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The ultimate taboo you haven't possibly touched on with your mate or offspring


Japan's curve is shown in black in the international comparison of Total Fertility Rate

Amid the nationwide craze over ongoing FIFA World Cup 2014, I've been working on a new post to follow up my argument on the pandemic of premature senility, i.e. juvenile dementia. I'm going to give it a tricky title that goes something like Where I might have wished to belong. This time I'll focus particularly on the Japanese strain of virus that causes the highly infectious mental disease.

Along the way I've reread dozens of poems from Man'yoshu (Collection of Ten Thousand Leaves) and books about the ancient history of this country which I'm inclined to call East Korea. I thought the 13-century-old anthology might be part of the answer.

I can't proceed any faster than a snail because these sumaho-addicted dregs of humanity keep driving me crazy.

Everywhere and around the clock I hear 120 million with childish obsession with national oneness and insatiable desire for international recognition rooting for the Japanese squad with their voices cracked with emotion. It seems the wartime slogan that went, "One hundred million hearts beat as one," as Ian Buruma translates it, still applies 14 years into the 21st century.

When Côte d'Ivoire defeated Japan, they kept saying in concert: "We should have played it more aguresshibu to make us shine before the world. But let bygones be bygones. The next time around we shouldn't hesitate to put an ahrii-kurosu before we reach the baitaru area," and so on and so forth.

It's as though they've forgotten Japan is still placed at the 46th position in the FIFA ranking because of, rather than despite, the generous contribution by taxpayers in the last several decades. I used to play soccer myself. Even today I sometimes enjoy watching young guys have fun playing the game. But to the Japanese, World Cup has absolutely nothing to do with the sport inventive Englishmen started circa 1863.

How I wish Japan's population would further sink to some 12 million from 127 million before my departure from this cultural wasteland so I would see a population density equal to that of the United States.

Around the turn of the century they started saying the single most formidable problem facing their country is its dwindling and graying population as if the issue with the headcount outweighs the quality problem and biological aging matters much more than juvenile dementia. Should it ever be considered true that the larger the population, the larger the nation's vigor, it would take an eternity for China to fall apart. But on this absurd assumption, the Japanese have been willingly footing the tax bills of 2.1 trillion yen (US$ 20.2 billion) every year to fund government's programs centered around the system called "Child Allowances."

As a result, the productivity of these "birthing machines" has slightly picked up from 1.26 to 1.43 in terms of "Total Fertility Rate." But since it's been said the minimum total fertility rate to keep the population flat is 2.07, the improvement by 0.17 percentage points is far from enough to curb the downtrend.

Also there are quite a few brainless pundits in the U.S., as well, who believe in the media's red herring which has its origin in Japan. Ching Chong Chang is one of them. He boldly claims and is widely believed to be well-versed in the Northeast Asian geopolitics.

It's hysterically laughable that the idiot in New Jersey thinks he is a respectable mainstream pundit. But actually those who are practically on Washington's payroll like this guy and equally empty-headed conspiracy cultists who blindly believe in the joke about Illuminati's evil agenda for depopulation are the two wings of the same sick bird.

On the one hand Chang predicted the world's most populous country would collapse in 2011 under its own weight of 1.3 billion people, but on the other he repeatedly urged this blogger in 2005 through 2007 to take up the demographic "crisis" with his audience on the grounds that most other industrialized countries would face more or less the same problem in the foreseeable future.

I wrote a post just out of a sense of obligation to the despicable crisis-monger. I wanted to stop there because it would be a total waste of time to further talk about the false issue. But now the mass-insanity surrounding me has prompted me to look at it from a 180-degree different perspective, i.e. what the causal relationship is between the pandemic of juvenile dementia and the decline in birthrate.

I have concluded by now it isn't my wishful thinking to theorize:


That should mean that the Japanese are an endangered species, and the same is more or less true with the Americans.

For my part, more than two years ago, I reluctantly let go of my last girlfriend when her parents, who are some 20 years younger than I, started to worry their daughter was missing her marriageable age. Recently I received a mail from this woman, in which she advised me now she is a mother. Although I had been prepared for all that, it was an added depressant to me.

Earlier today I had a funny dream in the third or fourth installment of my fragmented sleep.

In the dream a smart cookie visited me at a place that looked like a company cafeteria. She had an air that suggested she was fully assimilated into the rotten society dominated by male macaques. She said she came to me to seek my advice on a questionnaire to be used in a survey she was going to conduct next week. When she showed me the draft questionnaire along with the chart embedded in this post, I noticed her questions were all about the Child Allowance program (amounts granted in it, eligibility to be its recipients, etc.) and other measures to make the lives of working mothers easier. Every question was so predictable that I didn't think she could expect an unpredictably creative answer from her pollees.

I said, "Frankly, the most important question is missing here." The woman grudgingly asked: "What would it be?" I explained: "I would try to find out if most women in reproductive age have great difficulty in suppressing their instinctive rejection of the idea of reproducing the same developmental defects their husbands tend to have. I hypothesize that unlike their mentally-neotenyzed mates, they feel deep inside that their role is to contribute to the evolution of the species, if in a small way, and that they wouldn't tolerate the labor pains and the subsequent burden of child rearing if ....."

The woman didn't let me finish. She just said, "Mr. Yamamoto, I must be going in a minute. Thank you so much, anyhow."

"You're welcome," I spoke at her back as she was quickly walking out of the room.

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A question you haven't asked of your mate
Authored by: samwidge on Saturday, June 21 2014 @ 09:56 AM JST

Seems wrong to me that only the Japanese can be expected to root for Japanese athletes. Americans are rather fond of Japanese baseball players. We like them as individuals. We absorb a few into our own teams so that we can watch them more closely and enjoy their efforts more completely.

International competitions seem to be of no value at all if they only represent efforts for national awards.

I am no athlete and really don't care about organized athletic activities. However it intrigues me that our people focus on individual honors in Olympic competition rather than team or national honor.

Everything, I suppose, depends on your point-of-view.

Your and my points-of-view on media may be different as well. In that earlier post you mentioned the joke;
Q: "What do you call a journalist with an opinion?"
A: "Unemployed."

In the United States the Internet has brought about serious problems relating to the right of the ordinary reporter to share his/her opinions. Our tradition is that reports labeled as news must be news alone. Opinion must be clearly named as opinion and separated from factual news.

Now even the youngest and least experienced of reporters is allowed to offer offhanded opinion as fact. That's a big problem because the nature of journalism gives us reporters who have no experience in capitalism or industry. The result is some very cruel efforts to move greatest wealth to a class of people who do no productive work. These are avocations like education, politics, law, music and hairdressing. In nations like yours that class might include emperors. In our country the people who risk their lives daily to harvest food, oil and minerals are disdained as being stupid, arrogant and unimportant.

