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Sequel to my post on Revolution Scam 2012

Top: Jesse Benton
Bottom: Doug Wead
In my previous post, I pointed out that what's going on around the U.S. presidential election is something more than just yet another leap-year farce. I called it Revolution Scam 2012. I don't think I was wrong.

But I wasn't quite right when I wrote the primary suspects are campaign spokesman Jesse Benton and senior adviser Doug Wead. Now I've learned Ron Paul himself is more responsible for the crime than these small fish are.

And yet, my way of thinking remains basically unchanged: where there are no potential dupes, there are no swindlers. That is where scam is fundamentally different from other types of crime. In this context, whatever happens to the American people, they deserve it.

Here's how I have found out more precise information about Revolution Scam 2012.

Over this past weekend, I was doing my video mining to find out what's going on at the Bilderberg Conference being held behind closed doors in Chantilly, Virginia.

Before hitting this one embedded above, in which Iraq war veteran and talk radio host Adam Kokesh interviews author and journalist Webster Tarpley in the neighborhood of the venue of the Bilderberg Conference 2012, I watched a dozen other related videos. One of them was an interview of obscure person who identifies himself as veteran journalist Jim Tucker by Alex Jones, one of the noisiest and most active conspiracy theorists. In this video Tucker tells Jones that his inside source eavesdropped "Bilderbergers" enthusiastically talking about a plot to murder Ron Paul in a prearranged plane crash.

Then I found another video in which the same conspiracy theorist interviews Tarpley. This one really drives you crazy in part because it's interrupted too often due to a technical glitch, and in part because the interviewer talks too much. But nevertheless, the facts Tarpley exposes about Paul's deceitful causes there are somewhat eye-opening.

Following are some of the things I could learn from my video mining:

● The idea that the Bilderbergers have a hostile view of Ron Paul is baseless because just like Mitt Romney has his good friend Mitchell E. Daniels, Jr. among the Bilderberg members, he has Peter A. Thiel, German-born venture capitalist and co-founder of PayPal supporting him.
● Now that these old heavyweights such as David Rockefeller and Henry Kissinger are losing their influence, the "more sociopathic" young generation is taking over the Bilderberg group. Thiel, 44, is one of the members of Bilderberg's Steering Committee.
● Despite all the fallacy that the Ron Paul campaign is supported mainly by hundreds of thousands of small donors, the German-born venture capitalist contributed $2.6 million to Ron Paul from December to January.
● Actually Ron Paul has played an "auxiliary" role for the Romney camp from the beginning to save the former Governor of Massachusetts from the formidable challenge by other opponents such as Rick Santorum.
● No wonder, Ron Paul's son Rand has started "flirting with Romney in public" since May 23 when they had a meeting behind closed doors. (Tarpley says that if he were a Ron Paul supporter, his world view would have crashed to the ground at that time.)
● In short, "vote for Ron Paul is vote for Mitt Romney."
● Despite his reputation as a strong opponent of crony capitalism, Ron Paul is a champion of nepotism. According to the research made by Tarpley, Paul has put 61 relatives on the payroll of his campaign and Congressional offices. Nepotism is not necessarily unlawful, but it's impermissibly unethical in certain circumstances.
● One of the recent additions is his campaign spokesman Jesse Benton. He married one of Ron Paul's granddaughters allegedly because he wanted to subvert the campaign goal from within.

In the last several years, I have learned a lot from Ron Paul. Although Doug Wead was lying when he said Dr. Paul was the most incorruptible person in the U.S, the Texas Congressman did the best he could under the given circumstances. Now thanks to Tarpley, I could finally wipe out delusions about the libertarian cause. That I was able to write it off, however, does not mean I'm now converting from the Ron Paul cult to something else.

As to the specific question about who to vote for in 2012, all he can say is, "You should get yourself out of that [passive] mentality." He believes "protest is for wimps, but revolutionaries want power," and that in order to counter the tide of "neo-feudalism," which conspiracy theorists like to call New World Order, we have to have workable programs. He quickly adds it takes an organization to promote and implement these action plans, which, in turn, calls for a "class-conscious" leader, such as Alexis Tsipras of Greece. Of course, he falls short of telling where to find that leader. Who wouldn't? In today's America, it's next to impossible to find an individual who is not brainless and spineless.

To dodge these questions, Tarpley has to say jokingly that in November, U.S. voters will see the birth of "Mitt-Rand" administration. Since he is an avowed admirer of Charles de Gaulle, he misses Gaullism which had been gone by the time Francois Mitterrand took office.

