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Sick and Tired of Getting Told What to Do by American Apes

Weeks before the Iowa caucuses of January 3, I started working on a new post. The essay was something to be titled: The Imminent Collapse of the Evil American Empire and Its Implication for Homeland U.S.

It still remains so; I'm going to elaborate on Gerald Celente's prediction for 2012. Celente is a "trend forecaster" with a proven track record. Unlike other crisis-mongering prophets in the U.S., he has a crystal ball that isn't clouded with any half-baked ideology.

I knew from the beginning that it was going to be another unrewarding and futile effort to try to convince Americans that their rogue country is doomed to failure in the near future in one way or the other. They show no signs yet that they are going to wake up from the broken American dream anytime soon. That was quite OK with me because basically it's none of my business how disgraceful they will look when exiting from the center stage of history. The only thing I wanted them to understand is that the rest of the world, especially we Northeast Asians, will be much better off without these highly-educated apes telling us what to do all the time.

But I soon hit the wall when I realized that I'd underestimated the severity of the damage incurred to the brains of the Americans as a result of the intellectual vacuum created by the chattering classes in the U.S., both in the mainstream and fringe. I shouldn't have expected that these people who have difficulty understanding America's march toward its total disintegration is irreversible now can envisage a better world after they perish.

Judging from the people I've taken a look and listen at on YouTube videos and related articles, it was evident that the logical deductions I was drawing from my meticulous analysis would be way beyond their comprehension. All along I was aware that I was standing up against the same wall that stands in the way of Texas Congressman Ron Paul. The intellectual barrier is almost impenetrable.

Most political analysts in the U.S. are totally incapable of analyzing politics, or anything else for that matter. They are stupid enough to arbitrarily single out a foreign regime they want their government to destroy and talk about the demise of that country so lightly as if it's a well-deserved heaven's punishment. But my approach is 180-degrees different. To me, a nation's collapse is not a punishment, but a reward which is the only way to enable real change.

On January 26, I was studying the full text of Obama's December 14 address at Fort Bragg in which the smooth-talking mythomaniac solemnly declared the end of the Iraq War. As usual his wordy speech came down to the same old fallacy that all heinous crimes his country has committed in the last 100 years since Woodrow Wilson can be whitewashed by his magic word "reset."

By now, however, I'm so used to the cheap trick by the Kenyan monkey, that I didn't find the Fort Bragg transcript particularly sickening. Instead I was overwhelmed by a renewed disgust and outrage when I conjured up the names and faces of Americans who still self-righteously insist that it was not their fault to have sent the black ape to the White House in 2008. By the same token, they have already made it clear that they won't take the blame if a white Obama such as Mitt Romney is elected the 45th U.S. President. To them it's always someone else's problem; they are never at fault for the unstoppable decline of their own country.

They may not have directly voted for Obama, but the majority of their community members certainly did - be it their kin, friends, workplace colleagues, business partners, authors of the books they read, or readers of the books they authored. As long as they stay with the same community, they are defenders of status quo. As Ron Paul has repeatedly pointed out, "the government is a reflection of the people" and it's never the other way around.

Actually these defeatists are using their support for Ron Paul as an alibi for the total inaction resulting from their physical cowardice, mental inertia and self-complacency. And exactly what are they doing to promote the libertarian cause? They do practically nothing but chanting empty slogans against the media and political establishment. The best they can do is to donate some bucks. It's as though they think they can buy civil liberties for $20.

It's because of all this that soon after I was through with Obama's hogwash on the afternoon of January 26, things suddenly started whirling around me and I collapsed into the pool of my own vomit. I somehow dialed 119, Japan's equivalent of 911. I was ambulanced into the emergency room of a nearby hospital. Although the CT Scan showed no signs of a cerebral hemorrhage yet, the doc warned it can start anytime soon because the systolic reading of my blood pressure had shot up to an astronomical 240 mm Hg, far beyond the threshold value for "Hypertensive Crisis" (180 mm Hg.) But I thought in delirium that this wasn't the right way to put an end to my life. Besides, I'm medically uncovered and financially broke. I refused to stay on in the hospital and came home late at night by taxi. One of the things I thought about doing on my way home was to finish the essay.

Two days later I could barely afford to purchase a Digital Blood Pressure Monitor of Citizen Systems at the price of 4,980 yen. Since then I have been keeping the graphical records of pressure reading at the interval of 4-5 hours. By now I know for sure that stress is the single most important factor of the volatile fluctuation of my blood pressure.

Yesterday morning I was talking to an American hag in what may have been a dream. She was the literary agent who pissed me off four years ago when she said, though in a roundabout way, that my argument about the unviable Japan wasn't worth a buck because it was way too heretical. It was obvious that her role was to keep harmful ideas from abroad at bay. Now the same bitch was saying the same thing about my idea of the unviable America. When I woke up from the bad dream, I found out the systolic reading had shot up to the same level recorded when I collapsed two weeks earlier. (See above photo.)

In the meantime, I resumed my writing at the point where I had been forced to stop. Braving the risk of the rupture of the cerebral blood vessel, I once again asked myself: "Is it realistic to expect American idiots to really understand the libertarian cause of Ron Paul?" His "electability" solely hinges on the answer to this question.

It looks as though the Texas Congressman is recently inclined to refer to the revolution he advocates as an "Intellectual Revolution." In this context, it's a pity that he had to settle for Doug Wead as Senior Adviser to his campaign headquarters. Needless to say, you can't expect a mere mercenary like him to spearhead an Intellectual Revolution.

Maybe Wead is skillful at organizing fundraising activity. But most of the time he is wasting the money he has collected from donors by running pointless ads to counter the accusations that Ron Paul is a racist, gay-hater, "9/11 truther," or what not. By doing so, he has played into the hands of the media and political establishment. Wead is too dim-witted to understand these allegations are all red herrings to sidetrack the campaign issue. The Senior Adviser should know his boss is a man of principle and has never been a man of ideology. In other words, the presidential candidate from Texas is neither a truth-seeker nor a truth-evader; he is a truth-doer.

The Senior Adviser has certainly helped build momentum especially among young supporters. But that's far from enough. It's evident from the striking resemblance between young supporters of Ron Paul today and the members of the Obama cult four years ago that these youngsters are totally clueless about the Intellectual Revolution.