All I can think is that we live in an irrational world managed by opinion alone and never by fact, need or reality.
A question you haven't asked of your mate
Authored by: Y.Yamamoto on Saturday, June 21 2014 @ 10:13 AM JST

Thanks much for your quick response.

Actually I was expecting from you something about the reproduction activities of your own, your children's, or close friends'. At that I'm an uncivilized person. I speak and act that way simply because I'm a single-issue blogger who is only concerned about evolution.
A question you haven't asked of your mate
Authored by: Y.Yamamoto on Saturday, June 21 2014 @ 10:44 AM JST

Let me add something.

I don't believe you can substitute anything for your own take on your own life.

A touchy issue you have never taken up with your spouse
Authored by: Diogenes on Sunday, June 22 2014 @ 08:49 AM JST
Pepe Escobar describes the World Cup as WAR by other means, to paraphrase Clausewitz. He has a special understanding on the subject, since he's a Brazilian.

What's interesting about the Japanese population case is that, unlike the West, the government doesn't appear to be promoting massive third world immigration on the country. Everywhere that this is occurring, like Sweden, for example, it has turned the country into what the locals call "Beirut." In Norway, 100% of all rapes in Oslo are committed by either Muslims or black African immigrants. My old Norwegian aunt would turn over in her grave if she knew what had happened to her beloved Norway by these monsters in government.

In Sweden, it will soon be illegal to even talk about immigration and its horrendous effects. The "Scandinavian Miracle" that president Obama and his African booster Oprah promote is going to be the death of Western culture. This is no accident. It's planned and it's working. The recent election results in the UK and France show that the public is finally waking up and taking some direct action against this policy and the whole poisonous EU idea. In the US, well, stupid is as stupid does. There is basically zero resistance to anything the surveillance state does. Where would one begin to dismantle this octopus? Most Americans don't recognize that they're sleeping next to the terrible beak of a monster, waiting to rip them apart. Telling people that the DHS has purchased billions of rounds of ammunition just rolls off the protective shield that most people wear. Reality? What's that? I wonder what all those bullets are for?

So just be thankful that at some level, the Japanese government hasn't succumbed to the "final solution" to diminishing population levels. At least you won't have to listen to the call of the Adhan, interrupting your sleep.

A touchiest issue you haven't possibly taken up with your mate or offspring
Authored by: Y.Yamamoto on Sunday, June 22 2014 @ 03:59 PM JST

As usual I'm interested in your way of approaching the issue because of, rather than despite, the fact it's 180-degrees different from mine. I'm glad that not every American is as superficial as Ching Chong Chang.

You say that when compared to European governments, e.g. Norwegian's, the Japanese government is doing a good job in blocking the influx of immigrants. But you are mistaken.

In my next piece I'll explain why. But in the interim, as I've been arguing since 2008, what Japan has been desperately preserving is NOT monoracial nationhood. If you look at this country in prehistoric days, you will know Japan is actually East Korea. And the problem is that after Koreans came, saw and conquered indigenous people, i.e. Ryukyuans and Ainus, Emperors of Korean ancestry ordered court-retained historians to compile the two history books (Kojiki in 712 AD and Nihonshoki in 720 AD) to seal off what had happened here in the past centuries by rewriting everything.

And at the end of the 11-century-long Dark Age, the Americans came, saw and conquered us to "rebuild" America's Japan.

Actually even in Japan, there are some, if not many, truth-seeking historians who are stupid enough to think revealing these truths based on unsubstantiated speculations would do us some good. Of course this is ridiculous because you can't undo the history if it's filled with fallacies. To begin with you can't live your life like it's history.

Man'yoshu, which was most probably compiled in late 8th century, is not just an anthology of lovely lyric poems. It's also a huge collection of epic poems. That's why it has always intrigued me since I was in my mid-teens.

I don't know a single American who has studied the anthology but if you study Man'yoshu while comparing it with the two official history books, you will know the country named Japan is actually a "Fata Morgana" the words you once mentioned. In other words, America's Japan is actually nonexistent, or it's an existence which should not be existent at all - logically and even ontologically.

I think only in this context, we should look at the Unviable Japan.

The ultimate taboo you haven't possibly touched on with your mate or offspring
Authored by: Diogenes on Sunday, June 29 2014 @ 10:28 PM JST
I hope that you aren't going to tell us that the Japanese government is allowing hundreds of thousands of immigrants that are incompatible with Japanese culture to enter the country every year. This is what is happening in Sweden and to a lesser extent in the other Scandinavian and Western European countries. This is what has happened in Canada to such an extent that Vancouver is now called "Canada's Asian City," due to the hundreds of thousands of Chinese, and the hundreds of thousands of East Asians, mostly Indians. These are not people that will assimilate, but immediately move into their racial ghettos, work for employers that are the same race, and shun any integration with the native society. It's a disaster waiting to happen, especially when there are approximately 410,000 Chinese nationals living in the greater Vancouver area alone, and if a war begins with China, there will be a well implanted fifth column inside the border. (Nearly every Canadian doesn't know that China and Russia are being surrounded by Star Wars military technology--anti-missile systems that are supposed to shoot down Chinese or Russian counter-attack missiles after the Americans do a nuclear first strike, which is part of the stated U.S. military policy.) These immigration policies have never been allowed a referendum to determine whether the public supports this insane immigration policy or not. It is strictly a top down diktat. Oh, but they have government health care. By the way, Vancouver is now the city with the most expensive real estate in the world. Last year, the median price of a home was something like $875,000. Each month I read that the prices have gone up, so it's probably closer to $900,000. How do you qualify for a mortgage with that kind of pricing. And why did this happen? It was Chinese criminals that immigrated to Canada with money they stole in China that were willing to pay any price, viewing real estate via emails in most cases, rather than actually visiting the city. As a Canadian-born Chinese woman in Richmond said to me in the '80s one day, out of the blue, "New Chinese all bad! Where get money in communist country? They are criminals, all of them. All bad people." This was finally reported as a fact in the local news there, over a year after it was documented and posted online, twenty-five years after this woman's warning. This is one more tool to destroy the native culture--bankrupt them. This is simply a financial form of ethnic cleansing. It's not much better anywhere else in Canada. Canada is finished, but most of those fools seem to think this "just happened," as if it wasn't engineered. And in Sweden, as of December 1, 2014, it will be a crime to even criticize their insane immigration policy. And everyone thinks communism and totalitarianism are dead, and the "Scandinavian Model" is the ideal! Ha! The joke in Sweden is that Stockholm is now called, by some of the locals, "Beruit." Yes, immigration is wonderful, if you are consuming Soma.

