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The Birth of Another Fake Hero


POSTSCRIPT February 6: 石堂順子、湯川正一、および某保険会社への朗報

Weep no more, the "bereaved" parents of nanchatte heroes and the fraudulent insurer who underwrote the risk of being kidnapped at a ridiculous per-diem rate of JPY 100K.

Junko Ishido, Goto's mother, shed a lot of obligatory tears at the FCCJ but the hag was wearing weird grins all the time as if she already knew ISIS could sometimes stand for Israel Secret Intelligence Service - and perhaps a few things more
Unconfirmed reports from nanchatte informed sources, including an American regular of this website, have it that these scenes of beheading were all fake and most probably your sons are currently vacationing in Miami, FL.

Through my longtime experience with every school of conspiracy "theorists," I've learned they are conspirators or their henchmen themselves. To please their largely imaginary Jewish employers, they single-mindedly use a cheap trick of deliberately discrediting themselves by disseminating childish anti-Semitic paranoia.

One typical example is their far-fetched allegation about "Laurel Canyon Conspiracy" of the 1960s. They say hippies like Frank Zappa were employed by the predominantly Jewish establishment to taint the antiwar cause in a roundabout way. But actually it's pre-9/11 conspiracy theorists who subtly emboldened the Pentagon to escalate the Vietnam War. Most of the time these old kids afflicted with premature senility didn't know what they were doing, but as a matter of fact, things unfolded as if in a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Motives? Yes, basically there are two personal factors that drive a truth-seeker into obsessive-compulsive behaviors. I'll elaborate on this aspect of the issue in the following post.

Now I wouldn't be surprised if they are just pulling your leg to the same end. But who knows? Either way I couldn't care less what's become of these Japanese macaques.

In this war the Palestinians’ only weapon is terrorism. It is a terrible weapon but the oppressed poor have no others.

              Jean-Paul Sartre on the 1972 killing of 11 Israeli Olympians in Munich

When the first installment of the serial videos was uploaded by the Islamic State on January 20, the Japanese instantly resorted to their traditional behavior of letting things drift in total inaction resulted from thanatosis-like paralysis.

In the meantime their brain-dead leader was automatically repeating, as if in delirium, the same nonsense over and over: "We will never negotiate with the terrorists." He never failed to add in the same breath that his top priority, nonetheless, is to talk the terrorists into releasing the hostage immediately.

And fortunately for them, the problem solved itself this morning as it always does for the haunted nation as far as this dubious guy named Kenji Goto Jogo (See NOTE) is concerned.

NOTE: Goto's official family name is Jogo. It's interesting to know his wife Rinko Jogo was once stationed in Amman, Jordan, as a staff member of the Japan International Cooperation Agency. JICA is a quasi-governmental entity which has been known as a venal organization to covertly siphon taxpayers' money back to the Japanese government and its contractors under the guise of coordinating the appropriation of the Official Development Assistance.

Like Abe, I'm not very sure if I can pull myself together again to face the terrorism of words from my thinking-disabled audience before the Grim Reaper decapitates this 79-year-old blogger who is now under the imminent threat of fatal brain infarction. But if I can prepare myself in time, I will upload a new post to explain exactly why I have no difficulty looking the other way when some more unprincipled rogues from the U.S. and principle-less dregs of humanity from Japan are beheaded, all in Guantanamo jumpsuit.

Of course, the title of the new piece will be something like:

"Can actual false-flag tactics on presumed ones save the Planet of the Apes from totally falling apart?"

Time and again in the past I've said to these super-credulous guys under the influence of the conspiracy cult:

"If everything is a hoax, your conspiracy theory must also be a hoax. So there's no point in discussing issues with you. On the contrary if there still are issues which aren't fake, tell us specifically what they are. And let's discuss them seriously without resorting to American cynicism or Vietcong's guerrilla tactic."

Every time I warned them, they pretended that they hadn't heard me because they were fully determined not to face the reality. Now I have no reason, whatsoever, to refrain from revealing the dirty secret about these small-time imperialists disguised as something else.

Mark 16:16 goes: "He that believeth .... shall be saved." Amen.

POSTSCRIPT: Obviously it's a matter of time before these truth-seeking parasites, who are mentally retarded, and perhaps physically impaired too, start to spread the same old ignoratio elenchi such as Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is actually a Jewish operative. In this video embedded below, a eunuch from the Planet of the Apes is saying all these gruesome scenes were staged by the Mossad and the CIA from behind the curtain.