Worse yet, older supporters are no different: they are equally immature and intellectually impaired. Wasting no time these bastards bookmarked the notion of the Intellectual Revolution simply because it seems to assure them of a fairy tale about peaceful and bloodless transformation of society. They want to look away from the historical fact that no real change has been achieved without costing the life of an advocate of nonviolent revolution such as Mahatma Gandhi or Martin Luther King, Jr. This is basically why these effete people keep saying in feigned resignation that elections in the U.S. are all rigged and there's nothing they can do to rectify the situation.

Even so, relatively sane Americans are now making a big fuss over NDAA 2012, SOPA and some other police state measures. To be honest with you, however, I don't quite understand what good it would do to preserve civil liberties which have already been hollowed out by now. American people should understand it's none other than themselves who have been brainless and spineless enough to voluntarily relinquish their personal liberties by virtue of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Civil liberty is not a value in itself. It's nothing but an enabler of real change.

This is, however, not to say Ron Paul was wrong when he said, "[With the passage of the bill for NDAA 2012] we have crossed the Rubicon towards empire and tyranny." Actually the last (or second last) emperor unwittingly signed the death warrant for his empire as the self-appointed guardian of justice and freedom for the entire world. 2011 will be remembered as the year the American Empire finally lost its moral authority, totally, for good, and even retroactively, to crusade, and to have crusaded, around the world for the false cause of "democracy."

By now we Northeast Asians are sick and tired of getting pushed around by the world's most despicable species named Americans. I still want to see Ron Paul nominated in August, win the Elections in November and somehow escape a likely attempt of his assassination in the year that marks the 50th anniversary of the JFK incident. Then we will see all the U.S. military personnel belatedly getting repatriated from 130-plus countries around the world including my country of birth.
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A Timely Rape Gaffe by Former Okinawa Defense Bureau Chief Helped Everyone but His Boss in One Way or the Other

Satoshi Tanaka was sacked as
Director-General of the Okinawa
Defense Bureau because of his
I know it's useless to repeat the same explanation about Honne and Tatemae to the Americans who have been so used to the superficial and stereotypical views about the Japanese. Nevertheless, I can't talk about what's going on here in the last several days without touching on the dilemma inherent to these dishonest people.

This is especially true with Japanese government officials. They are extremely prone to a slip of the tongue because success in their career all hinges on their skills in balancing on a tightrope stretched between Honne and Tatemae.

Empty-headed Westerners tend to think when one speaks out Honne, literally translated as his true feelings, he is telling the truth and when he does Tatemae argument, he is lying. But nothing is farther from the truth. How can a born liar tell the truth at times? It's just that there are politically correct lies and politically incorrect ones. Therefore, when his tongue slips, everyone gets hurt in one way or the other by the inappropriate lie.

At times, however, a truthful thought slips out of the mouth of a relatively honest person such as Satoshi Tanaka, Director-General of the Okinawa Defense Bureau. On the night of November 28, Tanaka was fielding questions about the relocation of the U.S. Marine Corps' air station in an unofficial meeting with reporters. When asked why the Noda government is waffling on the submission date of Asesumento report, he reportedly answered this way: "Would you say, 'I will rape you,' before you rape someone?" He was reportedly under the influence of alcohol.

Noda had promised to deliver an environmental assessment report ASAP to the mayor of Nago, the city where Noda and Leon Panetta are planning to build a new airbase for V-22 Ospreys. It has a Japanese name (
環境影響評価書, or Kankyou Eikyo Hyoka-sho) but they always substitute this Jangrish name when referring to the report because these colonials think anything named in English sounds truthful and/or authentic.

The dozen or so news reporters present at the meeting were expecting to hear Honne from the Okinawa Defense Bureau chief whose tongue was getting more slippery because of alcoholic beverage. Yet, it's only a reporter from the local newspaper Ryukyu Shimpo that decided the slip was report-worthy. All others thought it would run counter to the media's mission as the mouthpiece of the governments of Japan and the United States. But when they learned the story was published by the local media outlet next morning, they had to follow suit.

In doing so, however, editors of mainstream media had difficulty finding a good reason for criticizing Tanaka for his careless remark because the last thing they would allow themselves to say was that the gaffe indicated the malicious Honne the Ministry of Defense had harbored against the Okinawans. Finally they came up with the same old trick of citing Tanaka's insensitivity to remind the islanders of the 1995 incident where three U.S. servicemen raped a 12-year-old local schoolgirl. As usual, the Japanese media wanted to trivialize the issue with America's illegitimate occupation of Okinawa by exaggerating the significance of the rape incident. Actually, there have been only 15 sexual offenses committed by GIs stationed in Okinawa in the last 14 years.

Their story about the Okinawa Defense Bureau chief rubbing the people of Okinawa in the wrong way gathered momentum as another Honne slipped out of the mouth of Defense Minister Yasuo Ichikawa. When asked by an opposition lawmaker whether he realized the significance of the "epochal" rape incident of 1995, Ichikawa admitted he didn't have a detailed knowledge of the particular case. The minister must be an extremely modest person. When he was appointed by Noda to take charge of nation's defense in September, he famously said, "I am the right person to ensure the rules of civilian control because I know nothing about defense."

Now that the censure motion against the Defense Minister is going to pass the Diet by December 9, the relocation plan for the U.S. Marine Corps to Henoko, Nago City, will suffer another serious setback, whatever the reason. It's a matter of time that U.S. government officials and mainstream media start to find in Noda another loopy Japanese prime minister. They will never learn that without this loopiness inherent to Japan's leadership, this country would have left America's political and cultural orbit long time ago. Their inability to learn lessons from past mistakes is most evident in their failure to understand that Honne and Tatemae are two different aspects of the same lie.

Needless to say the Okinawans have benefited from the rape gaffe which all newspapers insist has seriously hurt them. Ironically, though, they are not alone in appreciating Tanaka's "insensitive" remark; Prime Minister Noda also seems to feel grateful to Tanaka because now he can tell Obama that the setback in the progress of the relocation plan is not his fault. All in all, the slip of the tongue helps everyone but Ichikawa and his dotted-line boss in Pentagon.

