assassin recruited by the establishment claim the lives of President Paul and his Vice President, a new breed of truth-seekers, wasting no time, will start talking about the conspiracy behind the assassination. The last thing they would do is to prevent it at the risk of their own lives. Let's face it, this is America.

Let me add something with respect to my Scenario 2. I am not quite sure which comes first, awakening on the part of the Americans or awakening on the part of other peoples. If the American people first wake up to reality (without taking a dose of the red or blue pill,) the implosion of homeland U.S., possibly through CWII, will trigger the collapse of the Empire from within, most probably without WWIII. And if other peoples wake up before the Americans, the collapse of the evil American Empire overseas most probably through WWIII will lead to the collapse of the United States of America with or without CWII.

I've noticed lately that as the tensions keep heightening over Iran's threat to close the Strait of Hormuz, not a few Americans have started fear-mongering about the imminent WWIII as if they are looking forward to a full-fledged warfare. Actually they almost fantasize about the sci-fi-like horror involved in it. On the other hand, they just brush aside the likelihood of CWII presumably because it's too real. They fear more than anything else that if they wake up first, they have to fight a bloody war with their compatriots. That is why they always assume a feigned resignation about the inevitable WWIII in the face of the moment of truth.

Another thing that makes them flinch at the idea of CWII much more than WWIII is the fact that unlike we Northeast Asians or Middle Easterners, most of the contemporary Americans haven't had a firsthand glimpse into real apocalypse in their lifetime. This is often true even with those in their 60s and 70s because surprisingly many of them dodged the draft in one way or another in the Vietnam era. Small wonder they don't have the slightest idea of what it is really like to suffer under the Armageddon and its long-lasting aftereffects. After all, the biggest humiliations they have experienced throughout their self-deceptive lives are nothing more than Pearl Harbor and 9/11. Now America is a country headed by a silver-tongued Kenyan monkey who still makes believe the U.S. can "reset" everything it has done to the rest of the world since the onset of the American Empire.

These days I have a mixed feeling every time I listen to a speech Ron Paul delivers at a campus rally or town hall meeting. On the one hand it's heartening to see a growing number of people coming around his cause of liberty, but on the other, the striking resemblance between his audience and those cultists who flocked around the black Messiah four year ago keeps bugging me.

As you already know, their favorite incantation is "End the FED." In fact, though, not a single Ron Paul supporter has ever come forward to suggest specific action plans to repeal the 17th Amendment and demolish the 99-year-old central bank. This indicates that these "Blue Republicans," and the white Omamas alike, have learned absolutely nothing in the last four years. I hear in the deafening cheers always erupting from the huge audience at Ron Paul rallies an unmistakable sound of the entire system crumbling. I don't really care where learning-disabled Americans are headed; it's none of my business. They really deserve their fate. Yet this is a bad news for me, too, because now it seems very likely that my country of birth remains a colony of the dying empire till death do them part.

But there is a good news, too.

What's crumbling now is nothing but the rubble of the old edifice. There's nothing to miss about it. If a small number of sane Americans realize it's not only useless but also harmful to return to the empty intellectual legacy from the Civil Rights Act of 1964, there still is a ray of hope. Chances are they can restore America's Founding Principles, before it is too late, following Dr. Paul's prescription for the Intellectual Revolution.

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