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The Birth of Yet Another Hero
Authored by: Diogenes on Sunday, February 01 2015 @ 01:32 AM JST
Time for some photographic forensic work. Where are these two characters? It looks like mine tailings in the background. Well, it could be South Africa, or it could be Kentucky. I don't think that Japan has mines that are large enough to produce this amount of waste. I'll say Kentucky. The phrase "You know you ain't lucky, if you is in Kentucky" seems to fit. Okay, location nailed.

Now, who is this dude in the black outfit? What are we seeing right in our faces that's downright obvious? The guy's a giant! He looks to be at least 7' tall or taller......... NBA! Yeah, it's a rebellious American basketball player that's gone to the other side. Now who might fit that bill? Start thinkin'. One of the Harlem Globe Trotters? Oh, no. They played in Iraq--Saddam gone; they played in Libya--Gadaffi gone; they played in Syria--Assad not gone...yet. (Moscow on February 22 is coming up with Putin playing guard for the Moscow Ice Kings. Watch out, Russia! You got a heap a trouble comin'. Watch your back, Vlad.) Hmmm. Is this stage two? When stage one fails, there is always a back up plan. Uh, oh. They're supposed to be playing in Springfield, Missouri this weekend. Oh, shit!

But wait!!! Look in the upper left corner after you blow this sucker up. (Thank you Michelangelo Antonioni) It's a UFO! Those damned Martians are always watching us and causing all kinds of mischief. It's probably driven by a dude named Loki! It's no accident the Americans named one of their space probes "Viking." Does this mean that Ragnarok is coming? Uh, oh #2.

People, start prayin' to your non-god. We be in BIG trouble--B-I-G trouble!
The Birth of Yet Another Hero
Authored by: Y.Yamamoto on Sunday, February 01 2015 @ 02:57 AM JST

I don't want to buy your theory. But thanks a lot anyhow.

It seems to me you are talking about the same old Ignoratio Elenchi. It can be a hoax. But so what? More specifically, tell us what is NOT a conspiracy?

I'm only concerned about ourselves, including my own self, and nothing else. I don't care a bit about what Putin, or the Illuminati, or the Mossad, or John McCain, or Jihadi John of the NBA is up to.

As we've said, your country, and mine as well, is nothing but a vast illusion shared by the respective people. I wasn't analogizing; I really meant it. (I always mean what I say and I never say what I don't.) Do you believe you are the only one who is still awake? If that is the case, we want you to give us a tip on how to stay awake when everyone else is in a deep sleep. And more importantly, you should share with us the reality you see beyond the Fata Morgana, instead of repeating it's just an illusion.

Maybe it's a superfluous advice to you, one of the most intelligent American individuals among those who I'm still in touch with this late in life, but let's keep in mind that the ultimate conspiracy is none other than our own existence. By the way, this Internet thing is also a huge conspiracy.

You may not feel like talking about the ultimate conspiracy we all fell victim to at birth, but at least we should drop the delusive idea disseminated by these apes such as Benjamin Fulford and Alex Jones, and focus solely on the real issue with the thing called the modern nation-state. We can't afford to waste our precious time by just repeating it's all hoax.

Once again, conspiracy theories are the integral part of conspiracies. Truth-seekers are funny guys who claim to have found the truth where they had planted it beforehand. It's nothing but a cheap hat trick

The Birth of Yet Another Hero
Authored by: Y.Yamamoto on Sunday, February 01 2015 @ 07:10 AM JST

This is to add to my reply to the comment from this gentleman who is known in this community by his handle “Diogenes.”

As you may know, Diogenes is certainly one of the most knowledgeable and insightful individuals around on both sides of the Pacific. So he doesn’t need to be lectured on the Latin words “Ignoratio Elenchi” by this ignorant blogger.

But if you don’t know the real meaning of the words, I recommend you look at this website. You will find interesting examples here along with the precise definition of the Latin words.

I think avoidance of ignoratio elenchi is the most important rule to observe when discussing serious issues seriously.

The Birth of Yet Another Hero
Authored by: Y.Yamamoto on Wednesday, February 04 2015 @ 11:05 PM JST

Below here I'm taking the liberty of posting a brilliant comment "Diogenes" gave me offline in addition to what he has already said:

These "beheadings" seem to be done in a studio with a blue screen background. These two guys are probably living in Miami right now, along with the dozens of Latin American dictators and their hit men.