But to me, that is enough because it's none of my headache how the new U.S. President will accelerate the process toward the fall of the evil empire and the subsequent implosion of the United States. All I wanted to know is whether my Japanese posterity will remain the same bunch of vassals of the Far Eastern fiefdom of the failing country. Webster Tarpley has given his answer to that question.

In the last 37 years since the Rambouilette Summit, the Japanese have taken pride in being 1/8 of the world, if only nominally. They still hold a diluted share of 1/20 today. But in reality, the presence of their country has been within a range of 0/18 to 0/23 since 1954 when the most influential G called the Bilderberg Club was founded.

According to the only press release made to this date, 147 people from 23 countries and some international organizations such as WTO and IMF participated in the Bilderberg Conference 2012. Needless to say, they included attendees from China and Russia, but not a single person was invited there from Japan.

Quite a few small-time con men in charge of propaganda in America's Far Eastern backyard are untiringly disseminating the same old baloney such as Japan will overtake China once again by 2013 as the world's second largest economy, the country is "the anchor of the arc of freedom and prosperity," it's the cornerstone of America's East Asia policy, and so on and so forth.

But the fact of the matter is that my country of birth will remain an unviable nation long after I leave this world. Once again, this is all that I needed to know.

POSTSCRIPT June 17: I don't think there's any other message I have to deliver to the brain-dead Americans, but I recommend that if you still have interest in the fate of your country, you take a listen to what an exceptionally level-headed woman named Penny Freeman has to tell you "sheeple," i.e. robots, at the end of the June 9 video embedded below.

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Sequel to my post on Revolution Scam 2012
Authored by: Diogenes on Monday, June 04 2012 @ 05:13 PM JST
Most interesting on the story about nepotism. 61 family members is no accident.

Then we have Webster Tarpley. He's an interesting study. Tarpley is a political hack for the mysterious Lyndon LaRouche organization. LaRouche very rarely speaks in public or allows interviews, yet he seems to have links to all kinds of organizations, including the Democratic party upper echelons. During the last election in 2008 when Hitlery Clinton was opposing Obama for the presidential slot, Tarpley claimed on his radio program that Hitlery should get the nomination, and all the stories about the murders of people associated with Bill and Hitlery were not true. Right. So Tarpley has an agenda, and it is likely another dark side that is fighting for the choice cuts of meat.

Tarpley claims to have been drafted by the Italian government to investigate the Bologna train station bombing, which was attributed by the police to the Red Brigade. Tarpley's alleged report put the blame on the Masonic lodge P2. What came out in court testimony was that it was a NATO organized and run operation by the so-called “stay behind armies,” which in Italy were under the program called “Operation Gladio.” Gladio recruited right wingers, who were virulent anti-communists. Now maybe the idea was a good one, in case the Soviet Union did try to stage an invasion, but their mission changed to carry out domestic terrorism By the way, I have looked for this alleged Tarpley investigation document online and have never seen a copy. So I'm wondering is this is just some cover story to make him look like he's an insider with special knowledge

Remember that famous statement by Lenin: “If there's an opposition, we will lead it.”
Sequel to my post on Revolution Scam 2012
Authored by: Y.Yamamoto on Tuesday, June 05 2012 @ 03:45 AM JST

Thanks, Diogenes, for the interesting information about this Tarpley bird.

I know everyone has to have vested interest in one group of people or another. If you don't have any interest group to represent, or to be represented by, you can't make your livelihood. My case is very close to that.

Actually, I have never idealized or deified any person in my adulthood, because all along I've known everyone has a shortcoming or two, or even more. (I am not an exception myself to that rule.) It, therefore, never crossed my mind to join the Ron Paul cult although I thought he was relatively close to being a "man of integrity."

So I am not converting from the RP cult to the WT cult now. That's why I thought it was enough for me to learn RP was farther from integrity than I'd thought he was.

If there's anything that I like about Tarpley, it's his sense of humor. It really made me laugh when he termed the cozy relations between Romney and Rand Paul "Mitt-rand" coalition.

You can survive an imperfect world like this one only with a good sense of humor.

Yu Yamamoto
Sequel to my post on Revolution Scam 2012
Authored by: samwidge on Monday, June 04 2012 @ 05:35 PM JST

You said,"... whatever happens to the American people, they deserve it."

You are indeed correct. Good, bad or indifferent, that is the way the American system was designed to work. If we vote for bad things, we deserve those bad things. We know that all governments are troubled. Ours, we believe, has done better than most because of we are allowed to see our mistakes and correct. We have the opportunity to evaluate and improve.

