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Intellectual demise of Americans - a Buddhist point of view

I still don't know exactly when and how the evil American Empire will collapse. Neither do I know which comes first, the fall of the empire overseas or the total implosion of the worst rogue country in history named USA. Yet I am 100% sure that most of its people are practically brain-dead by now.

How can I be so sure about that? Almost every day from August 2011 through this past May, I tried to keep myself closely posted with their public discourse mainly on the web.

That's how. So don't take it personally if you are an exception.

Now I ask myself, "What lessons have the Americans learned from the miscarriage of the Intellectual Revolution started by the former Texas obstetrician?"

Answer: Absolutely nothing.

This is evident from the fact that these brainless, spineless and self-righteous American egomaniacs still put all the blame on the Republican establishment and the mainstream media. They certainly know that is the surest way to avoid facing up to the lessons to be learned there. The fact of the matter remains, however, that it's none other than themselves who were at fault for the miserable failure. Some of them even thought they could buy their civil liberties for 50 bucks.

The only possible reason they are so learning-disabled is because they always want to save the painstaking effort to internalize those issues they are talking about. As I repeatedly warned in this blog, without going through the process of internalization, they will never be able to identify real issues. As long as they are conditioned to remain mentally so lazy, all they can do is to scratch the surface of issues and find correct answers to given questions.

At times some of them say they agree with me. But I know they don't quite understand my point. When they address what they think is at issue, it's always someone else's headache. It never crosses their minds that first and foremost they should look into their own sick souls. Instead, they indulge in studying what is allegedly going on in the outside world, be it China, Iran, Syria or Greece. Now they have lost life-size views of things. It's laughable to see an American individual who can't even take care of himself keep talking about global trends and history of mankind.

The American Heritage Dictionary says the word "internalize" means "to take in and make an integral part of one's attitudes or beliefs." The definition is not totally wrong. But it still falls short of transcending the bounds of dualism the Westerners are so used to. Empathy or antipathy with other people is far from enough to internalize issues.

This is not to say, however, the Asiatic monism should be applied to the interpretation of the word.

As I have repeatedly argued, Buddha knows no gods or no isms, not even atheism. Why can he be a monist, or dualist for that matter? (See NOTE below for the American Heritage's definitions of these isms.) In the last 1.5 to 2 millenniums, Buddhism has been largely distorted by the Japanese who have "saladized" everything from religion to language, and by some other Asian peoples, perhaps to a lesser degree. As a result what the Americans think is Buddhism today, in fact, has nothing, whatsoever, to do with Buddha's tenets.

NOTE: Dualism means the view that the world consists of or is explicable as two fundamental entities, such as mind and matter, whereas monism is the doctrine that mind and matter are formed from, or reducible to, the same ultimate substance or principle of being.

In this respect you should also be aware that the English word "internalize" is a transitive verb. It cannot be intransitive in any event. On the contrary, it does not take an object, either direct or indirect, in the context of Buddhism. You are, therefore, doomed to fail when you attempt to take in something external and make it an integral part of your inner self. Actually that's what Americans are doing at their best.

Buddha's teaching all boils down to the unequivocal statement which goes: "Form is emptiness, and emptiness is form." This may sound too esoteric. But if you once empty your brain of those half-baked ideologies, you will know the words are so simple and clear that you can never paraphrase them. It's all the more regrettable that Americans never really understand internalization is the key to identifying relevant issues in the real world.

They have no difficulty in gathering external information because everyone has a sensory nervous system which is more or less functioning. But when it comes to internalizing the input data, they get stuck. That's basically why they selectively toy with their pet subjects all the time.

This way, they play into the hands of the media, be it mainstream, alternative or social, whose sole role is to feed their gullible audience with one red herring after another.

Because of incoherence and inconsistency inherent in any false issue, their brains are now stuffed with a jumble of delusive ideologies or ideological delusions. Whenever I try to visualize the logic circuit inside their skulls, something that looks very much like a bowl of spaghetti conjures up.