The Birth of Yet Another Hero
Authored by: samwidge on Sunday, February 01 2015 @ 08:19 AM JST

Let's see; You disdained the loss of human life when it was Americans to the Muslims. Now that the first predicted death of a Japanese person has happened, you disdain that, too.

The Chinese are (relatively) quiet about their own deaths in the same the manner by the same people. It would seem that even they disdain their deaths.

Perhaps you are correct. After all, not all Muslims are murderers. In the grand picture of humanity, those killings can be forgotten.

In the United States the only birthrate high enough to sustain ethnicity is that of the Muslims. Many Muslims vow to murder every Infidel. (That's you and me). They claim to be gearing up for large-scale killings. Folks are concerned but we simply don't know what to do about it. They have their rights, too, you know.

Ultimately perhaps the Jihads will prevail. Anyone not of that faith will die. Yawn. Business as usual. Humanity flops like a fish tossed on a river's edge to die.

Perhaps the world should have been kinder and more understanding with the Palestinians.

I was unable to understand the video you offered because of my deafness. However I can tell you that it was prepared by amateurs who did not try hard to make the presentation understandable. They used very limited graphics and extraordinarily poor sound. They don't care as much as they claim they do. They don't seem bright.

There are many mysteries that you and I will never decode. I spent most of yesterday among Freemasons. They pervade the English-speaking nations and most of those touched by speakers of English. Japan has many. Ditto for India.

Who knows?; Perhaps your fear of Freemasons and the CIA are justified. Your opinion of these reminds me of an anti-hate group that involves itself directly in hating others, the wealthy Montana Human Rights Network. This bunch maligns anyone not a Democrat as extremist. I counted up some of the killings by the allies of this network and those people appear to be extremists as well.

In the end, if everybody is an extremist, then nobody is an extremist.

We are all doomed. Business as usual.
The Birth of Yet Another Hero
Authored by: Y.Yamamoto on Sunday, February 01 2015 @ 06:40 PM JST

Obviously we aren't on the same page, because I'm still haunted by one and the same question we've been addressing since November, i.e.:

* What exactly is the thing called a modern nation-state?
* Exactly how its founding principles bring the nation (the group of a people) and the state (the system to govern it) together?
* How long does it take for a nation-state to go to pieces when its founding principles are gone?

Now I realized I'm 239-pages behind you smart Americans. As I've said my IQ is as low as the moron's. So it can't be helped.

Like I said, the execution of the second Japanese hostage yesterday prompted me to quickly write something despite the fact I'm still in the middle of my thinking process. Maybe I shouldn't have uploaded this post just to bridge my long absence from the blogosphere.

Thanks much, anyhow, for taking time for this half-boiled piece.
The Birth of Yet Another Hero
Authored by: samwidge on Monday, February 02 2015 @ 05:11 AM JST

As always, you bring up astounding questions. In this case, asking what a nation-state is drops us into a conundrum of definition; Although my dictionary describes "nation" and "nation-state" with widely different words, the two seem the same.

Again, by asking how founding principles bring a nation together, you have asked a remarkable question. Founding principles never change though a nation may replace them. The original principles of the United States are being ignored and most of us think we are doomed because we have abandoned the founding principles and replaced them with easy, short-cut solutions to long-term problems. Majority views count for little any more.

My impression is that America's founding principles began to erode at the end of the Eisenhower presidency, 1961. That is 54-years. We were once a beautiful nation admired worldwide. We are now ugly and losing our popularity.

We are going to pieces. Government is supporting private unions. We have more lawyers per capita than any other nation. Our taxes are funding advocates of one political party alone. Other political parties are being disenfranchised.

There is nothing wrong with your IQ. It is far harder and far more generous to give friends good questions than to teach them great history. You are doing both and I shall be mulling your questions for the next week!
The Birth of Yet Another Hero
Authored by: Y.Yamamoto on Tuesday, February 03 2015 @ 01:33 AM JST

I'm really grateful that you came back, if not came down, to this mentally-retarded blogger who has been left 239-pages behind you smart Americans.

Since my youth, I've been a person of straight talk. But now I can't afford to waste a single minute playing with words. I always mean what I say and I never say what I don't.