That is, we can improve but only if we evaluate properly. Only if we evaluate properly.

You also said, "...the "more sociopathic" young generation is taking over ..."

That, too, is correct and is the reason that we evaluate so poorly today. As a nation we are becoming far more divided. Everything is shades-of-gray and you can observe both mild division and extreme division.

In the case of your YouTube example, this is filled with speculation. Too much speculation (though I could view only a small portion of the presentation). A good journalist does not traffic in speculation. There is simply too much hard news that a responsible journalist should report in the little time that he or she has. There is no time for this.

You said, "...whether my Japanese posterity will remain the same bunch of vassals of America's Far Eastern fiefdom till the end of time."

I see this in a different way; We Americans are less American than we ever have been. I am not talking about "melting pot Americanism" here. This is far more serious! Today some of our greatest scientists are Japanese. They live in Japan.

One of my good friends is a Chinese scientist and he studied aircraft design here. Specifically, it was the design of advanced combat aircraft. He has since moved back to China. That ought to tell you something ominous!

Vassals? While I respect your judgment, I am not convinced. In fact, many think that we have become vassals of other nations.

In the end, I suppose that it is all in how each person observes it.

In the meantime, no president is allowed to deviate too far. I would like to see Ron Paul be elected to something big but... a) He will not care to be a second to any standing president and b) he would be ineffective as a vice president or as a replacement for a dead president. A vice president must work with the president's existing team when he steps into the big office. Ron Paul's approach is too different to mesh with someone else's team.

Do keep in mind that there are many kinds of bullying. Some are mean. Some are gentle and benign. All are subtle.

Don't let the talk show gurus bully you into thinking inside a small box.
Sequel to my post on Revolution Scam 2012
Authored by: Y.Yamamoto on Tuesday, June 05 2012 @ 05:01 AM JST

Thanks, samwidge.

I just wanted to make a couple of points in response to your feedback.

The video I embedded in this post is NOT "filled with speculation." Otherwise I wouldn't have thought about sharing it with my audience. I have made it a rule always to double-check its authenticity and reliability whenever I use a video someone else has uploaded somewhere else, For instance, it is a confirmed report that Mitt Romney had a talk with Ron Paul's son behind closed doors for about 30 minutes on May 23. The same is true of the $2.6 million Peter Thiel contributed to the Ron Paul campaign. I suspect it's your speculation that these pieces of information were based on speculation.

But there is a catch in my argument. When I say it's confirmed, it's only confirmed by the mainstream media. And what if the MSM are habitual liars as they are often accused of being? Conspiracy theorists tend to insist their theories are fully substantiated by facts. But if you really want to substantiate something you believe is true, you’ve got to be a fully-authorized and fully-equipped forensic expert yourself. That’s why I normally settle for my own intuition and commonsense.

As to your observation that the Americans look more like vassals these days, I suspect you are wrong. Yet I think you are right if you are talking about their future. As Webster Tarpley thinks (or speculates,) the Bilderbergers are all exponents of "neo-feudalism" such as Peter Thiel.

Yu Yamamoto
Sequel to my post on Revolution Scam 2012
Authored by: Diogenes on Tuesday, June 05 2012 @ 06:27 AM JST
If there's one thing I've learned the hard way, it's that there are no mistakes. I, too, was at one time a supporter and believer of the lies of Ron Paul. That all ended in 2008 when he did the same "I'm going to stop active campaigning" business as he did this time, repeating the same pattern. Was I a fool for believing this liar? No, I was learning a lesson about deception. When Edison finally made an electric light bulb that worked, someone said that he was a failure 1,000 times until he got it right. Edison responded, "No, I didn't fail 1,000 times. I discovered 1,000 ways not to make a light bulb, that's all." The same logic can be applied to Ron Paul's deceptions.

We have been living in a world where for centuries, the persons driving the ox cart have been deceiving us all. However, that deception is rather rapidly being uncovered by millions of people. Centuries of deception, like the world's religions, are being discarded by a vast and yet under-reported mass of people. We are in the midst of an Armageddon of the mind right now. That final battle is within each and every one of us. Sanity and humanism is winning against magical thinking and delusion. We just need to hold on, for it will continue to be a rough ride, but I have hope for the future. As Thoreau would say, "Old ideas for old people, new ideas for new." The old ideas will die off with the old, leaving the new people with their new grip on reality as it really is. Like Hokusai's great wave, there's no stopping it.