There is a nefarious group of evil people in every Western country that are the promoters of this policy, yet in their own country, they only allow their own race and religion to immigrate. You don't see hundreds of thousands of Muslim or Africans immigrating to the Russian Federation, Latin America, China, or Korea. It's only in white North American and European countries. Most people have no idea about this, but when George Bush Sr. announced in 1991 "A New World Order," meaning a world government run out of the United Nations or the Jewish version of the axis mundi--Jerusalem, this is one portion of the strategy of destroying the national identity of every citizen in every one of the above nations that has been infected with this virus. Trotsky chastised the German National Socialist policy because it was nationalist, but the communists revolution needs to kill the concept of nationalism to complete the goal of internationalism--creating a world of masses with no identity or history. A world of robotic slaves to big brother. The green catch phrase of the '70s was "Think globally, act locally." This is a faint echo from Marx's Manifesto.

I'm glad I'm old, so I don't have to witness the "final solution to the American Question." In our transfer agreement, rather than deporting and ethnic cleansing the native population, our final solution is to swamp the country with cultures that are incompatible with the local people, and the stupid leftists accuse anyone that challenges this policy as a racist. Right now, these leftists are the ones in the U.S., Canada, and Scandinavia that consistently earn the media spotlight, assuring that opposition voices will never be heard. One day, I can expect to hear some of their mentally poisoned offspring wake up and ask, "Why did you let this happen?" But, of course, it will be too late. For some things, there is no turning back the clock, and there is nowhere to escape. Russia? The language is one of the hardest to learn, just behind Icelandic. Besides, Obama my well do a first strike on Moscow. Anything is possible these days with these maniacs in charge behind the scenes.

You know, I always thought Japan was colonized by Koreans, and now you have confirmed that suspicion. Frankly, I've spent hundreds of hours watching Korean historical dramas that are more than sixty hours long, and there appears to my ears to be some words that appear to be pronounced the same with the same meaning i.e. Banzai. Their language sounds more smooth flowing, and the sudden shouts for emphasis appear to be missing as well.

Although right now, I'm watching a good Japanese series Fumo Chitai, which is about post-war Japanese society, especially highlighting the corrupt business culture. This behavior is easily translatable to all other countries. It's just that in the U.S., they keep this corruption out of all mainstream media television programming. Strangely, most Americans never consider just how corrupt it is here, and when you tell them that on September 10, 2001, Donald Rumsfeld announced that $2.3 trillion was missing from the Pentagon budget, you get the glazed over look--full shields. One is reminded of Stalin's phrase, "The death on an individual is a tragedy. The death of millions is only a statistic."

In the 19th century, there was a famous American Indian medicine man named Black Elk, who was in London, England touring the country. The Brits loved it when these unique characters came to visit, especially in their native dress. While there, he had a vision of his people suffering and immediately returned home. In his vision, he actually said that he traveled above and across the Atlantic ocean, and had the ability to look down on his people to see their suffering. What the newspapers were saying about his people vs. their actual plight would be a kind of Fata Morgana, yet luckily, he was able to know the truth in his mystical way.

What's to be done? How does one live in such an insane world where psychopaths are in charge? Andrew M. Lobaczewski referred to these psychopaths and their effects as evil, using the word "ponerogy", which is derived from the religious word "poner: meaning evil." We think we are different, living in enlightened times, but look at our situation. We're no different than those citizens of Beijing, hiding behind their wall, thinking that they were safe from the Huns. They got the surprise of the short lives when he came and slaughtered them all.

The words of Prince Hakutsu, from the poetry book Man'yoshu--when he visited the caverns of Miho on a journey to the land of Ki--is what we need to ponder:

Caverns, that last an eternity,

are still here even now,

but the men who dwelled in them

could not last forever.

O pine that stands

at the caverns' entrance.

Looking at you is like coming face to face

with the men of ancient times.

Then, from Han Shan's Cold Mountain.

The peach blossoms would like to stay through
the summer
But winds and moons hurry them on and
will not wait.
Thought you look for the men of the Han Dynasty
Not a one will you find alive.
Morning after morning flowers fade and fall;
Year after year men pass away.
Here, where the dust whirls up today,
In times gone by was a sprawling sea.

What does he advise?

Be happy if there's something to be happy about!
When the moment comes, do not lose it!
Though they say life lasts a hundred years,
Who has seen a full thirty thousand days?
You're in this world no more than an instant,
So don't sit there grumbling about money.
At the end of the Classic of Filial Piety,
It tells you all about what funerals are like.
The ultimate taboo you haven't possibly touched on with your mate or offspring
Authored by: Y.Yamamoto on Tuesday, July 01 2014 @ 07:34 AM JST

Unfortunately I’ve survived my long-ailing Vista machine since last week. Now I have brought things more or less under control, but I’m still being affected by the aftermath of the mess caused by the forced “downward migration” to XP. As you may know I am not one of those “downward-compatible” persons. So forgive me for my unorganized way of responding to your thought-provoking comment. I’m just thinking aloud as ideas pop into my mind.

1. I know discussing the immigration issue is one of the favorite pastimes of the American people. But I opine that immigration has very little to do with the real and much more critical issue with evolution or devolution.
2. I’m completely in the dark about immigration issue. For one thing, I have great difficulty understanding the word “immigration” or “immigrant.” I think you are perhaps the 3rd or 4th generation of an immigrant. The Kenyan Monkey is a first generation immigrant. And Ching Chong Chang is a second generation because his father was a Chinese immigrant who was cowardly and/or selfish enough to flee the continent amid the wars and the revolution. So where should I see the difference between these people and immigrants from Latin America and Islamic countries?
3. Maybe your answer is that it’s in the legal status. If that is the case, you are just talking about legislation which keeps changing as government’s immigration policy changes. But I don’t think you are just talking about immigration policies. Neither am I interested in talking about politics because I’m not affiliated with any political party.
4. When it comes to legality, I wonder if you would call the Christian cultists who were transported by The Mayflower the Pilgrim Fathers, instead of illegal invaders. Of course USA, let alone its legal system, had yet to be founded in 1620. The rule that was already in place was “First come, first served.” So once again exactly what do you mean by the word “immigrants”? Please educate this ignorant blogger.
5. I’m neither proponent nor opponent of traditional “immigration policies” of the Japanese government. To begin with there’s no such thing as an immigrant, legitimate or illegitimate, in this country which I call East Korea. I was impressed by your keen observation that “Japan was colonized by Koreans.” I haven’t known a single American who thinks the way you do. But this is not to say your observation is very accurate. This country named Japan has never really been existent. To borrow your exquisite words, it’s a Fata Morgana. How could one colonize a nonexistent country?
6. I’m afraid you are wrong if you think there’s no such thing as a ghetto in this country. If the word should be understood as a community in which a minority group is segregated, there are many in Japan. For instance my apartment is located at the edge of the world’s second largest Chinatown. It’s true a ghetto more often than not has a connotation that it resembles a concentration camp. And yet there are also quite a few ghettos that look like concentration camps.
7. I’ve been rereading Man’yo-shu and books on “Japan’s” ancient history which can be understood only by the light of the 13-century-old anthology of lyric/epic poems. As you may know, there are two official history books, one is “Kojiki” (712 AD) and the other “Nihon Shoki” (720 AD.) The compilation of the two books was ordered by 40th Emperor Tenmu (631-686 AD) although he died before court-retained historians could complete them. An interest thing about Tenmu is that he was a disguised Korean general who defected from Goryeo Kingdom (later to be renamed Goryo,) one of the three kingdoms in the peninsula at the time. There are many other impostors including Tenmu’s nemesis 38th Emperor Tenji (636-672 AD,) a disguised Korean prince who defected from another Korean Kingdom the Baekje.
8. To make the long and intricate story short and simple, Koreans CAME, SAW and CONQUERED this archipelago which was inhabited by the two major indigenous peoples, Ainus and Ryukyuans. Ainus were driven to Hokkaido, the northernmost islands while Rykyuans were forced to move to Okinawa, the southernmost islands of the archipelago. When you look at Japan as a showcase of America’s successful attempt of nation-building, you end up just scratching the surface without knowing Japan is East Korea.
9. Just like in the U.S., some fringe historians have been ardently digging into the truth which was completely sealed off by Kojiki and Nihon Shoki, as if revealing the hidden truth would do us any good. These idiots will never understand you can’t undo the history. As I always say, you can’t live your life like it’s a history.
10. As to your favorite word “Psycho,” I don’t think it’s not psychos who manipulate people from behind the curtain, if ever someone is really hiding there. In fact, these rulers of the country, be it Tenmu, Tenji, Hirohito, Akihito, or Prime Minister Abe, are all suffering dementia, juvenile or senile. I think the same is true of Obama, Hilary Clinton or Josue Larose, et al.

