The Birth of Another Fake Hero

Saturday, January 31 2015 @ 01:19 PM JST

Contributed by: Y.Yamamoto


POSTSCRIPT February 6: 石堂順子、湯川正一、および某保険会社への朗報

Weep no more, the "bereaved" parents of nanchatte heroes and the fraudulent insurer who underwrote the risk of being kidnapped at a ridiculous per-diem rate of JPY 100K.

Junko Ishido, Goto's mother, shed a lot of obligatory tears at the FCCJ but the hag was wearing weird grins all the time as if she already knew ISIS could sometimes stand for Israel Secret Intelligence Service - and perhaps a few things more
Unconfirmed reports from nanchatte informed sources, including an American regular of this website, have it that these scenes of beheading were all fake and most probably your sons are currently vacationing in Miami, FL.

Through my longtime experience with every school of conspiracy "theorists," I've learned they are conspirators or their henchmen themselves. To please their largely imaginary Jewish employers, they single-mindedly use a cheap trick of deliberately discrediting themselves by disseminating childish anti-Semitic paranoia.

One typical example is their far-fetched allegation about "Laurel Canyon Conspiracy" of the 1960s. They say hippies like Frank Zappa were employed by the predominantly Jewish establishment to taint the antiwar cause in a roundabout way. But actually it's pre-9/11 conspiracy theorists who subtly emboldened the Pentagon to escalate the Vietnam War. Most of the time these old kids afflicted with premature senility didn't know what they were doing, but as a matter of fact, things unfolded as if in a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Motives? Yes, basically there are two personal factors that drive a truth-seeker into obsessive-compulsive behaviors. I'll elaborate on this aspect of the issue in the following post.

Now I wouldn't be surprised if they are just pulling your leg to the same end. But who knows? Either way I couldn't care less what's become of these Japanese macaques.

In this war the Palestinians’ only weapon is terrorism. It is a terrible weapon but the oppressed poor have no others.

              Jean-Paul Sartre on the 1972 killing of 11 Israeli Olympians in Munich

When the first installment of the serial videos was uploaded by the Islamic State on January 20, the Japanese instantly resorted to their traditional behavior of letting things drift in total inaction resulted from thanatosis-like paralysis.

In the meantime their brain-dead leader was automatically repeating, as if in delirium, the same nonsense over and over: "We will never negotiate with the terrorists." He never failed to add in the same breath that his top priority, nonetheless, is to talk the terrorists into releasing the hostage immediately.

And fortunately for them, the problem solved itself this morning as it always does for the haunted nation as far as this dubious guy named Kenji Goto Jogo (See NOTE) is concerned.

NOTE: Goto's official family name is Jogo. It's interesting to know his wife Rinko Jogo was once stationed in Amman, Jordan, as a staff member of the Japan International Cooperation Agency. JICA is a quasi-governmental entity which has been known as a venal organization to covertly siphon taxpayers' money back to the Japanese government and its contractors under the guise of coordinating the appropriation of the Official Development Assistance.

Like Abe, I'm not very sure if I can pull myself together again to face the terrorism of words from my thinking-disabled audience before the Grim Reaper decapitates this 79-year-old blogger who is now under the imminent threat of fatal brain infarction. But if I can prepare myself in time, I will upload a new post to explain exactly why I have no difficulty looking the other way when some more unprincipled rogues from the U.S. and principle-less dregs of humanity from Japan are beheaded, all in Guantanamo jumpsuit.

Of course, the title of the new piece will be something like:

"Can actual false-flag tactics on presumed ones save the Planet of the Apes from totally falling apart?"

Time and again in the past I've said to these super-credulous guys under the influence of the conspiracy cult:

"If everything is a hoax, your conspiracy theory must also be a hoax. So there's no point in discussing issues with you. On the contrary if there still are issues which aren't fake, tell us specifically what they are. And let's discuss them seriously without resorting to American cynicism or Vietcong's guerrilla tactic."

Every time I warned them, they pretended that they hadn't heard me because they were fully determined not to face the reality. Now I have no reason, whatsoever, to refrain from revealing the dirty secret about these small-time imperialists disguised as something else.

Mark 16:16 goes: "He that believeth .... shall be saved." Amen.

POSTSCRIPT: Obviously it's a matter of time before these truth-seeking parasites, who are mentally retarded, and perhaps physically impaired too, start to spread the same old ignoratio elenchi such as Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is actually a Jewish operative. In this video embedded below, a eunuch from the Planet of the Apes is saying all these gruesome scenes were staged by the Mossad and the CIA from behind the curtain.

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