Incidentally, the same rape analogy is also very true with the nation-dividing discussions over the Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership. On the sideline of the APEC 2011 summit meeting, Noda promised Obama that Japan will participate in TPP, while on the other hand telling his people that he just expressed his willingness to take part in the "preparatory" talks on TPP. Semantics aside, however, what he has done thus far all amounts to this: he has taken off all his underwear and slipped into Obama's bed, and yet still keeps saying, "Don't worry, I'll get out of bed if Obama says he wants to fxxk me."
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A Long Way to Go from Wall Street to 52nd Street at the Corner of 6th Avenue

CBS Building located on
6th Av., NYC
Take a look at this video. Perhaps you don't like the obtrusive way this person named Alex Jones presents his news stories. Neither do I. Whether you like him or not, however, he is one of the very few reporters who have shown the courage to reveal the fact that on November 12, CBS manipulated the results of its poll taken after a debate among Republican candidates.

Now it looks as though the entire nation is so panic-stricken in the face of the looming Armageddon that the American people have started to think they would be better off settling for the status quo. This is the only way to explain why they don't care too much about the news that Ron Paul's bid for the presidency is now going to be aborted by the media criminals amid the race for the Republican Presidential nomination. Needless to say, this will make Obama a shoe-in for his second term as U.S. President.

You may wonder where all the protesters in Wall Street have gone? Don't worry; these occupiers are doing a good job for Obama exactly in the same way the millions of Red Guards did for Mao Zedong in the era of the Great Cultural Revolution, misled by his tricky words (造反有理) that literally meant protests against authority were always encouraged. If you bother to look at the muddled words in the Liberty Square Blueprint or the 99% Declaration, you will see what I am talking about.

From a Northeast Asian's point of view, it's an overwhelming fear of change being felt across the nation, even among street occupiers, that underlies the current situation in the U.S., where election frauds are commonplace and always go unchecked. This is quite understandable. Any being, living or not, does its best to resist change. Isaac Newton called it inertia. But that does not mean you can never overcome your sense of constantly being threatened if you are not yet done for.

The only way out of the crisis is to FACE THE REALITY, wiping out all the influence of indoctrination you have been exposed to in the past. Sounds familiar? Sorry to say, however, I haven't met a single American who knows what exactly these three words mean. Actually it involves two separate steps.

STEP 1: Stop parroting what your friend says is at issue and select your own concern or two, if only tentatively. Remember the basics of dialectical reasoning; it says the standard answer to a question is already given in the way it is posed.

What issues did you come up with? The unemployment rate which has long plateaued at 9% level? Or the widening income gap that is supposedly leading to an all-out class warfare? If you think the President, or anyone else for that matter, can create jobs out of thin air, or measures for income redistribution through taxes or social welfare programs can redress widespread injustice, your brain has been irreparably damaged.

Or is it conspiracies by the secret cabal which have allegedly resulted in the never-ending war on terror or other consequences such as Patriot Act? How stupid! Can you tell me what is NOT a conspiracy, by any chance? If you can't, you have to admit these conspiracies created by fringe theorists with the help of mainstream ideologues are more or less delusive and totally irrelevant to the reality of the 21st century. Although they haven't realized it yet, the Americans have already been deprived of the privilege to decide what is important, and what is not, to the rest of the world.

They are all false issues, or at most, the consequences of mishandling of the real issues. I have an impression that the members of the now-famous 99-Percent Club, who are allegedly suffering plight, are, in fact, suffering from a severe mental illness symptomized by the inability to think using their own brains.

You shouldn't invent the wheel by yourself, however. This is no time to look around for fancy ideas all anew because what's lacking right now is something else. Fortunately, Congressman Ron Paul has already articulated where to find the real issues facing America and how to possibly fix them. You just pick some of them which you think are most relevant to you.

From a Northeast Asian's point of view, the single most important issue identified for us by Ron Paul is the one with the 700-plus military bases the United States maintains in more than 150 countries in the world when it is on the verge of bankruptcy. Don't take me wrong, however. I have never idolized or deified the Congressman. The only thing that matters is the fact that he is the only person who points out U.S. monetary policy is deeply flawed and its foreign policy is morally obscene and fiscally unsustainable.

STEP 2: When you are through with the first step, try to INTERNALIZE the issue you have identified as most relevant to you. If you find out you can't really relate to it, return to the previous step because you have made a wrong selection there. Someone else's problem does not affect your life so profoundly as to require a tailor-made solution.

For more than half a century, the American people have played the role of busybodies all over the world. As a result, they have lost the faculty for internalizing things, something that distinguishes human beings from apes. To most Americans today, it's always someone else's problem. That is why they didn't take any action when CBS cheated on the poll results. They may have said, "Sigh! That's a shame," but that's it. It's as though the unscrupulous crime is being committed in a faraway country. The only exceptions are homeless, jobless or penniless people. Unfortunately, though, these social outcasts normally do not know how to re-externalize what they have internalized.

The way of committing oneself to the selected cause should vary from one individual to another. But at any rate, the time for words is all over now. For the part of Ron Paul's campaign offices, they don't have to recruit additional preachers because their preaching unit is already overstaffed. Appallingly, though, it hasn't crossed their mind that they are badly in need of first-line troops, i.e. doers. They should know that they can never overpower the Newtonian inertia just with words.

By the same token, street protesters should know the time for a picnic, an open-air (empty) skull session or a football game against the squad from the NYPD or OPD has come to an end. Now is the time for real actions, such as occupying 52nd Street at the corner of 6th Avenue where the CBS Headquarters is located.
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Japan Update with 8 Videos

Every once in a while, I do an intensive video mining. Embedded below with my brief comments are some of the videos I hit yesterday on the rich vein of YouTube. It will be very much appreciated here if you tell us your take on a video or videos that you find most relevant to you.

VIDEO 1: "4-Way Toss-up" in Iowa

I don't have interest in how the CIA recidivists have wreaked havoc on the Libyans because basically it's none of my business whether or not "the second colonization of Africa" is going on there. But I do have a keen interest in what's going on in the race for the Republican nomination. I'm especially worried to know American voters are talking about the 4-way toss-up in Iowa while in fact Congressman Ron Paul is the only person who could possibly bring about real change; the other three, Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich and this Herman Cain are idiots who don't have the slightest idea about the real problem facing America.

VIDEO 2: If You Think Carlos Salinas was a Fool, Tell Me What to Call Yoshihiko Noda?

Forced to join the "preparatory" talks on an expanded Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership, Bush's plan reactivated by Obama, Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda is giving the finishing touch to Japan's colonization. Here you can view Part 2 of this cartoon.