The ultimate taboo you haven't possibly touched on with your mate or offspring
Authored by: samwidge on Tuesday, July 01 2014 @ 07:16 PM JST
I am very interested to read examples of why you feel that the Japanese government is not doing a good job in blocking immigrants.

Here in the states there is no question but that our current president and his team are failing at preventing immigration to the United States. The press of population is severe.

There may be good reasons for unrestricted immegration but the president has not expressed those reasons yet. This secrecy helps explain why our government is falling on hard times; Citizens need to know but are being held in the dark.

I do not know what the numbers are and do not believe that the specific numbers matter. It is the trend and its inevitability that concern me.

We know that extremely dense populations of humans or any other animal have difficulty. The difficulty might be food or violence or mental illness. The difficulties are predicted by students of psychology.

Curiously, dense populations bear greater numbers of homosexuals. That's not too bad of itself but is a strange source of conflict in every animal population. It is this conflict that suggests, in the Grand Plan of Life, that populations will limit themselves automatically as American Indians once did.

You have asked for a response in terms of demographics. The problem is far to dynamic to tell you what is happening at any one moment. Things are moving too fast; Political anger, crimes advancing so fast that laws must be expanded to allow more deviation, unjust taxation; All these things are happening at once.

I live in a home for the elderly and most of our residents are eccentric to a greater or lesser extent. I cannot even vouchsafe the rationality of my own observations. (I will bet that you see problems in observation just the same way.)

It is impossible to analyze the evolution of our population at large. Outside this home The people cannot even dress in ways that are convenient to them or clean. Obesity is more nearly universal than ever before. Hospitals are suffering massive but secret outbreaks of staff infection that cannot be controlled.

Our poor are angry about our rich and are willing to murder in order to level things out. Our rich support our poor and they do so to their own detriment. As they give, they draw more attacks. There is no way out of this conundrum.

I am not pleased to leave a world like this to my children and grandchildren but am helpless to do otherwise. I can only wish them all the best. My only pleasure is hearing people ask me for the kinds of helps that I am able to give.
The ultimate taboo you haven't possibly touched on with your mate or offspring
Authored by: Y.Yamamoto on Wednesday, July 02 2014 @ 11:50 AM JST

Thanks much for your comment:

You start off your post by saying: "I am very interested to read examples of why you feel that the Japanese government is not doing a good job in blocking immigrants."

This means my English-writing skills are still extremely poor. I didn't mention immigrants at all (or did I?) because unlike you American people, whose favorite pastime is to discuss immigration without clearly defining the word, I didn't criticize Japanese government for its immigration policy, or anything else for that matter. I wrote this piece solely to discuss the ultimate taboo, creative evolution or the pandemic of premature senility that leads us, or has led us, to be more precise, to devolution of humanity. This has nothing to do with government's immigration policy, or any other policy for that matter.

Here's another example of my total inability to get my message through to my audience:

You wrote: "We know that extremely dense populations of humans or any other animal have difficulty. The difficulty might be food or violence or mental illness. The difficulties are predicted by students of psychology. Curiously, dense populations bear greater numbers of homosexuals," etc.

Again, this is something miles apart from what I meant to say. Now I've got a question.

As you know, and as I DID mention a little, the population density of the U.S. is 83.9/sq.mi, whereas Japan's density is 873.1/sq.mi. And what about your state, Montana? It's an astounding 6.9/sq.mi. If I should believe in you theory about the implication of population density for the quality of people, this should mean the Japanese are 126.5 times and 10.4 times more prone to mental illnesses including homosexuality and violent crimes than the Montanans and the Americans, respectively.

Are you really sure that your observation is true and valid? Please educate me. I'm totally confused because to me your country and your state don't look like such a Utopia.

This ignorant blogger hypothesizes population density tends to adversely affect people's ability to think creatively. As a matter of fact, however, not every American I've known is a creative thinker. This is exactly why I always expect my predominantly American audience to tell me where my hypothesis is flawed.
The ultimate taboo you haven't possibly touched on with your mate or offspring
Authored by: Y.Yamamoto on Wednesday, July 02 2014 @ 01:07 PM JST

Let me add this to my previous post.

One possible answer may be that population density has nothing to do with people's ability to think creatively.

In that case the next question that arises is: "Then what factor underlies the deterioration in people's creativity?" or "Can we assume that in a degenerating society, the fittest are the first to go extinct?"

The ultimate taboo you haven't possibly touched on with your mate or offspring
Authored by: samwidge on Wednesday, July 02 2014 @ 03:17 PM JST

You make a very good point in addressing my concerns about the pains of population density. You said that Japan's far greater density as compared to Montana's should suggest far greater difficulties in Japan though in reality our people have strong similarities.

The land around each of our homes is very different and is used for very different purposes. You have significant flat land. Mountainous regions of Montana are not well suited to people or animals. You have plenty of rainfall. This is a desert state and we are short of water. Your people sell labor and intelligence. Mine sell the results of agriculture and mining.

Your people (I think) are spread out rather evenly. Ours bunch up so much so that a few must live on the streets in winter. Other states have problems in different ways. Great masses of people are willing to commit murder to come here. Is it food? Is it money? Is it some myth that lures them in? Is it freedom? Is it the American way? Or is it merely to escape police elsewhere?

