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North East Asian peoples who can never look to the future

On Saturday, April 9, Chinese people took to the streets in Beijing in yet another wave of anti-Japanese rallies staged to protest the newest versions of junior-high history textbooks that the Education Ministry-sponsored screening body had approved, on Tuesday, as compliant with its guidelines. According to the Japanese media the number of people that pelted stones and pejorative and derogatory words at the Japanese Embassy, banks, restaurants and other businesses reached 20,000, the biggest Japan-phobic crowd since the 1972 normalization of diplomatic ties between the two nations. These people were not only protesting against the newly approved textbooks that "gloss over" or "whitewash" Japan's wartime atrocities against their parents and grandparents, but also campaigning to thwart Japan's desperate bid for buying, "at any cost," a permanent seat at the U.N. Security Council. Some say they were just diverting their mounting anger to the wrong government. But they were not really that wrong when they chanted, "(Japan's Prime minister) Koizumi is a dog, and dogs are no good," because from the TFP's point of view, Koizumi is no good at all and he isn't any better than Chinese leader Hu Jintao. · read more (1,436 words)