Tweeting at the turn of the year

Monday, January 27 2014 @ 03:33 AM JST

Contributed by: Y.Yamamoto


It's already one-twelfth into
the year of the horse

The creepy creature keeps
saying, "Domo." The word
has a broader meaning than
"Aloha." It can even mean
"I'm sorry."

■ In 2004 Chang suggested I do blogging. I heeded his advice only to waste the last 1/8 of my life. It’s this infamy that delayed my recognition of the 10th anniversary.

In September 2010, Chang tweeted at like this:

■ By 2013 Japan will overtake China and become, once again, the world’s second-largest economy.

At the beginning of this year I sent him a mail without expecting anything from the most despicable person I've ever met in my lifetime:

■ Shame on you. Yet another correction, apology and refund of royalty became overdue from you. Remember not everyone of us is a forgetful dupe like Americans.

The scum didn't respond; he just stuck his empty head deeper in the sand as any educated American would do.

■ American “culture” is nothing but a heap of ill-digested quotes. The moron named JFK, for one, famously quoted Juvenal in Berlin without reading the original text.

■ Recently I concluded I should stop quoting Juvenal to come up with a good definition of a game. Obviously any human output but excrement/secretion can be called that.

■ In the past a game was considered harmful when it distracted you FROM political reality too far. Now all games are designed to distract you TOWARD political delusion.

■ I had a big lobster for dinner with my date. She soon collapsed, but I was OK. The Aussie doc said, “This often happens; poisons don’t travel evenly in a living organism.”

■ In the past you were modest enough to say you couldn’t tell good games from bad ones. Now I wonder what keyword you use when googling for a new game you know nothing about.

■ Lara’s sister said her nephew stays at home all the time to play games. That’s why I haven’t seen the kid in the streets lately. She added: Lara keeps shouting, "STOP IT.”

■ His son is getting familiarized with the basics of music. On Jan. 1, I alerted DK to this video to say discipline alone can’t help the kid’s creativity come into bloom.

■ DK showed a keen interest in Neo. But to other guys, including my disowned biological son, man’s creativity means absolutely nothing. They vegetate until time comes.

■ SS transcribed an essay my dad wrote after evacuating Berlin 6 days before Hitler’s invasion of Poland. I don’t know why he did it, but everyone has his own game to play.

■ I used up the Diclofenac pills the eatery owner’s wife had passed on to me. I visited the dentist myself. Once again he gave me an X-ray and the prescription–all for free.

■ Didn’t know I was a Twitter genius, but I can’t outdo DOMO. As intellectual silence dominates, I hear the super high-context screech of Japanese macaques everywhere.

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