It is no longer possible here to drive for ten-minutes in order to be completely alone.

I bow to your knowledge. Your expertise will be better than mine inasmuch as you lived in the mountains of Switzerland. My impression is that the circumstances are very different and that the weather that brings water tells how dense a population may be.

As far as people behaving badly is concerned, I have no way to make a definitive judgment. Something is happening here; Americans like each other less. We honor each other less. We are less eager to know about the rest of the world. We hurt each other more.

There was a time when a few people stole from others. The cry of "Horsethief" was a serious accusation. Today we find that our government frequently steals and it does so on a massive scale. Our people have come to see this as normal and rational.

I see this as "devolution of humanity".

You speak of wishing that Japan's population could, "sink to some 12 million from 127 million". That kind of shift would do well here as well though I doubt that either of us will get what we desire.

You hypothesize that, "population density tends to adversely affect people's ability to think creatively". In this you are absolutely correct. Published criticisms of our schools claim we are teaching our young only do do what has been done before. One of our political parties is anxious to make us adhere to some invisible standard that cannot be defined and will not be defended. "Just do as you are told."

Sure! It is possible that something else dampens the spirit of creativity. Modern communication is so pervasive that it is too easy to learn the solutions of others and too easy to avoid experimentation. As for me, I doubt that any one thing alone causes these large-scale disappointments. Our job is to spot what we can and help others adjust.

Lack of creativity? This is a big problem. Our schools even demand that students studying leadership lead as those before have done.

Think creatively? You are correct in this concern. Among my peers I am considered a creative person but I find it nearly impossible to build anything without copying the ideas of others. I find myself walking away from good tasks because everything I make is a replica of someone else's dream.

So numb people experience no disappointment and I am constantly angry. Well, that's OK because I would rather be angry than numb. It is the same for you.

I feel moribund and I think that you hope to free people like me.

It is the struggle of my life. Thanks for your support. Keep trying, please.
The ultimate taboo you haven't possibly touched on with your mate or offspring
Authored by: Diogenes on Wednesday, July 02 2014 @ 10:57 PM JST
I can't speak for the Japanese situation on what you describe as “juvenile dementia,” but I can give some information about what has happened in the U.S.

Before there was a forced public schooling system in the U.S., a study initiated by Senator Ted Kennedy found that the literacy rate was over 98% of the population. Alexis de Toqueville, an aristocratic Frenchman came to the U.S. in 1831 -- when he was only 25 years old -- and later wrote Democracy in America, a two-volume study of the American people and their political institutions. He found that even the poor laborer was quite literate compared to his European counter-part.

I've been reading Ben Franklin's autobiography, and he explains how this happened. Franklin was an apprentice to a printer and learned the trade. Eventually, he began his own newspaper and publishing business, and out of the contacts he made in the community, a group of intellectuals formed a circle that met on a regular basis. It was here that the idea was put forward to start a pay-for-use library. The concept took off like a rocket. People before this library system had nothing to do at night and were bored. You can only tell so many stories before you repeat yourself, and reading the bible gets quite tiring as well. Franklin and other publishers began publishing books of all sorts including the classics in Greek and Latin, and the writings of the founding fathers, who were schooled in the ideas of the Enlightenment i.e. Thomas Paine and his “The Rights of Man.” (By the way, the so-called founding fathers were so impressed with the Greeks and their ideas that Greek was proposed to become the national language.) So here was a population of autodidacts—self-taught and self-motivated people that could debate with anyone and hold their own ground. Through this educational process, critical thinking was naturally absorbed, just by the literature these people were reading, and then one would naturally discuss these revealing ideas in the taverns after the work day ended or on Saturday night or on Sunday in or after church. This kind of discussion process is where critical thinking is actually a form of total immersion, and it becomes embedded right to the marrow of each person.

This, too, was the original form of learning—home schooling. This type of schooling is so dangerous to totalitarian states, that it has been outlawed in Germany and Sweden. If you think I made a mistake, you don't know what's going on over there. For Sweden, I would suggest reading “The New Totalitarians,” by Roland Huntford. And look up the Law of Jante, which is rampant all over Scandinavia.

Sweden is putting people in mental hospitals for thought crimes, just like the Soviets did with their intellectuals and critics.

And then there's this outrageous tale of the Swedish state taking the son of a husband and wife because they home schooled him and were planning to move to her home country of India. To this day, that child has not been returned, and he was kidnapped by the state in 2009. The authorities have turned the boy against his parents, and he refuses to see them now.

Ted Kennedy's study found that home schooling was considered so important that when forced public schooling was introduced, many people resisted and their children were seized at the point of a gun. After public schooling was enforced, the literacy rate declined to 94 – 96%. It's been dropping ever since.

The next big change in public learning came as a result of the industrial revolution. Factories. No one wanted to work in them. At the beginning of the 20th century, the vast majority of the population lived on farms or rural areas. They followed natural time, not factory time. In Europe, even today, most cities stop for the main meal of the day at noon or early afternoon, and the whole family returns home to eat this meal together, returning to work after a couple of hours. This, too, is a form of natural time. But factories are gigantic machines with humans instilled as living robots. There was a shift whistle and a lunch whistle. This kind of repetitive work was unnatural. The problem of keeping a working staff was so critical that Henry Ford paid his workers twice the going rate, but even with that incentive, no one would work any longer than two or three weeks. While these country folk may have needed an income to get cash to pay for the things they couldn't create for themselves, their traditional methods of getting this was by home work i.e. growing tomatoes to sell to the local cannery, or raising enough cattle to sell to the local butcher or making cheese. Otherwise, they were self-sufficient and free from the wheel of work slavery in a factory.

Because of this, the tycoons of business sought help from abroad. They needed a way to change the workers in such a way that they would learn to endure this monotony, and schooling was the answer. It was people like Dale Carnegie and Horace Mann that saw the Prussian model of schooling and brought it back to the U.S. Mann, I think, began the first teachers' college. Later, through the school system, social engineering began, with the state intervening in the student's life. It's no accident that schools use bells, just as factories. It's all Pavlovian conditioning. Such researchers as Charlotte Iserbyte and John Taylor Gatto began to expose this social engineering nightmare. It was all done through gradualism. As Iserbyte says, over and over again, the school system is deliberately designed to stop all critical thinking. Thus, we get the bogus “No Child Left Behind” program and more recently the “Common Core” program, which are designed to put the final stake in the heart of thinking of any sort. The truth about the basic reality of the U.S. and the rest of the world will never be discovered by attending public school. By its very nature, the curriculum is designed to keep repeating the same lies, over and over again. Fortunately, home schooling is still legal here, and the numbers of home schoolers is growing. This is a sign of hope for the future, but not necessarily one that I will live into, but possibly some day the back of this conditioning system will be broken for good.