So I tend to assume people I'm still in touch with this late in life also play it straight. Now you say, "We are gong to pieces," and seem to mean it.

On that assumption I'll really appreciate it if you tell me exactly how you know "America's founding principles began to erode at the end of the Eisenhower presidency, 1961," and specifically where you see the erosion.

It also helps me if you tell us what you think has caused it, and more importantly, whether and how you can interrelate the erosion in the U.S. to the global waves of what you call "terrorism."

In my humble opinion, terrorism is NOT just a blowback to America's unprincipled behavior. It seems to me the hollowed-out principles of "the natural rights to life, liberty and property" are badly IN NEED OF TERRORISM. People of the "free world" are saying, "Welcome Jihad."

There's no other way to understand why a mediocre Japanese journalist became a hero overnight just because he was beheaded. Some say these executions are all hoax. But that doesn't matter at all because the allegation is the same old Ignoratio Elenchi. The same is true of the Pakistani chick named Malala Yousafzai. If the empty-headed kid hadn't been shot, she wouldn't have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.
The Birth of Yet Another Hero
Authored by: samwidge on Tuesday, February 03 2015 @ 05:03 AM JST

You asked, "... how you know "America's founding principles began to erode at the end of the Eisenhower presidency, 1961," and specifically where you see the erosion."

It is a slow, long-term erosion. Popularity of Freemasonry lessened and the tenets behind it were seen as unimportant. American (and English) society began to see engineering as less a subject that people should compete to learn and more an obligation of the capitalists.

The exercise of faith became the object of ridicule rather than a mystery that deserves exploration. The importance of rules was diminished.

Deliberate disrespect became a game in which our hippies deliberately avoided bathing and broke drug laws without wanting the laws changed. They distinguished themselves by dressing in (often expensive) dark clothing that looked unkempt and dirty. Charlie Manson emerged as a leader for people who wanted to express disdain for ordered society. The "Love Generation" blossomed without love.

The people of counter-culture pulled the concept of integrity apart and replaced it with a non-competitive lifestyle. "From each according to his ability to each according to his need." We began wanting to give the results of our work away rather than wanting to share our ideals of self-sufficiency with the peoples of other nations.

We began wanting to be seen as a nation giving gifts rather than a nation sharing ideals.

Before you begin thinking that America thinks of itself as somehow better than other nations, keep in mind that we are an intensely self-critiquing people. We really don't care about other nations perceptions of us as much as we care about our perceptions of ourselves. That is why we field so many missionary groups even though their workers are routinely murdered by the people they serve. Even if we miss the mark, we want to see ourselves as fundamentally good... or at least we did before 1961.

I cannot say that 1961 was the point at which change began but merely the point at which change became noticeable.

You said, " 'the natural rights to life, liberty and property' are badly IN NEED OF TERRORISM. People of the 'free world' are saying, "Welcome Jihad."

There is a fundamental truth in what you say here but few will understand what you really mean. I would like to see you spruce up this idea so that it is more understandable. Terrorism is intended as a means not to teach but to create blind fear. Terrorism is aimed at subjugating those considered Infidels.

Perhaps terrorism may have some function in restoring healthy national and ethnic competition but we presuppose that today's terrorism is hate for its own sake, hate without any intended benefit.

As I recall, you and all your family are Infidels and thus are targeted for that same hate. So, tell us this; Do you favor your own murder and the murders of your sons at the hands of terrorists as something needed?

Please flesh your position out a little further. I see something in it that is a fundamental truth.

The Birth of Yet Another Hero
Authored by: Y.Yamamoto on Tuesday, February 03 2015 @ 06:41 AM JST

Thanks a lot. Let's leave it there until I can finish what's in the pipeline to elaborate on my thoughts about these points.

The Birth of Another Fake Hero
Authored by: Diogenes on Sunday, February 08 2015 @ 04:53 AM JST
Last week, one of my friends, that's a regular reader of TFP, asked me if I wasn't both Diogenes and Samwidge. His question seemed reasonable, when he explained that I might be using an alter-ego, since Samwidge posts material of an obviously outrageous nature, triggering a response from Diogenes. Good question. I'll leave it to the reader to ponder that possible scenario and make up his or her own mind.

Now then, Samwidge makes some quite outlandish, unsubstantiated, and, in one case, libelous claims. Let's give them a lash.

