Resonance with a Siberian tigress

Saturday, October 15 2016 @ 08:00 PM JST

Contributed by: Y.Yamamoto

Anna’s husband seems to be a photographer. But I hope he would give me a permission for using this lovely picture here.

Last evening I attended one of those meetups held in this neighborhood heeding Jake’s kind suggestion. I'd felt I was badly in need of an intelligent and cheerful companion to overcome the geriatric depression which kept worsening not without good reasons.

There I stumbled on a young Slavic lady wearing a red sweater. Her bright eyes somehow reminded me of a Siberian tigress, a friendly one. She fully met my criteria.

Her name is Anna. She and I talked for more than an hour over glasses of oolong tea. I was impressed to find out she always had something to say more than just yes or no on the wide range of topics, from Vladimir Putin, to Joseph Stalin, to Andrei Panin, to linguistics (she’s at least quadrilingual,) to music of all genres.

As I wrote in my blog late last year, I admire the Russian people at large for their undaunted optimism.

If you watch a Russian movie or read a Russian novel, you will almost always come across a particularly Russian line spoken to someone in trouble:

Всё будет хорошо.

This sentence is literally translated like “Everything will be alright.” But in a typical Russian context, it means something else. When an American says these words, it’s little more than an empty promise or a lip service he is good at because he doesn’t know exactly how it will turn out OK, if ever it will, unless he is the author of the story. On the other hand, when a Russian says these words, he knows it MUST be alright because each individual citizen in Russia is the author of his/her own life.

Those who still remain prisoners of ideologies such as democracy or totalitarianism will never find it agreeable. But this is a deliberate statement I want to make after dealing with the predominantly-American audience of my blog for more than 12 years.

It's Anna's realistically optimistic attitude toward life that resonated with me so deeply.

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