As for the mention of immigration, various articles in business magazines mention that because of Japan's declining birth rate, as you mentioned, deaths exceed birth by a certain factor, these business writers assume that Japan will need to do, at minimum, what Germany did—begin a guest worker program. I agree with you that it must be hellish to live on such a crowded group of rocks. Everything about masses of people cause such problems as affordable housing, nuclear power plants that get flooded out and meltdown, etc. Of course, nature may have found a way to meet your wish of a population of 12 million. You could call it the Fukushima plan. Poison the people, then clear the bridge and dive, dive, dive into an early grave. If Chernobyl is any barometer, this event is going to be a real game changer.

What I meant about immigration can be summed up by Ukrainian researcher Raphael Lemke. This quote, from a speech written in 1953 but never delivered to the United Nations, explains today's massive immigration policy being enforced and implemented in every Western country. The same people that introduced this program in the Ukraine are the same people behind the scenes today, enforcing it through their bribed or blackmailed puppets. They are just old wine in new bottles. Here's what he would have said if he hadn't died.

“The nation is too populous to be exterminated completely with any efficiency. However, its leadership, religious, intellectual, political, its select anddetermining parts, are quite small and therefore easily eliminated, and so it is upon these groups particularly that the
full force of the Soviet axe has fallen, with its familiar tools of mass murder, deportation and forced labour, exile and starvation.

“The attack has manifested a systematic pattern, with the whole process repeated again and again to meet fresh outbursts of national spirit. The first blow is aimed at the intelligentsia, the national brain, so as to paralyse the rest of the body. In 1920, 1926 and again in 1930–1933, teachers, writers, artists, thinkers, political leaders, were liquidated, imprisoned or deported. According to the /Ukrainian Quarterly/ of Autumn 1948, 51,713 intellectuals were sent to Siberia in 1931 alone. At least 114 major poets, writers and
artists, the most prominent cultural leaders of the nation, have met the same fate. It is conservatively estimated that at least 75% of the Ukrainian intellectuals and professional men in Western Ukraine, Carpatho–Ukraine and Bukovina have been brutally
exterminated by the Russians. (Similar tools were used during the Bush Jr. invasion and occupation of Iraq. The murder of the intellectuals by hit squads, and the robbing of its historical artifacts—erasing its national history, which, by the way, ended up in the Vatican. Pedophilia is only one sin of this organized crime syndicate. It could also be justifiably argued that the public school system in the U.S. is a bloodless method of getting similar results.)

“Throughout the entire region, clergy and laity were killed by hundreds, while the number sent to forced labour camps ran into the thousands. Whole villages were depopulated. In the deportation, families were deliberately separated, fathers to Siberia, mothers to the brickworks of Turkestan and the children to Communist homes to be ‘educated’. For the crime of being Ukrainian, the Church itself was declared a society detrimental to the welfare of the Soviet state, its members were marked down in the Soviet police files as potential ‘enemies of the people’. As a matter of fact, with the exception of 150,000 members in Slovakia, the Ukrainian Catholic Church has been officially liquidated, its hierarchy imprisoned, its clergy dispersed and deported.

“The third prong of the Soviet plan was aimed at the farmers, the large mass of independent peasants who are the repository of the tradition, folklore and music, the national language and literature, the national spirit, of Ukraine. The weapon used against this body is perhaps the most terrible of all — starvation. Between 1932 and 1933, 5,000,000 Ukrainians starved to death, an inhumanity which the 73rd Congress decried
on 28 May 1934.

“The fourth stage in the process consisted in the fragmentation of the Ukrainian people at once by the addition to the Ukraine of foreign peoples and by the dispersion of the Ukrainians throughout Eastern Europe. In this way, ethnic unity would be destroyed and nationalities mixed. Between 1920 and 1939, the population of Ukraine changed from 80% Ukrainian to only 63%. In the face of famine and deportation, the Ukrainian population had declined absolutely from 23.2 million to 19.6 million, while the non-Ukrainian population had increased by 5.6 million. When we consider that Ukraine once had the highest rate of population increase in Europe, around 800,000 per year, it is easy to see that the Russian policy has been accomplished.”

This is the “final solution” to the native populations of all Western countries—mass immigration of foreign peoples that have no intention to assimilate. National identity will be destroyed by an ever expanding population of people that don't want to absorb Western culture, while, as the census shows, native-born people's birth rate is declining. This is why the Muslims/Africans in Europe self-ghettoize. As I may have mentioned before, Western cities that are filled with these large populations of foreigners are becoming little Beiruts. This is a report of a riot last week in France by Algerians after their country beat Russia in the Soccer World Cup games. While sports violence happens everywhere, there are related riots across France and other countries with large Muslim populations. This riot in Gothenburg, Sweden was based on an alleged rumor.

Or what about this little angel and his sign? This is clearly a message that these immigrants will never become Westerners. They are even poisoning their children's minds with hatred of the very people that let them into their country in good faith. If they hate us so much, why did they come here in the first place, and why don't they go home?

Or how about this photograph.
Do those signs indicate that they are willing to accept and embrace the culture of the Western country they're in, Holland, or do those signs look like declarations of war? If this is what's happening in Japan, brother, you're in big, big trouble.

Welcome to Beirut. None of this is an accident. This was planned and implemented decades ago. It's just that lately, the gas pedal has been put to the floor.

In the U.S., it's the Latino culture that has been allowed to swarm into this country. The latest blatant reports of masses of Central American people, and children without their parents is just a new twist to an old sore that is being scratched and bleeding again. Of course, there were always Mexicans and Latinos here. Hell, Andrew Jackson stole their land, but he didn't kill off the native population en mass. But what I'm talking about is the deliberate policy of underfunding the security of the border. A bill in Congress was defeated that would have funded a secure border, defeated by the Democrats, but both sides are the same coin. Here, there is a movement in the Latino community to create a new country blended with Mexico and the stolen territory which the Mexicans call Atzlan. If this gets serious, you will see internecine warfare here. Of course, welcome to martial law. The Department of Homeland Security will now have use for those 2 billion + bullets that they have purchased. This makes about as much sense as Romans coming back to England to claim it as their land, since they conquered and administered it for centuries earlier.

I don't believe that is what “our betters” have in mind. I believe the real strategy is when enough Mexican/Latino people are disbursed around the country, with services in dual languages as they are now, English and Spanish, then the big picture of the North American Union will simply occur through gradualism. This is one stage in the erasure of the borders, which is what the Soviet Union and their concept of internationalism required. This is generational planning and by the same people that brought us communism. It should be noted that when Queen Isabella of Spain united all of the Spanish kingdoms into one Spain in 1942, and drove out the Moors and Jews that refused to convert to Catholicism, a court advisor wisely explained to her that to unite the country, one language must be instituted, just as Mao did when he took power. Here, we're going in the other direction. In every country where there are multiple languages, there are problems. In Belgium, they hate each other so much that they even have separate postal systems. So much for brotherhood and national unity.