“The Chinese are (relatively) quiet about their own deaths in the same the (sic) manner by the same people. It would seem that even they disdain their deaths.”

I can't remember one single Chinese person captured or publicly executed by one of these alleged terrorist groups. Perhaps “Sandwich” can give us a news link to prove his point. I'm not doubting him. I just don't recall any such incidents involving China.

“In the United States the only birthrate high enough to sustain ethnicity is that of the Muslims. Many Muslims vow to murder every Infidel. (That's you and me). They claim to be gearing up for large-scale killings. Folks are concerned but we simply don't know what to do about it. They have their rights, too, you know.”

It's statements like this one that make me wonder if this is a creation originating from an intelligence agency, a computer program, or the ramblings of a human that is experiencing dementia. No kidding. Okay, so I will respond to it anyhow. “Folks are concerned but we don't know what to do?” Jesus H. C., man, would permanently restricting all immigration into the country, as happened between 1925 to 1965, stop the influx of this foreign invasion that is totally incompatible with Western culture? If the state can create legislation to import these people, they can create legislation to deport them. Why would any country allow a fifth column to enter their country with the stated aim of destroying it from within?

A family is no different in this instance than a country. The family can either allow a stranger to begin to lodge permanently in their home, or they can deny that person the right to do so. A country can do the same. A family can declare that no strangers will ever be allowed to reside inside their home or on their land, and the same option is available to a country. Everything is possible and nothing is impossible. Only a country that is run by an organized group that is engineering this mass immigration policy is able to make this happen--the monkeys controlling the reigns of power in every organization, private and government, within the country and without. This kind of unhindered and excessive Third World and Muslim immigration is not occurring in any Asian country, only Western European ones. This is no accident, but a carefully orchestrated plan to commit genocide against white Europeans in their own native lands. If you check out the U.N. definition of genocide, you will see that this policy fits the definition of genocide perfectly. This is not the raving of a white racist. It's a literal fact.

“Ultimately perhaps the Jihads will prevail. Anyone not of that faith will die. Yawn. Business as usual. Humanity flops like a fish tossed on a river's edge to die.”

He must mean only Westerner infidels or non-Muslims will be tossed on the river's edge, but a more realistic view is that should the worst case scenario he's painting, come to pass, those that survive the sword will become the equivalent of carps in a carriage rut, begging for a dipper of water. Whatever emerges, Sandwich's answer is that we all might as well just submit to Allah. Why wait for the scimitar? Why not drive your wheelchair over to the railroad tracks and wait to be launched onto the 6:00 pm news? Andy Warhol tells us we all will receive fifteen minutes of fame. A woman driver just did that by parking her SUV on railroad tracks, and got hit by a commuter train. She got more than her share of airtime/fame. The other day, commentators were asking: Why did she do it? Ans. The righteous sword of Allah is coming for her head. Why not cheat hangman or in this case, the swarthy, sword-bearing executioner.

“Perhaps the world should have been kinder and more understanding with the Palestinians.”

It ain't the world that should be kinder and more understanding, it's the Chosen People that have a responsibility to change THEIR attitude and behavior. There's some genetic evidence now emerging that these Eastern European Jews, the Ashkenazim from Khazaria, are actually the last vestiges of Neanderthals. If this is true, then that might give support to the theory that Cro-magnons were supposed to have attempted to kill them off. Were they too dangerous? Did they try to loan them (something equivalent to money) at interest?

“I was unable to understand the video you offered because of my deafness.”

I watched a Japanese movie years ago that didn't have closed captioning. Nevertheless, I watched the whole thing, thinking that I could figure out the plot and story line. Many years later, I watched it again when it had the Eng. subtitles activated, only to find that I was completely wrong about the entire movie. Sandwich has no excuse for not understanding this movie. It has closed captions. Sammy, you might try watching it again with the c.c. turned on, eh, old chap?

“I counted up some of the killings by the allies of this network (Montana Human Rights Network) and those people appear to be extremists as well.”

What? Who are these murdered people killed by the “allies” of this group? Where did this fantasy come from? Where's your evidence, old man? Where? You'd better hope they don't find this comment of yours, or you will be defending yourself in civil court for libel. Here's a list of their affiliates that you seem to be accusing.

Which one(s) is/are the killers and of whom?