VIDEO 3: Dojo Faced a Merciless Attack from the Left

When taking office, Noda dubbed himself Dojo, a loach. A loach is a fish which is only viable in a murky river. In the face of a crisis, he quickly hides underneath the dirt. You don't have to understand the Japanese words Mizuho Fukushima, head of the Social Democratic Party of Japan, is speaking here on the eve of Noda's departure for Honolulu because her question is so clear and straightforward. She is simply saying: "The Dojo is still hiding under the dirt so it doesn't hear our voice of protest. But in a matter of hours, you are going to emerge from the dirt to tell Obama your intention to participate in TPP. Who the hell do you think you are? Are you the Prime Minister of the United States, or what?"

VIDEO 4: Noda's Muddled Words Mark the Start of Another Decade-Long Loopy Discussions across the Pacific

On the sideline of the 2011 APEC summit meeting in Honolulu, Yoshihiko Noda told his black boss that he would "put all goods and services on the negotiating table for TPP," according to the press release by U.S. Principal Deputy Press Secretary Josh Earnest. As any other Japanese leader would have done, he added something to his "Yes": "But ...#$&%□△............." The rest of his mumble was inaudible to Obama. Later on, Japan's Foreign Ministry lodged a weak protest, saying Noda was misquoted by Earnest. But, of course, the spokesman flatly refused to revise his earlier announcement.

VIDEO 5: Dojo was Bombarded by the Right, as Well

Back home, Noda was still half-asleep because of the jet lag and the hungover from kissing the black ass too much in Honolulu when Shoji Nishida, a combative lawmaker of the Liberal Democratic Party, dropped a lot of bombshells on him. You will find the first 10 minutes of the 15-minute-long video a little boring, but what Nishida is saying to the Dojo in the last third of the video all comes down to this: "Now we all know you and your cabinet members are all unscrupulous swindlers. (Looking to NHK's TV crew) Show the shameless face of this bastard to the audience. The Noda administration has no legitimacy to rule this country." It's a pity, though, Nishida is one of those die-hard Tennoists (members of the Emperor cult) who blindly believe in the delusion that the Imperial institution still has some legitimacy.

VIDEO 6: Unwinnable Wars against TIA

I know there are times you have to launch a war knowing it's unwinnable. So, if you want to fight your enemy to protect your privacy, why don't you just go ahead. There are many state-of-the-art weapons such as the Firefox plug-in named NoScript. On my part, I'm already in the middle of the constitutional battle against the City Hall which prohibits me from opening a new front. Besides, I am a firm believer that I would always play into my enemy's hands if I went for a solution proposed by anyone who claims to be on my side. For one thing, I have uninstalled McAfee AntiVirus and deactivated Microsoft Security Essentials since the time when I realized these anti-malware and firewall products do us more harm than good. It's a matter of commonsense that the likes of McAfee or Symantec are creating and spreading all these viruses themselves. At any rate, I wasn't born to get pushed around by these bandits all the time.

VIDEO 7: Barcarolle from The Tales of Hoffmann

VIDEO 8: Stella by Starlight from the 1944 Film The Uninvited

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Mentally-Stunted Americans Getting Increasingly Bogged down in Self-Denial

I am contented with myself - what I have been and what I have done throughout these 76 years mostly spent in this terminally-ill country. I am also proud of my Japanese friends who have made my troubled life worth living or more tolerable. Without their help, I would have lost my sense of self-esteem long time ago.

It is for this reason that I don't care too much about how my estranged American friends label me. Some of them implicitly say this blogger should not be taken seriously because he keeps advocating a crazy idea that the Treaty of Mutual Cooperation and Security between the United States and Japan should be terminated immediately. Some others explicitly say he is nothing but an old cranky negativist.

Believe it or not, throughout my life I haven't learned anything through gratification. I am a person who can learn things only through humiliation. Therefore, please feel free to call me names. I won't feel insulted if you address me as Jap or psycho. Instead, I will appreciate your frankness as long as you abide by these Rules for Posting.

When I wrote here that I wanted you to refrain from throwing eggs at me or among each other, I didn't mean that I would appreciate all these cajoleries. Americans often address me as "a respectable person from the respectable country." Every time you say these words, I am really pissed off as if you called me Jap because you are talking to one of those docile colonials of the American Empire who never says what you don't want to hear. Either of us can learn nothing from the exchange of such nice words. Besides, unlike many other Japs, I devoted most of my adulthood to the cause of the independence of my country of birth in one way or the other.

What I really meant by the word "eggs" was non sequitor.

I believe that the bilateral security treaty is illegitimate simply because it was signed between Dwight Eisenhower and an undercover agent of CIA disguised as the Japanese Prime Minister. Also I believe that the U.S. President should send his Japanese counterpart a termination notice ASAP, unilaterally invoking its Article 10 because it's totally unimaginable that the neotenized Japanese take the initiative in leaving the rotten relationship before the inevitable demise of the U.S. Now let's assume you said, "I see your point, and yet, I want Japan to remain the cornerstone of the East Asia policy of the U.S. until death do us part." Then, I would say, "Your way of thinking is logically inconsistent." When you said the same thing for the second time still without giving a logical reason, you would deserve an derogatory appellation such as "an idiot" or any other un-PC name. And if you came back once again to say the same silly thing, I would be inclined to use even more inflammatory words.

Another example: When the President of the United States said, not for the first time, to the effect that the FTA with South Korea is going to be a win-win deal, he was actually inviting racial slurs, at least from my website. This also made America a downright rogue nation.

Perhaps, you wonder what underlies my extraordinarily nonchalant attitude toward political correctness. I think it may help you figure it out if you know I am an avowed Buddhism fundamentalist. Of course, you Americans will never understand the tenets of Gautama Buddha because you have already been fed a lot of exoticism, mystification and many other distortions about Buddhism. Take the Sanskrit word "Satya" or
諦観 in Japanese for example. Actually it simply means looking at the truth as it is, not the truth as it should be, it will be, or it used to be. But your Japanese friends have taught you that the word signifies the feeling of resignation with which the average Japanese accepts things as they are, i.e. status quo. No wonder the American people have no sense of guilt over what they have done, and they will do, to the Japanese and other Asians.

