TFP gets plugged in Amy Chavez' Guidebook to Japan

In early-2005, prominent humorist and Japan Times columnist Amy Chavez published "Guidebook to Japan - What the other guidebooks won't tell you" from GOM Press. The author selected the TokyoFreePress as one of the Best 200 websites on Japan and inserted the link to the TFP at the end of the section titled "Daily Life" of "Part 2: Living in Japan" (page 223.) On the surface her way of viewing this culture is different, if not 180-degrees, from the TFP's. Apparently approaches are quite different, too, as hers is much more lighthearted and laidback whereas the TFP chooses to address Japan issues more squarely. Notwithstanding the stark contrast, however, the TFP believes it has a lot in common with her Guidebook. According to her website, the American humorist living in Japan for quite some time now has once said: "Sometimes, the only way to survive a foreign culture is through humor." I, as the owner of the TFP, too, think that maybe I will be better off, health-wise or otherwise, by making a caricature of this culture and these people (Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi, Tokyo Governor Shintaro Ishihara, et al.) because they do not really deserve to be discussed seriously, in the first place, even from a Japanese native's point of view. But for now it has really gladdened me that my blog has been plugged by this first-rate humorist. Many thanks, Amy.

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