You have stated that Japan has ghettos of foreigners, but you still haven't said whether the government has a policy of allowing hundreds of thousands of foreigners to enter the country each year as legal immigrants with papers. I'm talking about people that will never assimilate or embrace Japanese culture. I'm talking about a policy of stuffing the country so full of people from foreign lands that they will eventually, through their extremely high birth rates, displace the local Japanese people. In all the Western countries, one way or another, either by directly allowing foreigners to enter as immigrants with papers, or by immigrants with no papers, as has been happening here for decades, the results desired are the same—the destruction of the native culture, just as Lemke spoke of in the Ukraine.

The final cog in the wheel of this gigantic Juggernaut is what the goal of communism has always stated: one world government. It's no accident that Rockefeller donated the land for the United Nations. In Europe, there is the European Union, a modern version of the Soviet system, as Vladimir Bukovsky explains it to us in this short video. When he talks about the aftereffects of what happens when this system fails, think of today's Ukraine. It is now divided between the native Ukrainians that identify with the Catholic West, and the Russian ethnic groups in the East that identify with Russian in both culture, the Eastern Orthodox Church, and language. These are the offspring of those invaders that Lemke mentioned, and that are in a death struggle with the Western Ukrainians. This is exactly what Bukovsky means, and remember that this video was made well before the deliberate destruction of Ukraine by NATO/US/George Soros.

In Canada, the U.S., and Mexico, it's the “Three Amigos” leading to the North American Union. Same Soviet with just a different position on this cooling cinder we all share. Eventually, these modern Soviets will merge into the one global super-state, one Soviet without that name. I guess this big plan is to have someone designated to meet the extraterrestrials, when they land on the White House lawn, and ask, “Earthlings, take me to your leader.” Rather than having elected members to this new super-state that get to speak for anywhere from one to six minutes, it will be run by corporate heads. The evidence is all there if someone is actually interested in looking. But for the most part, no one is interested, at least not in the U.S. of A.pathy. What I'm talking about is such a titanic change in the way the entire planet's inhabitants live, it is almost incomprehensible. Yet, there are two things that these monsters want us to believe, and many do: 1) that we believe that their power is so great that we are powerless to change the trajectory of this Juggernaut that they're steering; and 2) that we believe that we are too weak to effect a change, which we aren't. Once enough people figure this out, it's game over for these criminals.
The ultimate taboo you haven't possibly touched on with your mate or offspring
Authored by: Y.Yamamoto on Thursday, July 03 2014 @ 12:47 AM JST

The nightmarish situation has relapsed here. Once again I can't use MS Outlook. That means your new mail address is gone. I'll appreciate it if you send a blank mail to my G-mail account ( as soon as you noticed this post.

Your argument on schooling is very interesting. I'll get back to you as soon as the dust settles. But in the meantime, it doesn't really matter whether kids are educated in school or at home. It's true most school teachers are not good at creative thinking. But this is also true of most parents. Most of them mistake indoctrination for education.

The ultimate taboo you haven't possibly touched on with your mate or offspring
Authored by: Diogenes on Thursday, July 03 2014 @ 08:18 AM JST
I disagree with you about home schooling. I've done years of research on this subject, including getting a subscription to Home Schooling magazine for several years. Of course, there are examples where fundamentalist religions from the Middle East, all three, can poison the minds of young people; but those children that have been home schooled show, on average, higher scores on entrance exams to universities, are self-reliant, and armed with the essential resource of critical thinking.

As for what I was arguing about regarding the toxic effects of massive Third World immigration and Sweden, this press conference for a book launch--which is on Islam in Sweden and the effects of this religion on women--is telling. Listen to what this Somali woman says she heard in her mosque from the Imam. The message is to have massive numbers of babies to flood the country with Muslim children, don't mix with Swedes, and eventually, if Swedes don't convert, they will be killed. And the Swedish government is doing nothing about this. Again, this is deliberate policy by the state. Also, when she was interviewed by the media, they deliberately censored what she said. This is open treason by the state. Treason.
The ultimate taboo you haven't possibly touched on with your mate or offspring
Authored by: Y.Yamamoto on Friday, July 04 2014 @ 03:02 AM JST

Once again I really appreciate that you have enlivened discussions in this single-issue website which is devoted to the matters concerning man's creativity and juvenile/senile dementia caused by the lack of it.

Although you give thought to the education issues from the perspective of justice and humanrights, I'm inclined to separate them from education issues because what one thinks is justice is not necessarily justice to another. This is especially true between the Americans and those dominated by them. Moreover, I don't think the purpose of kids' education is to prepare them for entrance exams of reputable universities. Once a well-prepared, i.e. well-indoctrinated, kid gets into Harvard, it's too late for him to develop creative attitude toward life. Harvard alumnus Obama is telling evidence.

Actually what's really at issue is not the system, but quality of people, i.e. how individuals free themselves from the shackles that we call discipline. Discipline is the hardest thing to handle; without it you can't acquire literacy, for instance, whereas if you don't have creativity, as I have repeatedly defined it, you will remain indoctrinated. Since my knowledge about education systems in the U.S. is quite limited except such disciplines as business administration, let me confine my argument to Japan's education systems.

The American people have often discussed pros and cons of the public schooling systems as against the home schooling systems. On the contrary it has never crossed "our" mind that there can be an alternative to public schooling. Why is that?

Since the 17-Article Constitution promulgated by Prince Shotoku sometime in the 7th century, the paramount principle that has prevailed over "East Korea" in the last 13 centuries is HARMONY, nothing else.

47 years ago a stupid anthropologist Chie Nakane wrote a book titled Personal Relations in a Vertical Society. In Japan and some Western countries as well, it instantly hit the bestseller list and stayed there for decades. But the Professor Emeritus at Todai is a downright liar. East Korea is a horizontally aligned, classless society where perfect equality is guaranteed under the reign of the Emperor. East Korea has been known to the Westerners to be the world's most closely-knit society, but to be more precise, it's so seamlessly knit that there are no individual citizens.

That means the sole purpose of education, be it public or private, is to preserve the sense of oneness at home or across the nation. Every kid, whether he gets into Todai or drops out early in his school years, knows if he tries to stick out in any way, he will be mercilessly hammered down.

That's why I said, "It doesn't really matter whether kids are educated in school or at home." I think you are 120% right as far as education in the U.S. is concerned.

The ultimate taboo you haven't possibly touched on with your mate or offspring
Authored by: Diogenes on Friday, July 04 2014 @ 06:23 AM JST
As far as preparing a young person for entrance exams, even that isn't the real purpose of schooling or home schooling, for that matter. American public schooling, the monster that has been refined year by year over the last century, is meant to be a hot house to entrap young people and mould them into non-thinking cogs that will fit into a position in a factory work role. Even the people that attend university and get a business degree are no different than the robot on the assembly line. They are also engineered to be subservient to any authority after graduation. After twelve years of this training, most come out like trained seals. I know what that effect was, because I was one.