At this point, I'll just move ahead. I've had enough of this character, or is it a HAL 9000? Samwidge has not satisfactorily answered the questions posited by TFP:

* What exactly is the thing called a modern nation-state?
* Exactly how its founding principles bring the nation (the group of a people) and the state (the system to govern it) together?
* How long does it take for a nation-state to go to pieces when its founding principles are gone?

I'd say that a nation-state is the product of centuries of psycho-social evolution, and the ever evolving improvements in the application of lethal violence. A modern nation-state is a defined territory that may or may not be expanding or contracting, and the people living within this territory are controlled by a criminal gang that has the monopoly on the use of force. This definition fits every modern nation-state, no matter where it is on the planet.

The criminal gang that has the monopoly on force naturally creates the rules effecting the powerless rest of the people inside the territory that they control. The “legal document, rules of behavior, or constitution” is created for the benefit of the criminal gang, and as we will see later, they may pen an attractive description of freedom, brotherhood, and equality, but in actuality, it's nothing more than a labyrinth-like map of a cage. In the end, everyone else that's not a member of this gang are the ones incarcerated inside this gigantic, open-air penitentiary. It's not a prison until you try the door. How many reach for the handle? This outcome is the first principle listed in the Chinese military classic “The Art of War,” by Sun Tzu. Convince the enemy that they are defeated before even a shot is fired and you have reached the acme of warfare. All powerless people, the vast majority, are the enemy in this nation-state example.

The U.S. nation-state system is touted as the example for the world, not the original Republican ideal, but a devolution to democracy with majority rule. The U.S. had its republic for only a short time. Ben Franklin, when asked what kind of government they created, allegedly responded, “It's a Republic, if you can keep it.” (So here you see that the locals had no input into the formation of the legal document that was going to rule their lives, just like today.) It didn't take long to lose it or have it “go to pieces.” Legislation (The Alien and Sedition Act) was introduced soon that was the first form of legalized censorship, which was a blatant violation of the first amendment. The President signed this unconstitutional bill into law, and the Supreme Court never heard a challenge to it. The three branches of government that were supposed to protect the structure of this Republican ideal failed miserably right from the get-go. This article helps explain how this happened. I'll quote it at length here.

“In the first decade-plus of its history, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down zero congressional enactments.
“At the risk of being slightly snarky, I would point out that the first two presidents (George Washington and John Adams) were Federalists, the first Congresses were dominated by Federalists, so all of the early Supreme Court appointees were nominated and confirmed by members of the same party that was also passing and signing all the laws and, coincidentally or not, none of the laws were struck down, nor even challenged, as unconstitutional.
“This is especially noteworthy because in 1798 the Federalist-dominated Congress passed and President John Adams signed the blatantly unconstitutional and highly partisan Alien and Sedition acts which, among other things, made it a crime, punishable by imprisonment, to:
“Write, print, utter or publish, or ... cause or procure to be written, printed, uttered or published, or ... knowingly and willingly assist or aid in writing, printing, uttering or publishing any false, scandalous and malicious writing or writings against the government of the United States, or either house of the Congress of the United States, or the President of the United States, with intent to defame the said government, or either house of the said Congress, or the said President, or to bring them, or either of them, into contempt or disrepute; or to excite against them, or either or any of them, the hatred of the good people of the United States.”
“In other words: No criticizing the government (although technically the criticism has to be false, scandalous or malicious).
“Under this law, 25 men, many of them editors of newspapers supportive of the nation’s first opposition party, the Democratic Republicans led by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, were arrested and prosecuted. Some went to prison. In many instances, the newspapers were shut down. The First Amendment – “Congress shall make no law … abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press” -- was on the books and in effect.
“Jefferson and Madison were learned in the law. Madison was the “father of the Constitution” and the chief author of the Bill of Rights, which included the free speech and press guarantees that were so blatantly flouted by the Alien and Sedition Acts. And the acts were clearly intended to intimidate and silence members of the Jeffersonian party. Yet, neither of them, nor anyone else, started a legal action seeking to have the Alien and Sedition Acts overturned by the Supreme Court as unconstitutional.
“This is hard to understand if, at the time of the drafting and ratification of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, it had been understood that the Supreme Court had this authority.
“Instead, Jefferson and Madison redoubled their efforts to win the next election, making the Alien and Sedition Acts an issue against Adams and the Federalists. And they did win, which set the stage for the jaw-dropping developments that lead up to the Marbury v. Madison case, which established or created or made the first use of the Supreme Court’s power strike down congressional enactments that – in the court’s opinion – violated the Constitution.”
So you can have a contract, which the constitution is, and the legal apparatus that is meant to enforce it can and will refuse to fight any violation of it. That gets us into other areas of contention. Why should I or anyone be bound by some legal document that I never agreed to? If any of us living within a particular recognized territory can't set up the rules for living together, one that we can all agree with, then we are nothing but slaves of the dead—those old gents that wrote this document that is worthless, since it appears to be unenforcible. Again, why should any of us submit to some document that we never had any voice in creating or choice of accepting or rejecting?