Here's a typical example: The self-styled sinologist predicted in 2001 that China would collapse in ten years. When the magic year was over without seeing the collapse, he revised his forecast matter-of-factly, saying, "I was wrong only by one year." But practically in the same breath, he predicted that Japan would overtake China, GDP-wise, once again in 2013. It's as though you can overtake someone who is no longer existent at that time. Remember the verb "overtake" always requires an object.

Given the vast intellectual vacuum prevailing in the U.S., it came as no surprise to know not a single American has openly challenged his unprincipled way of dealing with a serious issue which directly concerns 1.3 billion human beings living in that country. But it was a little amazing to know that even the Chinese didn't think he had discredited himself, totally and for good.

I have recently noticed that in stark contrast to his book, my blog is extremely unpopular among my predominantly American audience presumably because I am a firm believer in the central principle of Gautama Buddha. I suspect it's too straightforward for the people who are so used to the spaghetti-like logic.

But the last thing I would do to make my web traffic as busy as it used to be is to pander to the Americans who are now headed for a Stone Age, no matter which bastard turns out the winner at the end of the leap-year farce.

After all, their brain-death is none of my concern because it's not my fault. ·

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Intellectual demise of Americans - a Buddhist point of view
Authored by: Diogenes on Sunday, September 09 2012 @ 08:16 AM JST
Are Americans brain dead? Just look a the two political conventions that are telecast on television. I wonder if those people are paid to appear. I can understand the men appearing; they want to go to these conventions because there are always hookers and lots of booze and drugs available, but why the women?

Does anyone in the television audience actually watch this circus at home? I wonder. And the media is promoting Obama like a new toothpaste, as if voting really mattered.

I listened to an interview yesterday with a former Reagan cabinet minister. She's not only predicting...guaranteeing... a monetary crash, she's also predicting a large die-off as in murder of gigantic masses of humans. This isn't news to me. None of us will be immune to the next world war coming either just before the election or sometime shortly after.

Every real Buddhist will be put to the test with the question: Have I arrived or have I not arrived? We're all going to find out soon. Bowing, hands held palm to palm, chanting or not chanting isn't going to help. Either you are there or you are lost.
Intellectual demise of Americans - a Buddhist point of view
Authored by: Y.Yamamoto on Sunday, September 09 2012 @ 09:01 PM JST

Thanks, Diogenes, for your feedback.

I still don't know if we are really on the same page. Actually I don't think that can be the case because we are very different in terms of age, health, financial condition and cultural environment.

But I am sure if it's different pages we are looking at, we have the same book of life before us. It doesn't really matter whether the book is the Sutra or the Bible as long as we are free of delusions.

Incidentally, I haven't read the Sutra simply because I've had no chance to learn Sanskrit.

Yu Yamamoto
Intellectual demise of Americans - a Buddhist point of view
Authored by: Y.Yamamoto on Sunday, September 09 2012 @ 08:32 PM JST


Let me set the record straight as to our offline exchange of views.

Americans think I am predicting the demise of America just like Chang is predicting the collapse of China. But they are completely wrong.

There are 2 fundamental differences between our forecasts.

1. He does what he does all for dough while I do what I do completely for free. That means I have no reason, whatsoever, to tell a lie, while he has a plenty of them.

2. In reality, the U.S. has its military presence in approximately 150 countries around the world, whereas China, the "expansionist" country, has practically NONE. Let's be reminded any empire in history perished simply because it was overstretched. I see an unmistakable sign of this in the fact that the American people have lost LIFE-SIZE views of things.

To put it more bluntly, they are living in delusions. Now the only thing they can do in the face of reality is to stick their (empty) head in the sand.

Yu Yamamoto
Intellectual demise of Americans - a Buddhist point of view
Authored by: samwidge on Sunday, September 09 2012 @ 10:28 PM JST

You said, "Americans think I am predicting the demise of America just like Chang is predicting the collapse of China."

I don't think that Americans can make sense of much right now although there are quiet and gentle undercurrents suggesting that media polls cannot be believed and that Obama will soon be just an unhappy part of history.