Another teaching of Buddha which is always misinterpreted by the Americans is
色即是空・空即是色. Normally it is translated into English as "Form is emptiness, and emptiness is form." To make it easier for the Americans with their brains fatally impaired, I have once translated these words like this: "Nothing really matters." Now they say they've got the idea, but wait; they haven't, and perhaps will never. Take racial bias for example. When I say, "Ethnicity doesn't matter," most Americans hear me saying, "All ethnic groups should be treated equally and given equal rights and opportunities." But this is an auditory hallucination particular to the contemporary Americans because actually I mean ethnicity doesn't matter, no more, no less.

This is my part of the story.

It used to puzzle me why on earth all these educated Americans remain so immature that they are extremely vulnerable to verbal abuse especially from this part of the globe while on the other hand acting like rogues who are so insensitive about hurting the Japanese and other Asian peoples not only with their words but also with their deeds.

A couple of weeks ago, one of my American friends - thank God I still have some - passed me a joke about the inner conflict of Obama together with the link to an article on a Srilankan daily titled Obama Supports Lynching Africans in Libya. The joke goes like this:

White Obama: Damn them nixxxrs! Kill 'em all, boys!
Black Obama: No, no, don't, don't, .... well, just this one time. But that's it!
White Obama: Shut up, nixxxr! I'm in charge here!
Black Obama: OK, massa. I'zzzza gonna be quiet. I'zzzza quiet. Yes'm boss. I'zzzza sayin' nothin'.

From a Buddhist's point of view, this is funny but not really laughable because this tells the tragic story about inner conflict of not only Obama but also many other black, white, yellow and brown Americans who think the joke is tasteless.

As was true with Adolf Hitler, who is believed to have been 50% Jew, this sort of inner conflict always starts when one fails to overcome his identity crisis and inevitably ends up with a burning desire to punish himself. And when he projects it outward, instead of destroying himself, he will kill wrong ones, endlessly. The worst part of the self-hatred projected toward someone else is the fact that the underlying problem will never be solved even after the rampage. In comparison, a sound and straightforward hater is more benign because he stops when his enemy, or himself, is eliminated.

The Chen family in the early 1970s
In this connection, I can't pass up talking about my respectable friend Lara, Chen Tien-shi. She is 100% ethnic Chinese, but technically speaking, she has been a Japanese national since 2005. When I first read her book titled Stateless, which is actually an autobiography, I was touched by Lara's story about how she overcame her identity crisis as she grew mature. But at the same time, I was struck by her impeccable honesty. As a self-proclaimed expert in lie detection, I know the author is not lying to us because she gives every chronological detail about exactly where and when she and her parents were born, and exactly how they grew up. If she had wanted to hold back something that didn't support her ethnological arguments, she would have tried to gloss over, or simply suppress, certain parts of her bio to make her thoughts look coherent. As we all know, that is what self-denying American authors often do, most typically with respect to what they were doing or avoided doing in the days of the Vietnam War.

This past weekend, the yellow idiot (See NOTE 1) named Yoshihiko Noda went to Honolulu to kiss someone's ass (See NOTE 2) on the sideline of APEC 2011 summit meeting. It's an irony that he expressed to his black boss his willingness to join the "preparatory" talks for an expanded Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership in the year that marks the 100th anniversary of Japan's restoration of its tariff autonomy 57 years after the Convention of Kanagawa was signed. But the removal of tariff barriers is only part of TPP. There are much more poisonous provisions to be included in the agreement. For one thing, ISDS (Investor State Dispute Settlement) clause, alone, will be the final blow to the already nominal sovereignty of this nation.

NOTE 1: I borrowed the word from leading independent daily Nikkan Gendai. If it's politically incorrect, it's not my fault.
NOTE 2: According to informed sources, including Takeshi Nakano, Associate Professor at Kyoto University, an internal document in the Foreign Ministry specifies four purposes of joining TPP. Purpose No. 1: To give Mr. Obama a boost for reelection.
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ELECTION 2012: a Japanese Point of View

Ron Paul's 82% landslide at the Iowa Straw Poll on October 29 was really an encouraging news. One of the few American friends of mine thinks still we can't be so optimistic because vote-rigging is commonplace in the U.S. Maybe he is right. But even so, the direction of the wind cannot be rigged, either, at the National Convention to be held in early September in Florida. If I understand it correctly, votes are also counted manually, or semi-manually there.

Once Ron Paul gets nominated as the Republican candidate, I think low-tech things should apply to the rest of the process toward change. If there are signs that the tally and tabulation were manipulated, electronically or not, these street protesters should storm the ballot-counting station, or wherever it is. Or better yet, they should demand, in advance, thorough transparency from every Board of Elections. Only then can they specifically identify the real target of their protests for the first time.

A guy named Doyle McManus wrote: "A successful revolution continues to be low-tech and still requires people to go into the streets and risk their lives." I don't know if the Los Angeles Times writer knew what he was talking about, but it's too soon to give it all up before you shed a single drop of blood, or sweat a lot.

I still don't believe the American voters are stupid enough to pick one of these apes, let alone reelect the incumbent liar, as their next leader. Or, am I wrong?
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How Many Jobs Obama Intends to Snatch Away from the Japanese before Rolling out the Red Carpet for Noda

FROM LEFT, protesters in Seoul, protesters in Oakland, a rally in Tokyo, tractors marching on Ginza streets

As I've often written on this website, it seems next to impossible for the Americans to revolutionize their way of viewing things in a Copernican way unless a majority of voting age population realize in time for the Election of November 6, 2012 that Congressman Ron Paul is the only person who can bring about real change, or someone volunteers to do away with any other President, physically. Some already claim that they have emancipated themselves from the U.S.-centric way of thinking, but that's too soon to be true.

Here's a question that may serve as an acid test for them: Do they know what TPP is? I think the best answer I can expect from them is that the acronym stands for the Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership. It's totally inconceivable that they know it's yet another unforgivable crime Obama has taken over from Bush. As long as they think TPP is someone else's problem, they remain prisoners of the broken Ptolemaic system.

Since its members, except the U.S., are all small countries (Peru, Chile, Malaysia, Brunei, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Vietnam,) if Japan is forced to agree to join in at the upcoming APEC 2012 summit meeting in Hawaii, the U.S. and Japan will account for 90% of the 10-country "free" trade block, GDP-wise. In other words, it's in fact a bilateral partnership between America and its Far Eastern satellite. As a result, the expanded TPP is going to be the third unequal treaty incompetent Japanese leaders have been coerced into signing since the Convention of Kanagawa of 1854. The last time we saw the signing of an almost unilateral deal here was when the 1960 revision of the Treaty of Mutual Cooperation and Security between the U.S. and Japan was countersigned by the undercover agent of the CIA under the guise of the Japanese Prime Minister.