It's even beyond that. In this speech that he delivered to the New York State legislature on receiving the teacher of the year award, John Taylor Gatto explains the hidden engineering program that is never meant to be noticed by both students and parents, and even the teachers themselves.

Adolph Hitler knew the benefit of public schooling, because he was a product of this Prussian method himself. If you read enough of Gatto's research, we learn that in some war battle in the 19th century in Prussia, all the soldiers ran in fear, natural fear, for their lives. The generals didn't know what to do, but an old university professor introduced them to his theories on public schooling, and it worked. After getting essentially brain washed and conditioned to follow orders blindly, accept discipline from strangers, the Prussian army became of force of real power. Suddenly, the military had a vast herd of dupes that were so conditioned that following orders was more important than their very own lives. Any slight reading of what happened in WWI showed this outcome quite clearly. Men were ordered by other men, that were well behind the real fighting, to walk into a hail of bullets, and they died by the tens of thousands some days. Nearly all armies in all countries rely on this conditioning program, along with the hierarchy of order givers wisely positioned in zones of safety, while the rest are just "stupid animals, pawns in the game of politics," as Henry Kissinger so cynically stated.

Here, Hitler give us a window into the real purpose hidden in this method.

"We still have among us old-fashioned people who are not fit for anything. They get in our way like cats and dogs. But this does not worry us. We will take away their children. We will not allow them to lapse into the old way of thinking. We will take them away when they are ten-years-old and bring them up in the spirit of nationalism until they are eighteen. They shall not escape us. They will join the Part, the SA, the SS and other formations. Later on they will do two years of military service. Who shall dare say that such a training will not produce a nation?"
Dwight MacDonald
Memoirs of a Revolutionist, page 48

Isn't this outcome what led Japanese soldiers to follow the orders to never surrender, even if it was clear that their individual death was certain? Giving their life for the Emperor, who was supposed to be a god? In the U.S., the public is being conditioned even more intensely now that death in battle is heroic, and these men and women that come back alive but blown to bits--missing some or all of their limbs--are heroes that "sacrificed" themselves for "our liberty." This kind of insanity is even instilled in local TV commercials. Of course, the person on the television screen doesn't have any children that have died or been blown to bits, so it's easy to preach this nonsense. This is the outcome of a well schooled person--totally out of touch with reality.

The method of "teaching" in public schools is not how humans learn. As Gatto advises, and I can say myself after returning to university at age 40, a teacher is more like a coach that watches what the student's real interest is and then feeds it with what he/she needs. He was able to get a principle in the last school where he worked to allow him to implement, what he called, his "Guerrilla Curriculum." One example he mentions is of a student that was a great comic artist, so he got a newspaper to take him on as an apprentice to the staff cartoonist. In another, if memory serves me, one kid was interested in a life of business, so he got a C.E.O. to take him under his wing for a day, just to see what a senior businessman does during the day. Again, these are real life experiences, which public schooling is deliberately designed to avoid, like politicians that can't tell the truth.

In England, there was a boarding school started by a guy named Neal. It was called Summerhill, and he wrote about it in a book of the same name. Kids would board there for nine months and not have to go to classes until they were ready. The school had a student court system where if some kid did something out of order, the kids held a trial and dished out the consequences. Neal was quoted as saying that, if nothing else, any child that graduated from his school would never become a fascist.

I could go on about this subject, but I'll end it here.
The ultimate taboo you haven't possibly touched on with your mate or offspring
Authored by: Y.Yamamoto on Friday, July 04 2014 @ 07:29 AM JST

One last thing to add in response to this question from you: "Isn't this outcome what led Japanese soldiers to follow the orders to never surrender, even if it was clear that their individual death was certain?"

My answer: "No, not at all." Believe it or not, Kamikaze pilots did NOT have to be conditioned that way because they had been that way from the very beginning of there lives. In his "Occidentalism," Ian Buruma calls it the Japanese "variation" of German "death cult."

Although you seem to worry American youngsters are getting conditioned in the same way, I don't believe that is the case with them. No matter how they appear on the surface, they will never die for Obama or anyone else for that matter. The American people are Orientalists, not Occidentalists. You can't condition these effete egomaniacs to act like Kamikaze pilots so easily.

The ultimate taboo you haven't possibly touched on with your mate or offspring
Authored by: samwidge on Tuesday, July 08 2014 @ 07:16 AM JST

I am saddened by the presentation of Ryutaro Nonomura. International journalists thought it so strange that they chose to share his talk here in the United States. We noted the histrionics, not the content of his message, whatever it was.

I do not think that the man's talk deserves laughter or derision. We cannot make fun of him. He is not humorous in any way. His show is worthy of analysis and I am not capable of that analysis.

I have seen this odd behavior on the part of entire groups of visitors from Japan. What I saw was artificial and not genuine sentiment. Could it be the same for Ryutaro Nonomura? Second-generation Americans of Japanese heritage do not do this. Real Japanese do. The entire concept of apology is handled differently in the United States.

I cannot say that one approach is better than another but merely that each is very different from the other and each shows us how crippled our attempts at communication really are.

This is key to demonstrating the importance of "Tokyo Free Press". You show differences in many ways and you do so naturally. You allow us to see your people at their very vulnerable best/worst. You bemoan failures of Japanese press. We bemoan failures of American press. We do so in different ways and for different reasons. Each society bemoans its own politics and its own government. Again, you and we have complaints that seem similar and yet are very different.

I offer no solutions and very little understanding. I can say that differences cause pain, suffering and war. I think that we cannot do without pain, suffering and war. I can also say that mankind is evolving; Whatever we are today we will not be tomorrow. No era in the passage of humanity seems to be better than any other -- only different.

An intriguing angle on all this is the warping of language; In the United States and, I presume, all English-speaking regions, we are developing new definitions for old words and deliberately making those changes annoying. Altered words include, "gay," and "tease."

Cry on, Ryutaro Nonomura. We cannot know what you mean but you have the right to cry.
The ultimate taboo you haven't possibly touched on with your mate or offspring
Authored by: Y.Yamamoto on Thursday, July 10 2014 @ 12:19 AM JST

Thanks for your additional comment.

You wrote:

"I do not think that the man's talk deserves laughter or derision."

I can't agree more. But neither do I think he has "the right to cry."

I opine that in recent years YouTube videos are quickly turning into something to be called mirrors.

I used to upload dozens of videos there. But I didn't intend to provide the audience with mirrors. That's why the numbers of views for such videos as ones showing my organ teacher and music student and the prototype plane still stand at a mere 1,676 and 9,735, respectively.

Now I've learned it's a total waste of time.