No matter what happens, the America we knew is already gone and something is ready to emerge. There is little indication of what that will be. We are angry with each other and figure that all other nations are deadbeats, too lazy to do their fair share to right the world. Then, when we find those nations doing their fair share and more, we become frightened that they are overtaking us in all things. Then we become pointlessly angry.

We are a schizophrenic nation right now.

You contrasted yourself with Gordon Chang saying that he makes a living with his ideas and you give yours for free.

Frankly, I admire you both immensely. We Americans like charitable givers of information and are also especially impressed when somebody shares what he has while making money at it. Only a 99-percenter would deny Dr. Change his earnings... and there are far fewer 99-percenters than claimed. In fact, that is the trick in viewing the pro-Mitt movement in the states at this moment. That 1-percent is most of us. The 99-percent is actually too few to give Obie a second chance.

Earnings are never a measure of honesty or dishonesty nor are they a measure of human quality.

You said that, "... U.S. has its military presence in approximately 150 countries around the world, whereas China, the "expansionist" country, has practically NONE."

We can never know the truth of such an assertion but there are is other evidence to consider. The United States was invited to most places where it serves (and we are very tired of the huge expenditure). Our citizens cover the globe to teach and to give food. Some estimate that our presence in this sense is far greater than any other... and our religious missionaries are raped, robbed and murdered at a high rate because they go to the most troubled lands.

Further, China was not invited to Tibet but arrived without friendly intentions. India is not preparing for American imperialism but for Chinese. The Soviet Union and Russia have each made major moves that demonstrate deep concerns about Chinese possibilities. Taiwan remains a place of fearful questions without answers.

I don't think that I am capable of evaluating the fairness of any of this. I only know what I want. I think that it is the same for all other observers; We all want the best for anybody. The Chinese and the North Vietnamese simply cause more death and suffering before achieving their goals than we. Perhaps a skilled observer would claim that the centuries-later result is the same.

I just don't know!

You made an interesting comment with, "Let's be reminded any empire in history perished simply because it was overstretched."

Our pro-Mitt rhetoric today is claiming that Rome failed because of fiscal irresponsibility. Perhaps that is the same or a greater crime.

One of your comments is profound! "... the fact that the American people have lost LIFE-SIZE views of things."

That is increasingly correct though, if others thought they had valid views, they could be expected to share such knowledge with us, perhaps as you do.
Intellectual demise of Americans - a Buddhist point of view
Authored by: Y.Yamamoto on Monday, September 10 2012 @ 03:10 AM JST


Many thanks for taking time. Here's one last comment from my side.

Your belief that Chang is an honest writer also makes you look like a believer that America is a writers' paradise where people are willing to pay a handsome amount of money to buy a piece of truth at the bookstore. Frankly I doubt that is the case with your country.

BTW: Here's Chang trivia: He is not a doctor. Some years ago on the Contentions blog, he had to admit he'd somehow failed to obtain a doctorate at Cornell. He was honest at that.

Then you touch on Tibet, one of the pet subjects of the Americans. But don't you ever forget Japan's Tibet, Okinawa, when you talk about the Chinese provinces of Sichuan and Qinghai.

You go on to say that America just feels obliged to comply with the requests by these 150 countries despite the fact that it's already financially broke. Your story about America being "invited" by so many countries reminds me of a dealer of addictive substances who claims he is just helping junkies out of the withdrawal pains.

You also point out countries such as Vietnam - and the likes of Syria, Afghanistan, and North Korea for that matter - are having a great difficulty coping with formidable problems facing them. But I can swear to Buddha that I have never, ever, said they are NOT suffering from such problems. My question always comes down to this point: What makes their headaches and heartaches your business? Buddha would say, "Stop acting like a busybody, and just mind yourself."

These are the things I wanted to say when I wrote about "life-size views" of things. Judging from your recent YouTube video, you are an exceptional American whose attitude toward life is very down-to-earth. So it's all the more puzzling to hear from you something that could well have been an official statement made by the U.S. President.

Yu Yamamoto