According to the Boston Herald, Obama said in Michigan earlier this month that the new FTA between the U.S. and South Korea "will create 70,000 jobs and encourage international business partnerships [such as TPP]." As this retired businessman always says, jobs are something that you can't artificially create out of thin air. So, you must ask where Obama got the fuxxxng 70,000 employment opportunities, and how. Of course, the bandit has chiseled them from South Koreans with the help of his minion named Lee Myung-bak. Initially, the South Korean president was responding negatively to the solicitation from Washington. Ironically, though, Lee changed his mind on November 23 when North Korea launched a surprise attack on the South Korean islet of Yeonpyeong. It looks as though there was a conspiracy between the CIA and Kim Jong-il. Anything goes for the Americans inside this "arc of freedom and prosperity."

Actually, Lee has been facing a lot of protests back home. The South Korean people are not so effete as the Japanese. And yet, they failed to stop Lee from being red-carpeted in Washington. The reason they failed is because the Republic of Korea, or any other modern nation state for that matter, is impregnable enough to withstand a popular uprising or two.

This is also evident from the fact the Occupy Wall Street movement which has spilled over to other U.S. cities seems to be getting nowhere. You can't change anything just by playing tag or hide-and-seek with cops, while remaining the same immature person. If you look at this YouTube video uploaded on October 25, you can tell that no one in the "Occupy Oakland" rally knew exactly what he was protesting against, and small wonder, no one was risking his life, either. Who would, when the goal isn't specifically defined? One of my friends said it looks as though they were playing football or something like that.

If you don't want to believe me, wash your eyes and take a sober look at what's going on in China.

Ten years ago, an influential Sinologist in the U.S., who is virtually on the payroll of Washington, predicted that the collapse of China was only a matter of time. That's quite OK with me because anyone has the right to gamble on how things will unfold in an uncertain world like this one. Even so it's a pity he has failed thus far to learn his lessons from the fact that the Chinese government has not only withstood an estimated 50,000-100,000 riots, civil commotions and strikes taking place every year but also learned to leverage these insurgencies in many ways. Now it seems to have acquired mastery of distracting people's attention from the real implication of these local conflicts by localizing and trivializing them. Also the Chinese government knows very well how to "degass" dissidents, insurgents and strikers to effectively neutralize them.

By contrast, Japan's Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda has no such headache because his people, except the doubly colonized Okinawans, have long lost their vigor to stand up against the government. If they still show some vital signs, that is simply because the Americans have no guts to pull the plug on the dying people. The last time we saw them standing up against their government in a major way was 1960 when the revision of the security treaty was signed. In this respect, Noda is the envy of Lee Myun-bak and Hu Jintao.

The 2-month-old Noda administration, along with the mainstream and alternative media, has been repeatedly parroting the same fallacies about TPP with the help from the prompters in Washington. These guys are confident that the modus operandi of Joseph Goebbels will still work in this country. The Prime Minister just insists he sees a positive trade-off between pros and cons to be entailed in Japan's participation in TPP, without being able to specifically identify them. Now the national mantra goes: "We should follow suit with South Korea because otherwise we would be left behind." Incidentally, Naoto Kan, Noda's predecessor as Prime Minister, thought it's going to be
平成の開国 (Heisei-no Kaikoku,) or the opening up of the country under the reign of the incumbent Emperor. He was implying that Japan should do the same thing Emperor Mutsuhito, grandfather of the super Class-A war criminal, did in the 1860s with the help of some feudal lords.

As someone has once put it, the Japanese have long been "emasculated by cheap entertainment." So, we haven't seen any sign of a massive revolt on the eve of Japan's forced participation in TPP. Needless to say farmers are keenly aware that they will be most directly affected. And yet, all we have seen here are sporadic rallies staged by the headquarters of Japan Agricultural Cooperatives and its local chapters. They all have lacked impact because there is no sign of spontaneity and zeal on the part of the folks mobilized to take part in neatly organized demonstrations. The only thing that has impressed me thus far was an incident where a couple of farmers drove their tractors through Ginza streets of central Tokyo.

When it comes to the chattering classes, Takeshi Nakano, a young associate professor at Kyoto University, is the only person who has voiced his grave concern over Japan's participation. The former bureaucrat at the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry has repeatedly warned that the extremely credulous Japanese people should know everything the government and the media are saying is a downright lie. He also points out that there are a lot of traps that these liars have never mentioned, such as the "ratchet clause" and "ISD clause," which are most probably included in the expanded TPP agreement.

If you are serious about knowing the truth about the U.S.-Japanese alliance, I recommend you install an audio translation software in your computer and listen to Nakano's 3-part lecture. You may think he is fooling around in his videos, but actually he is totally at a loss over how to wake up his students from the hypnotic state. At the end of the last video, Nakano even hints that he can't really rule out the possibility that the CIA may send him an assassin. As I have already told you, Ichiro Ozawa, former head of the ruling Democratic Party of Japan, has already fallen victim to the "character assassination" attempted by the puppets of the CIA such as the media, corrupt public prosecutors and judges.

I hope I was able to add something to your knowledge about TPP, but that is far from enough; your sense of sympathy won't make a bit of difference until you fully internalize it. If you fail to internalize our heartache, your words of sympathy remain a lip service because still you are a believer in the imaginary Ptolemaic system. We've already heard the nice words about "resetting the past" a thousand times from Obama as if the past can be reset unilaterally. Instead, the idiot in the White House should have told the American people something like this:

"Each American individual should feel obliged to redress all the distress Asian people have suffered, and still are suffering in many ways simply because of the Ptolemaic way of thinking on the part of yourselves, your parents and grandparents."

More specifically, each one of you should do your best so Ron Paul can win the Election 2012. According to my calculation, if the Congressman wins the GOP primaries and caucuses, he will still have to have support from some 75 million voters in November on the assumption that the voter turnout remains unchanged from 2008. To put it bluntly, someone should assassinate the new President if you fail to send Ron Paul to the White House. From an Asian point of view, your inaction will amount to a crime.

