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Tweeting at the turn of the year


It's already one-twelfth into
the year of the horse

The creepy creature keeps
saying, "Domo." The word
has a broader meaning than
"Aloha." It can even mean
"I'm sorry."

■ In 2004 Chang suggested I do blogging. I heeded his advice only to waste the last 1/8 of my life. It’s this infamy that delayed my recognition of the 10th anniversary.

In September 2010, Chang tweeted at like this:

■ By 2013 Japan will overtake China and become, once again, the world’s second-largest economy.

At the beginning of this year I sent him a mail without expecting anything from the most despicable person I've ever met in my lifetime:

■ Shame on you. Yet another correction, apology and refund of royalty became overdue from you. Remember not everyone of us is a forgetful dupe like Americans.

The scum didn't respond; he just stuck his empty head deeper in the sand as any educated American would do.

■ American “culture” is nothing but a heap of ill-digested quotes. The moron named JFK, for one, famously quoted Juvenal in Berlin without reading the original text.

■ Recently I concluded I should stop quoting Juvenal to come up with a good definition of a game. Obviously any human output but excrement/secretion can be called that.

■ In the past a game was considered harmful when it distracted you FROM political reality too far. Now all games are designed to distract you TOWARD political delusion.

■ I had a big lobster for dinner with my date. She soon collapsed, but I was OK. The Aussie doc said, “This often happens; poisons don’t travel evenly in a living organism.”

■ In the past you were modest enough to say you couldn’t tell good games from bad ones. Now I wonder what keyword you use when googling for a new game you know nothing about.

■ Lara’s sister said her nephew stays at home all the time to play games. That’s why I haven’t seen the kid in the streets lately. She added: Lara keeps shouting, "STOP IT.”

■ His son is getting familiarized with the basics of music. On Jan. 1, I alerted DK to this video to say discipline alone can’t help the kid’s creativity come into bloom.

■ DK showed a keen interest in Neo. But to other guys, including my disowned biological son, man’s creativity means absolutely nothing. They vegetate until time comes.

■ SS transcribed an essay my dad wrote after evacuating Berlin 6 days before Hitler’s invasion of Poland. I don’t know why he did it, but everyone has his own game to play.

■ I used up the Diclofenac pills the eatery owner’s wife had passed on to me. I visited the dentist myself. Once again he gave me an X-ray and the prescription–all for free.

■ Didn’t know I was a Twitter genius, but I can’t outdo DOMO. As intellectual silence dominates, I hear the super high-context screech of Japanese macaques everywhere. ·

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Tweeting at the turn of the year
Authored by: Diogenes on Monday, January 27 2014 @ 06:16 PM JST
Predictions that fail seem to be infinite. Christians aren't alone in these kinds of fantasies. Jesus is coming soon is popular, but they fail to note that God might be away on business and can't make the gig. Besides, Jesus wasn't Jesus, but was Buddha. This pretty much cinches it for me. There were no John, Paul, or Mark. Those were created to fulfill a scriptural numerology scheme taken from the Sanskrit original texts.

Then, there is this list of historical predictions made by the "big men" from different ages. I guess that's why their doorways were sometimes five or six meters high. These guys were just...well, bigger than us shrimps. I suspect that they must have shrunk down to our size when their predictions failed. That's probably why not all the big men made fools of themselves. Big shrimps become little shrimps when they get in hot water (You can try this at home to prove it for yourself), and it's the same place where failed predictions land you.

Games and cell phone texting are just two forms of distraction. All addictions are distractions. Our enemies have teams of researchers finding new forms of distractions to hoodwink the mass of men and women, while they are systematically dismantling our world.

The kid can play the organ, but I don't like organ music. I prefer the piano, like this guy.