Getting back to the first part of the essay, we were confronted with the image of either a midget and giant, or a person in a Guantanamo prison suit next to a ninja with a brown backpack, holding what appears to be a knife as he stands above him. What does it really mean? What conclusion can we draw? Dave McGowan gives us a hint in his exposure of the false narrative of the “Boston Marathon Bombing” incident, which wasn't a real terrorist act at all, but a sloppily created and staged event, complete with crisis actors. ( webpage is gone, but they still have their twitter account active. There are many such organizations, but a quick check of my list shows most of them have de-listed from the Internet.) This quote, taken from his Boston Marathon Bombing series, speaks volumes about our modern dilemma of living within a society where reality is being created by others with the intent to permanently induce a false past, present, and future. Winston Smith, working for the Ministry of Truth, is all too real. For the most part, this evolving, social-engineering experiment is working as designed. Here's a seminal quote.

“What we appear to be seeing here is a campaign aimed at erasing the line between reality and fantasy – between what is objectively real and what is make-believe. For many years now we have seen a blurring of the line between news and entertainment, as well as, through ‘reality’ television, a blurring of the line between what is ‘real’ and what is scripted. We are now entering an age when there will be no dividing line at all between news, scripted entertainment and ‘reality’ TV. It will all be one and the same.

“In the new ‘reality’ we will be living in, nothing will be real and everything will be true.”
The Birth of Another Fake Hero
Authored by: Diogenes on Sunday, February 08 2015 @ 10:17 AM JST
As it is in an imperfect world, liars in the Ministry of Truth occasionally begin to believe their Big Lies. Just this last week, NBC Nightly News anchor, Brian Williams, the darling of the news department, was caught lying for 12 years about being onboard a helicopter that was shot down in Iraq. 12 years is more than a slip, it's deliberate and premeditated.

In this article, we read of another liar, former news anchor Tom Brocaw, who denies that he screeched that "Williams should be immediately fired!" Others at NBC are saying, he, too, is lying, that he did make that demand. But Brocow's lies are in the extreme. He authored a best selling WWII era book titled: "The Greatest Generation," with chapters dedicated to WWII. If you want to see what the truth is about WWII and Germany, you need to watch this twenty-seven part documentary series.

The Ministry of Truth has been alive for all the the 20th century, and we've all been fed an omlette of total distortion of reality. WWII was the bad war. The Germans were the real good guys, while the so-called "Allies" were the real bad guys. My father was part of the occupation army in Japan after the war. He admitted going into homes and robbing Japanese people of their treasures. I don't doubt that he raped Japanese women as well. He was a monster at home, so the little pipsqueak with a .45 Colt could cause a lot of mischief and terror.

There were no Jewish death camps, but there were Eisenhower death camps, 200 of them that mass murdered Germans after the war. Eisenhower was pure evil, as Satanic figure that should be vilified in history, not praised. This film will expose just who created the real death camps, and it wasn't Germans.

Finally, what did the "Allies" do AFTER the occupation of Germany? They created what author Thomas Goodrich described as a Hellstorm. Here is a written expose of what our Greatest Generation of heroes along with their Soviet "allies" actually did after the total defeat of Germany.

Finally, a documentary film based on Goodrich's book is in the works. Here's a trailer for the upcoming documentary.

Remember that you have been psychologically conditioned to believe what is fed to you from the media organs. The Brian Williams slip-up should be a clue that things aren't what they seem. But they are a lot worse than little Brian's lies. It's the entire history of our contemporary world that has been and continues to be an artificial creation, where “In the new ‘reality’ we will be living in, nothing will be real and everything will be true.”