I am not blindly idolizing Ron Paul, however. He is absolutely right in saying the interventionist policy is financially unsustainable. But we Asian people cannot necessarily relate to his moral values which stem from Christianity and the U.S. Constitution. For one thing, he doesn't give us his answer to this hypothetical question: "What if the interventionist policy were still financially sustainable?" In this respect, let me quote Chalmers Johnson once again. He said, "[Interventionism] is a suicide option because it's not only morally obscene but fiscally unsustainable." I can't agree more.
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The Real Implication of Japan's High-Context Culture for its International Relations

Which primate is more intelligent?
In the last couple of months, I was working on a J2E, a jargon used among translators to mean a Japanese-to-English translation. The gig had come from my friend Lara, Chen Tien-shi, a brilliant ethnologist specializing in the issues with statelessness and the Chinese Diaspora. I was fully tied up with an all-out legal and extra-legal battle against the City Hall. But I didn't want to decline her offer in part because the remuneration would help make ends meet. More importantly, she is one of the few respectable scholars I know in person.

The ethnic Chinese was born and brought up in Japan and completed her doctorates in the prestigious Tsukuba University. She has an excellent writing skills in Japanese, English, and perhaps in Chinese as well. But this time, the Japanese material given to me for English translation was not her writing, except for the opening speech of a symposium she had organized, inviting many speakers without special academic background from various ethnic groups. Actually it was a massive transcript of the conference. Presumably, most of the presenters hadn't used PowerPoint slides. As a result, the overall quality of the transcript was extremely poor.

I used to claim to be a "value-adding translator" but this time around the time constraints and the deteriorating health would not allow me to add any value. So I farmed it out to two fellow translators living in Yokohama. They are about my age but much more experienced than I as far as language translation goes. But I shouldn't have expected them to send me back good enough "deliverables," another jargon. What I received in a ZIP file when the delivery date was drawing near was more of a disaster. It took me a solid 3 days and 3 nights to straighten out the doubly messed up WORD files.

I somehow managed to survive the ordeal, but this experience has reminded me all anew that you've got to have two different abilities aside from a reasonably functioning body to be able to connect people to each other through translation, be it J2E, E2J, Thai-to-Japanese, Chinese-to-English, and even J4J or E4E, i.e.:
- Ability of abstract thinking which Betty Friedan called "fluid intelligence."
- Ability of contextual thinking which Friedan named "crystallized intelligence."
My physical ability including eyesight keeps deteriorating, and as the women's lib activist-turned-antiageism advocate warned, the progress of decrement of my fluid intelligence seems unstoppable. And now I've started to suspect my crystallized intelligence, alone, can't help much although it still seems to be growing.

Earlier today I tried out Google Japan's automatic translation software, though not for the first time, to find out how it handles my most recent post titled The American Revolution is No Picnic and an article contributed to the Yomiuri Shimbun daily by Leon Panetta, who is currently visiting Japan, under the title of The United States and Japan: an Enduring 21st Century Alliance. Maybe I just wanted to restore my sense of superiority over apes.

I think you may want to translate the Japanese texts I am going to copy-paste at the bottom of this piece back into English on the premise that they will not get garbled on your computer. I don't have any tool to do the Japanese-to-English translation on my end, but I am sure the Panetta part will still make some sense although it would be only a little better than if you gave a chimp a J-E dictionary and told him to do the translation. On the contrary, you will find my essay totally destroyed by the ape presumably because he got frustrated at his inability to understand the context in which I wrote this essay. In short, this is really reminiscent of the transcript of Lara's symposium before I put it in order.

Believe it or not, Japanese linguists, knowledge engineers and software engineers have been strenuously working on the development of translation software for almost half a century. And that is why these idiots at Google Japan put the software to actual use so confidently a decade or so ago. The application may be more or less workable with the likes of Panetta, but it never works with anyone who, like myself, doesn't want to swallow a ready-made context. The same is true with Ron Paul, of course.

You may burst into laughter looking at my essay reverse-translated into English, as I did at its Japanese text, but to me it's not a laughing matter. The most important thing you should bear in mind is that when a software developer designs a system or writes a program specification for it, the first and the last thing he does is to make the computer emulate his own way of thinking. That means that the merciless destruction of my message about the American Revolution, and the good comprehension by the Google ape of Panetta's remarks, only with minor deformations here and there, should be understood as something that exactly mirrors the inside of the totally impaired brains of the Japanese.

Small wonder practically all Japanese now blindly believe in hogwash that the cross-Pacific alliance should endure until death do them part, or Japan should be treated as the anchor of the arc of freedom and prosperity, while stubbornly refusing to listen to heretical views like mine. My argument against the security treaty hasn't been understood by these mentally-retarded people on either side of the Pacific. I'm afraid it will remain so until the end of time.

Remember the American people are getting Japanized very quickly primarily because of the rotten bilateral alliance. The Americans, now living in a high-context society, are still using English, one of the most low-context languages. As a result of the incongruous mixture of the language and the underlying social context, U.S. Defense Secretary, like most of his fellow countrymen, is now speaking a "no-context" language, so to speak, which is the only language that the chimp retained by Google Japan can understand.

Whether Panetta really meant what he said, or just thought his worn-out rhetoric would be effective enough to anchor the minds of his Japanese counterpart Yasuo Ichikawa and his fellow dupes to the hogwash about "enduring 21st century alliance," we see an unmistakable sign there that the collapse of the United States is at its doorstep. The intellectual decline apparent from the Twitter craze in the U.S. has already confirmed that there's no way back for the Americans.

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The American Revolution is No Picnic

Every election cycle we are treated to candidates who promise us "change," and 2008 has been no different. But in the American political lexicon, "change" always means more of the same; more government, more looting of Americans, more inflation, more police-state measures, more unnecessary war and more centralization of power.
- from The Revolution by Ron Paul

Five months from now, these folks will be doing
the same hanami, cherry-blossom viewing party.
Mao Zedong is often quoted as having said, "A revolution is not a dinner party, or writing an essay, or painting a picture, or doing embroidery; it cannot be so refined, so leisurely and gentle, so temperate, kind, courteous, restrained and magnanimous. A revolution is an insurrection, an act of violence by which one class overthrows another."

If Mao were still around, he would say basically the same thing with one modification and one addition.

He would replace the word "dinner" with "picnic" because anyone in the 99% Club can't afford a decent dinner, let alone a gorgeous one, anymore. And he would add something to his long list of what are not a revolution: "and being glued to the computer all day long to splash 140 colorful words all over the cyber space." As Doyle McManus of Los Angeles Times reminded us when arguing against the notion of Twitter Revolutions, "a successful revolution continues to be low tech and still requires people to go into the streets and risk their lives."

