Rules for posting

Because we are a taboo-free journalism, there are only a couple of don'ts imposed on
the like-minded people who want to join in, i.e.:


Every post should be in English for obvious reasons, including the fact that
in this nation, where it is, more often than not, unacceptable for an
individual to form his/her own opinion using his/her own brain, let alone
speak it up, the only way to get the message through is "opinion
with the English language used as a detergent. For the same
reason, any post in "Jangrish" will also be removed right away.

Let's refrain from throwing eggs at each other because we are making
arguments here. One example of eggs:
"You say you prefer bread to rice. But I prefer rice because I'm Japanese."
Calling names is not categorically prohibited in this community, if not
really encouraged, as long as you make arguments rather than throwing

Whistle-blowers are more than welcome to this site. As mentioned in the Mission Statement, one of our
credos is: "First-hand views on second-hand news." But there's nothing wrong with
basing your views on your first-hand experience.