Unfortunately, though, a good part of the occupiers of the streets of New York, London, Frankfurt and Amsterdam still think a revolution is a picnic. The only peoples who seem to understand what Mao meant are the Greeks and the Japanese. You may wonder why you don't see a single me-too demonstration taking place in Tokyo. That's very uncharacteristic of the Japanese. I think the only reason Tokyo citizens haven't occupied the Imperial Palace or the streets of Nagata-cho and Kasumigaseki is because they know nothing is more fun than getting drunk and singing along to the karaoke tapes, ideally under the cherry trees in full bloom.

Needless to say, all members of America's 1-Percent Club are really terrified of the fact that there still is some possibility, albeit remote, that Texas Congressman Ron Paul becomes the 45th President of the United States. But it's interesting to know that most 99-percenters are also fearful of his victory in 2012. Astoundingly enough, even those who are behind the former obstetrician seem to flinch at his unwavering resolve to perform a risky Caesarian section as U.S. President.

Actually they are not exaggerating when they say if Ron Paul goes ahead with his bold plans to balance the budget by 2015, it will have a devastating effect on the entire nation. He has already made it clear that he would cut the government spending by $1 trillion in his first year in office. This would certainly send the already ailing U.S. economy into a tailspin. Simply it's next to suicidal. Under Ron Paul, America would look like a panic-stricken junkie on his first day of the rehab program.

Back in 1951, French novelist Albert Camus wrote a book titled L'Homme Revolte (The Rebel). It ignited a fierce rebuttal from the opponent camp. Its leader Jean-Paul Sartre argued that a rebel is a clown because he always needs his enemy to withstand his rebellious attack so he can remain a rebel. By contrast, opponents of Camus went on, a revolutionary destroys his foe to change everything including himself. Mao Zedong harbored a similar idea about revolutions. He once wrote: "If you want to know the taste of a pear, you must change the pear by eating it yourself." The implication is that the pear is no longer there, but that's what a revolution is all about.

The same irony precisely applies to people called critics, as well. Just imagine what will happen to an anti-China ideologue in the U.S. when the country ceases to exist as he may have predicted previously. He will be out of work at least for a while. To make his monkey business a going concern, he has to have extraordinary skills to find a false target of his criticism one after the other.

For decades by now, the Americans have been used to the revolutionary foreign policies of their governments which all came down to the same, old "scrap and build" tactic. Contemporary Americans, however, can't see the threshold between a rebellion and a revolution when it comes to their own country. Although you may see an irony there, it's actually an inevitable consequence of the role of a busybody their governments have played in foreign countries.

Since childhood, Americans have all been indoctrinated not to internalize things. To them, therefore, it's always someone else's problem. That's why stupid Americans keep talking about change while staunchly refusing to change their own selves.

Quite a few Americans have already started to worry about the consequences of the Election which Ron Paul will most probably lose. According to these change-resistant people, the U.S. under the new administration will look more and more like the former Soviet Union or East Germany with more "police-state measures" taken by the President. They say these measures will include an enhanced version of the Total Information Awareness programs.
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The Only Way to Incite the Japanese Macaques to Occupy Nagata-cho or Kasumigaseki

The poor Americans are having difficulty in coming to terms with the idea that the world is no longer revolving around their country. Practically all of them, from liberal to conservative, from those in mainstream to those in fringe, from young to old, from rich to poor, still think it's America that decides when to bow out from center stage. It can't be helped because it took centuries even for the smarter Chinese people to abandon their Sinocentric views.

As a result, they have lost their sense of direction completely. Now they don't know where they are headed. The crowds of people who have occupied Wall Street and many other streets across the country are no exception. They only share a vague idea that something is fundamentally wrong. Wall Street is nothing more than a tentative target.

Some of the OWS participants carry signs that read: "This is only the beginning." The beginning of what is something they don't have the slightest idea about. This is reminiscent of anti-war rallies back in 2003. The most typical placards said: "War is not the answer." But nobody could tell what then the right way to respond to Bush's folly should be like. Now it seems very likely that all this fuss is getting nowhere.

Time and again, history has proved that in any spontaneous popular uprising such as the Paris Commune of 1871, it's more or less unavoidable that the people taking part in it "sleep in the same bed while having different dreams" as an old Chinese proverb goes. Now it looks as though some of the people hanging around the streets are fanatical believers in income equality. They are too empty-headed to tell thieves in Wall Street from the late Steve Jobs. On the other hand, more educated protesters seem to espouse the principle of self-reliance. As a result of the motley mix of people, the OWS now looks like a picnic, whereas it should look more like Civil War II.

Even worse; Wall Street occupiers, at large, are also too cynical to think they should develop a more narrowly-focused sense of purpose by weeding out counterrevolutionary elements. Yet, no one has come forward from among the mob to say it's an urgent task to direct the simmering anger of protesters at a clearly defined target, without killing their spontaneity and diversity. Now it is apparent that the Establishment can't wait that long to hijack the leaderless movement. News reports have it that Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, for one, has already expressed her support to the OWS. Also, the stupid and obese white man, who made a fortune by writing a book about stupid white men for stupid white men, did the same.

If they still can decelerate America's march toward its total disintegration, or with luck, can even turn it around, the only way to achieve this end is for the OWS participants to join forces with Ron Paul who has just embarked on his campaign for the presidential election 2012. If both sides opted to leverage each other's strength to the fullest, this would certainly make an explosive combination of the two different elements. Then, Ron Paul would be more than just electable.

This is the last chance for these guys and their fellow countrymen to wake up to the reality of the twilight years of the American century, and learn to conduct themselves accordingly. If these guys are going to remain disoriented until they lose their momentum, let's forget it all. America is done for, and that is that.

On the other hand, the Japanese are known to be copycats who do whatever they do only taking a cue from the Americans. But when it comes to a revolution, it's a different story. The Japanese are totally change-disabled because they have no tradition of revolution in the last 1,300 years. That is why they have kept gawking at the OWS since its onset. They will remain so forever if an alliance fails to materialize on the other side of the Pacific. To them, it would amount to missing a once-in-a-millennium opportunity. Either way, this is going to be a watershed event in Japanese history.
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